5 boys 5 girls and a traitor

Molly, Bella, Rhiannon, Tia and Naomi are orphans and best friends they have just started collage and have moved into their amazing flat which was given to them by the collage. Unfortunately thay have to share with their enemy Georgia. One day Molly meets her favourite boy band one direction. Can the girls cope with them for a week.


7. Fans, fans everywhere

"the maniacs have left the building" I shouted in a deep voice.
I walked over to the large white sofa. Liam and Bella where still glued to the screen. Only not looking when they blinked, but that was still very rarely. Who knew toy story was that interesting?
"hello?" I asked waving my hand in front of there heads. No response. I did it again still no response.
"oh well"I sighed. And walked off to check that Tia and Niall hadnt trashed the kitchen. And to my dismay they had. There was even more of a mess than this morning. There was butter, cold pieces of toast and old cups of tea all over the place. Both of the critters responsible where no where to be seen. There was nobody around except Harry who seemed to be making more breakfast. And they say Niall's the hungry one!
"what are you doing?"I asked him leaning over his shoulder and looking at the delicious smelling food he was making.
"oh um it's just some omelettes" he said not looking up at me. I frowned.
"what's wrong?" I asked looking deep into his beautifull green eyes.
"Oh er nothing?" he still didn't look at me.
"I wonder what's the matter with him." I thought to myself.

I walked up stairs to try and find Niall and Tia. I could hear laughter from Tia's room so I went in. They were sat on Tia's bed in each others arms and watching some kind of movie. There were bowls and packets of everything everywhere. But they seemed to be fine so I went to find Rhiannon and zayn.

I walked into Rhiannon's room and to my utter surprised they were having a make out session and as you guessed I quickly got out of there. I ran downstairs to get away from it.
"God they really hit off well" I thought as I went into the kitchen to grab my breakfast even though it was nearly 12:00. I grabbed a cereal bar and a small tub o ice cream, yes i am in that mood today. I sat down at the small white table by the kitchen and eat my small breakfast.
"Mo??"someone shouted from upstairs. I quickly ran upstairs. Everyone was stood round the big window at the end of the hall.
"What is it?" I asked Niall. He pointed out of the window. I looked down to the bottom of the tower, and there at the huge doors were hundred maybe thousands of fans all screaming and shouting for the boys. My heart skipped a beat or two
"Shit," I swore,"how did they find out?". Everyone shrugged. I sighed.
"Who could do this,"I thought, "Wait, I know who told them!" I ran down the corridor and into Georgia room. I'd never been in there before and to be honest I was quite scared of what might be in there. I burst into the room and found Georgia sat on her bed with her laptop on her lap. She was smiling her face off when i burst in.
"See slut, see what a little tweet can do," she sniggered at me, "now I will go and let them in shall I?" She asked me still sniggering.
"You wouldn't dare" I threatened.
"Oh was that a threat, slut," she said. She punched my face then kicked me fell down and cradled my face. She ran out and downstairs.
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