My name is Charlotte, and for 2 years I've been suffering with heartbreak. Heartbreak that I caused, I let him go I shouted at him. He became famous, and now he returns with his band. Who is this guy, his name....Liam Payne


10. Liam's happiness

Liam's POV

I can't believe I have my girl back here in my arms, I have missed her so much. After our talk I felt at peace, she showed me the engagement ring that I had bought her, and I knew then she needed me, just as much as I needed her.

We spent the rest of the morning tangled up in each others comfort, sharing touches and kisses, I could have lived in this moment forever. I knew she didn't care what the fans said, and in a way I was happy about that, it meant that we could give our relationship another go. But I promised myself that I would never hurt her, and would protect her.

I smiled as my beautiful angel, snuggled her nose deeper into my neck, and breathed in my scent.

"I love you Liam." She whispered.

I looked down at her. "I love you too, and I promise you that I will love you forever, and one day I will make you my wife."

Charlotte smiled, and looked at her necklace, "You'll be wanting this back then, won't you?"

I could see, in a way that the necklace had become a part of her, so I thought about what to say before replying. "No, I want this to be a reminder of our first 7 years together, because I know it ended in tragedy, but if I could change them, I wouldn't, they were the best years of my life, they were of a time, when life was simple, and one I'd go back to in a heartbeat if I had the opportune. When I get down on one knee I plan on getting you a new ring, and I plan on making the preparations with you, instead of trying to plan it in secret."

Charlotte's eyes were welling up, "Really?"

"Yes." I told her defiantly. I then kissed her fingers and placed her hand on my heart, "You're me life, I was never complete without you."

"I was never complete without you either, and when you left, I could never call the place home."

She hugged my and we ended up falling asleep together. I woke up, what felt like minutes later to my phone vibrating. I looked at the text message to see it was from Niall reminding me of Paul's visit to check up on us, and go through any last minute arrangements. I looked at the clock, 4:30, I had half an hour to get there.

I nudged Charlotte to wake up. "Babe, wake up, sweetheart." she stirred and looked at me. "I have to go to work". she carried on staring at me, before nodding and sliding off my lap. I instantly missed her warmth.

"I want you to come with me." I blurted out, as I grabbed her hand, "Please I want you to properly meet the guys, and there are no secrets between the band, so I want them to know. We can leave telling the fans, until we're both ready. But I need to tell someone, and I want to be able to show them your beauty."

Charlotte giggled, "They've already seen me before".

"Yes I know, but you were upset before, and although you look beautiful no matter what, with that smile on your face you look radiant." I kissed her neck, and she arched into me moaning, we both knew that I could make her do whatever I wanted, as no matter what she said, her body would always give her away.

"Alright I'll go, but only because I love you, and I want our second chance to last."

I smiled, before leading her outside, I opened the driver's side door to her car, and bowed. "You may drive." She smirked and rolled her eyes and my gentlemanly approach, before climbing in and shutting the door, I got in the passenger side, and we sped off to my house. Me, smiling all the way there.

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