My name is Charlotte, and for 2 years I've been suffering with heartbreak. Heartbreak that I caused, I let him go I shouted at him. He became famous, and now he returns with his band. Who is this guy, his name....Liam Payne


15. I Need you


I won't lie, I was just as terrified of the film, as I was when I first saw it, but Liam seemed to know me so well, and even before I flinched, he knew and held me even tighter, if that was possible. I sort of wondered how he knew I what I was going to do, before I did, but I pushed my thoughts to one side and carried on watching the film. It wasn't until the film had ended, that I realized Liam was asleep. I smiled and slowly moved myself out of his grasp. I turned the DVD off, and went to grab a blanket. As I pulled it of the shelf, I fell backwards, knocking over Liam's bag. Out toppled everything, I quickly glanced up at Liam, checking I hadn't woken him up, before picking up all his stuff. As I was packing everything up, I couldn't help but let me eyes wonder. I immediately saw the picture of me he took, it was torn around the edges and faded. I smiled a sad smile at the fact that we had both been holding on to pieces of each other.

It was then that a small book caught my eye. Intrigued I picked it up, realizing it was Liam's diary. I know it is wrong to read someone's diary, but a part of me wanted to know if Liam was telling the truth. I picked it up, and flicked to a date I recognized.

~Liam's Dairy entries ~

January 10th, 2000

Today is the first day back at school, I wasn't looking for to it to begin with, but then I met HER. I think I'm in love, but how do I get someone like Charlotte to go for a guy like me? I wish I had the guts to tell her, but I don't think that will ever happen.


January 21st, 2000

Well, I have been getting to know Charlotte quite well. She says I'm her best friend. I feel happy that she even notices my existence, but I just wished she saw me the same way I saw her.


I smiled, shaking my head at the memory. I had felt the same way as he did, but I never admitted it in case he didn't like me back. I didn't want him out of my life, just because of what I had said. I turned the page and carried on reading.


February 14th, 2000

Is it meant to hurt this bad, when the one you love is crushing on someone else? I send Charlotte a secret admirer's note, for Valentines Day. She came running up to me, squealing. She thinks this boy from her Science class sent it, because he keeps trying to talk to her. How can she not see how I feel?

March 18th, 2000

Sorry I haven't been updating you on my life. It's just so much has happened. Yesterday I took Charlotte out. It wasn't a date, or at least, it wasn't supposed to be, but I finally admitted how I felt, and she felt the same way back. It's a miracle.


I smiled as I carried on reading. All through our time together, our first date, our first date, and all the way up to the moment he decided to propose. And then the dreaded day.


March 11th, 2008

She dumped. Nearly 8 years together, and I am now alone. I don't blame her, it was my fault, but as I sit in the chip shop where it all began, I couldn't help but hate her. She was my life, and I was going to ask her to be my world. I saw her the other day. She looked beautiful, not a care in the world. She had already forgotten me. I could tell, I knew her, I knew how she acted, and I knew that even if I walked up to her, begged her to listen then she'd pretend like she didn't know me. That would of killed me. I walked away. But for some reason I found myself at places that I knew she came to. Hoping to see her again. I won't rest til I find her again.


"Checking up on me." A voice said from behind me.

I jumped, and turned seeing, Liam.

"Oh, um...I...I"

Liam sat down next to me. "It's OK. But are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

He put his arm around my shoulder, and rubbed my knee with the other hand.

I nodded, "Do you remember that conversation we had about how the relationship changed us? And how I said that I remained carefree?"

He nodded.

"Well that is not true. I have trust issues as well. I'm really sorry I know it was wrong to read through your private thoughts, but I was scared you'd leave me again."

"Oh babe, you don't have to worry, and you didn't have to lie. Your helping me over come everything, so let me help you. Starting with this." He picked up his diary, "Here I have no secrets to hide, you can read everything. You can ask me any questions you want, until you are satisfied enough to trust me."

He handed me his diary, I looked at it. Before untangling myself from, putting the diary on the floor, and leaning into him. "I don't need the diary. I just need you." I pulled him towards me, and kissed him. It felt like forever before we pulled away, but when we did I was in his lap, with our foreheads touching.

"I just need you too." He said pulling me towards him again, and resuming where we left off. 

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