Little lights on the tree.

Little lights on the tree shine bright in the darkness. Only when the ligths go out can the human girl in Frostware Academy become active. When christmas comes around and the ball is over wealmed by the perfect year 10's can a normally dormant student come out with the most festive ball?


1. Night Time

The ground crackled under my feet as I jumped onto the floor of the court. I looked up and saw the dark sky alight with stars. Jumping to my feet I saw what was the little tailor shop. Opening the door the woman who owned it smiled at me. Her ruby eyes sparkling in the candle light.


I know what your thinking, the shopkeeper is really a vampire but getting her to admit that is harder than you think.


"Hello dear. how can I help you?" She enquired.

"You know I'm looking for a job Amilie. Do you have one I can do?"

"Well you'll have to be up during light hours and I'll have to teach you the things you seem to sleep through!!" Laughed Amilie.

"I know Amilie and thank you!" I laughed bouncing into Amilie's arms.


She wrapped her arms around me, to a person who does not know her she would look like a woman in her mid-thirtys with dark red hair. Her pale skin was slightly flushed with a brownish colour and her cheeks were red like the winter roses in her garden.


She pulled herself away and gave me clothes to get changed into. I got dressed into them quickley. I heard the shop door open and I ran downstairs. Jamie Danveres stood there.


"Hello, miss can you help me by making this suit fit?"

"Of course." I blushed, Jamie was the hottest boy in Frostware Academy.


 He stood on the stage and with his suit on I could see that it was way too big for him. So I adjusted it without trouble.


"Thank you miss, no other tailor would fix it for me." He cringed.

"So what's the suit for?"

"The anual christmas ball, the year tens are organising it this year."


I blushed and sent him out of the shop with his adjusted suit. Amilie came in and counted the money. Dawn shed it's pale light and my own eyes adjusted to the unsual light....

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