5 boys 5 girls and a traitor

Molly, Bella, Rhiannon, Tia and Naomi are orphans and best friends they have just started collage and have moved into their amazing flat which was given to them by the collage. Unfortunately thay have to share with their enemy Georgia. One day Molly meets her favourite boy band one direction. Can the girls cope with them for a week.


13. Grubby Cafe

The start of a brand new day the sun was shining the cars where zooming by and the fire alarm was going off. SHIT THE FIRE ALARM.

I leaped out of bed and sped downstairs. Rhiannon, Bella, Naomi and Tia were stood around doing there own thing while Bella was stood on the kitchen counter trying to turn off the fire alarm.

"What happened?" I asked sleepily.

"We had to get you up didn't we what with your big day today and it is ten o'clock"laughed Bella. I glared at Naomi. She smiled at me and shrugged.

"Oh well"I thought as the girls pushed me up the stairs into my room.

They sat me down on my bed and split up around my room. Tia grabbed my outfit and thrust me into the bathroom. Once I got it on,I was pulled out and onto my dressing table. I was quickly bombarded by various types of makeup covering my face. After about thirty minuets I was ready.


My phone blasted from my bed-side table. I stumbled over to it trying to not trip over the huge pile of clothes from my wardrobe.

"Hello?" I asked into my Samsung.

" 'ello gorgeous" said the caller. I immediately recognised it. Harry.

"Hey Hazza" I said cheerfully.

"Are you ready yet? cause I'm downstairs " he said.  


I looked around at Naomi and Tia and smiled.

"Ok i'll be down in a minuet" I replied. With that I hung up.

I put my phone into my favourite blue bag. I ran out the door, down the stairs and out the front door

"Bye guys"I shouted before shutting the door behind me.

I skipped down the hall getting a few odd looks from old people. But today I didn't care about it. I went inside the lift and pressed the button.


I leaped out the lift and ran towards the glass door where a waiting harry was standing with a large man in a black uniform. Harry pushed past the man and ran up to me then hugged me.

"I missed you Mo" he exclaimed

"I missed you too Hazza" I replied.

He then grabbed my hand.

"Come on we will be late" he whined. I sighed as he pulled me into his swanky Aldi R8 I had seen photos of so many times.

"Woah!" I exclaimed as I jumped into the sleek car.

"Nice isn't it" Harry said stroking the dashboard. I giggled, "you have a cute giggle" he mumbled.

"Pardon?" I asked raising my eyebrows whilst laughing.

"Oh nothing" he sighed. I giggled again.

After about twenty minuets we stopped the car at a very nice cafe.

"Lunch my lady?" Harry asked holding his hand out. I smiled.

"Why yes sir" I said stepping out on the pavement. 


We wondered into the small cafe, the walls were covered into rubbish paintings, the furniture was dated and everything looked grubby but even though it was grubby it had a lovely feeling to it. It was defiantly not something I was expecting from Harry but oh well I'm sure he has his reasons.

"What do you want?" The spotty waitress hissed while noisily chewing a piece gum.

"I will have two coffees a triple chocolate muffin and a millionaires shortbread" I said my mouth watering as I stare at the many muffins in the small glass cupboard

"Isn't he Harry Styles"asked the waitress looking at him daydreaming by the window.

"No" I said quickly not knowing what to say.

"Oh"she sighed "well he shore is hot, you done well to get him!" She mumbled.

I took the food, paid her then rushed back to the table harry was sitting at.

"Here you go!" I said putting the food and drink down onto the dirty table.

"Thanks" Harry said. "You probably think I am a cheapskate for bringing you here but surprising this place does have some significance to me" he laughed, "but don't worry I have a really really good surprise for you after. "He said while looking into my eyes 


"Where?" I pleaded pouting a little.

"It's a surprise" he said laughing at me a little

"Ow"I pouted though I was trying not to laugh.

We ate our cakes and drank our drinks and then went off again. Harry had completely given up yelling me its a surprise and had covered my eyes with a scarf and turned up the radio.

"You know, your worse than Louis"he sighed. I laughed.

"You that's why you love me!" I giggled.

We eventually came to a stop. Harry got out of the car and helped me out to as I still had the blindfold over my eyes. I stooped around the car park. I must of looked really stupid but I didn't wanted to trip on the curb.

" and open your eyes"

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