5 boys 5 girls and a traitor

Molly, Bella, Rhiannon, Tia and Naomi are orphans and best friends they have just started collage and have moved into their amazing flat which was given to them by the collage. Unfortunately thay have to share with their enemy Georgia. One day Molly meets her favourite boy band one direction. Can the girls cope with them for a week.


4. Flying Pop-Corn

I trundled off with Harry down the stairs trying to produce a small smile to convince everyone I was all right
Though when we got got down everyone was engrossed in their own things. Niall and Tia were completely trashing the kitchen whilst trying to make what looked like some cookies. Liam and Bella were snuggled up together in a corner of the corner sofa watching toy story 3. Zayn and Rhiannon were on the computer both laughing every so often. And louis and Naomi, wait where we're they. I looked at around the flat looking in all the rooms even the clock room, you can't be to careful with those two
"BOO!!"shouted Louis and Naomi as they jumped right into my face from behind the gym door. I screamed and leaped about 3 metres backwards into Niall. Everyone started laughing so did I.
"shit! don't you ever do that again you two,"I spluttered between laughing and coughing. Louis laughed
"in your dreams it's to funny not to" he cried as he ran into the kitchen and straight into Niall, who was carrying a huge bowl of over flowing pop-corn. He sent the bowl flying spilling it's content onto the floor. Nialls face spread with deep shock . I tried to keep in the laughs but I failed and ended up bursting with laughter. Niall gave me an evil stare.
"if looks could kill"I laughed. Niall was not please "god nialler its it's only some pop-corn. I mean you can still eat it can't you?"
Niall shrugged but knelt doen started stuffing his face with toffee pop-corn then swiftly followed by Tia.
I walked over to the sofas, volted over the back and landed right next to Harry.
"all right?"I asked smiling sweetly to him. He grunted not really paying any attention to me what so ever. I sighed. I snuggled up in the corner of the sofa and watched the film. Yet another toy story film. About half way through I fell a sleep.
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