My name is Charlotte, and for 2 years I've been suffering with heartbreak. Heartbreak that I caused, I let him go I shouted at him. He became famous, and now he returns with his band. Who is this guy, his name....Liam Payne


6. Harry

Charlotte's POV

I can't believe I hit someone. What am I going to do? I cautiously opened the car door, and walked towards him.

"Excuse me, are you OK?"

He looked me at me and smiled, "I'm fine, thanks."

I smiled back at him, "I'm so sorry for hitting you....I...I wasn't looking where I was driving."

"It's OK." He smiled, and I blushed. Why was I blushing.

"Can I do anything to show how sorry I am?" I ask, as he pulled himself off of the ground.

"Seriously, babe. I'm fine." He smiled again, seriously his smile is making my knees weak.

"Well at least let me take you home, I'd feel bad if I let you just walk off after hitting you with my car."

He let out a small chuckle. "Fine."

He climbed in the passage seat of my car. and gave my directions to his house.

"So what's your name, babe?"

"Charlotte. What's yours."

"What! You don't know who I am?"

I was a little confused at his response, I mean yes he looked familiar, but I didn't who he was. "No. Should I?"

"I take it your not a fan of One Direction then?"

I almost lost control over the car at his words. 'No. He can't be a member surely.' "Your in that band?" I asked slowly in order to calm myself.

"Yeah, I'm Harry Styles. You a fan of the band?"

"Not really, what are you doing in Wolverhampton?"

"Well we have a few concerts here, and one of the guys used to live here, so we thought we'd stay with him for the duration."

I froze, I was going to Liam's house. Could this day get any worse?

At that moment we pulled up at the address.

"Would you like to come and meet the rest of the guys? We're not used to being around girls who aren't screaming our names, it would be a nice change for them."

"No thanks, I ought to..."

"Oh please." He cut me off. "I promise we won't keep you long."

I sighed "Fine." I got out of the car and followed him into the house. We walked into the lounge to see, four boys chatting away happily. I couldn't help but let my eyes linger on Liam. He was still the definition of Perfection.

"Hey guys." Harry broke my train of thought.

All the boys looked up. But I refused to look at Liam.

"Whose the girl Harry?" One of them asked, he looked the eldest and had sparkling blue eyes.

"Oh this is probably the first girl, I've ever met, who isn't a Directioner. Guys this is...."

"Charlotte." Liam finished Harry's sentence. I looked up at him, the hurt that laced his voice shocked me. And his face made me want to go running for cover. He looked mad.

"Do you know her." Harry asked a little confused. As he looked for me to Liam, and back again.

"Yeah, she's my Ex." Liam replied.

"She's the girl you were going to propose to?" A cute blond hair boy asked.

Liam, nodded. His features looked pained, and I couldn't stand it.

"I think I have out stayed my welcome, I'm sorry for hitting you Harry. And it was nice meeting you, I said as I looked to each of them. Include the cute boy with dark hair and a quiff. Who hadn't said a word since my arrival. I looked at Liam last, a mask of hatred, staring back at me.

"I'm sorry Liam." Where my finally words, as I ran out of the house, fighting back the tears. Why did I ever think that he may still love me, I had broke his heart, and in return he hated me.

As I climbed in my car, my head and heart were fighting each other. My head telling me to forget him. My heart questioning why he was so nice earlier, if he hated me.

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