My name is Charlotte, and for 2 years I've been suffering with heartbreak. Heartbreak that I caused, I let him go I shouted at him. He became famous, and now he returns with his band. Who is this guy, his name....Liam Payne


5. feelings and car accident

Liam's POV

I had just hung up on the most awkward conversation of my life. I really do miss her, but every time I hear her name my words just freeze on my tongue. As soon as the phone rang, I answered it. I then breathed a sigh of relieve when I heard her voice. But then I kept stuttering when I spoke to her.

I wish I had been more confident. I wish I could apologize for what happened 2 years ago and tell her I still love her. But I'm scared, scared of getting hurt again.

"Hi mate, you alright." I looked up, to see Niall walking into the room and sitting down in the air chair.

"No mate. I'm not." I replied looking at my mobile.

"What's wrong?"

"I saw Charlotte, this morning."

Niall looked shocked. "You mean that girl, who dumped you?"

I looked down, before nodding at him.

"Well what happened?"

"She's coming to our concert. I was so surprised to see her, that I told her I wanted her to meet you guys, so I said I'd leave VIP tickets for her at the door..."

"But, now your not sure about her coming?" Niall asked.

I nodded, "I still love her, but she seems....Cold around me. I can't handle it if she rejects me again."

Niall looked thoughtful for a moment. "Look, I know the other boys think you should forget her, but I can see you really love her. When you next see her, show her what she's missing by not being with you."

I sighed. "What life I could I offer her? She's better off without me, if she's with me, then all she will get is hate from the fans. I can't put her through that, I'd be selfish if I did."

Niall half smiled at me, as I went back to looking at her photo.


Charlotte's POV

I stared at my phone, for what felt like hours, before I pushed it back into my pocket, grabbed my keys and walked out the door. I needed to get some air, I needed to get away from here.

I got into my car and drove out of my garage. I hadn't got far when I hit someone. A cute curly haired boy, that looked really familiar.

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