My name is Charlotte, and for 2 years I've been suffering with heartbreak. Heartbreak that I caused, I let him go I shouted at him. He became famous, and now he returns with his band. Who is this guy, his name....Liam Payne


14. Alone Time

Charlotte's POV

"So. That was fun." I smiled at Liam, as he clutched the steering wheel, while driving us back to my house. Liam had told the lads he was going to stay with me, telling them he wanted alone time with me. The boys had agreed as long as I promised to have a sleepover sometime, maybe after the tour. We were now on our way home, but something was wrong with Liam, and I was desperately trying to create conversation.

"Yeah, it was." Liam had been so happy earlier in front of the boys, and now he was acting like all of that hadn't happened. I was starting to question whether he actually wanted me back in his life.

Liam made the turn into my street and pulled up outside my house.

"Liam, what's wrong" I asked I was sick of the silence, and I wanted whatever was wrong out in the open.

"Nothing, why?"

"You've barely said 5 words to me. If something is wrong tell me."

"I just. I'm scared I changed when you left me. I become a serious person, and I was reluctant to trust anyone, I even backed out of the whole singing thing, before putting my fear to one side to join the group. I don't want to hurt you. I had you back in my life for one day. And it has been the greatest day of my life. But I can see you are still the same. You didn't shy away from any of the boys, you trusted them, laughed and communicated with them. I'm not saying that the split didn't change you. But your still the carefree girl I fell in love with when I was 10. I'm not the same guy. I don't want you hating me."

I thought for a minute about what he said, before replying. "I did change, the split made me stronger. But I remained carefree, because life is too short, isn't that what you taught me? I love you Liam. And I want to get to know the new you."

Liam looked up, tears silently falling from his eyes. "I don't want you to get to know this me. Because I hate him." He sobbed.

"Oh Li" I moved to hug him, which was awkward as we were in the car still.

"Help me Charlotte, help me be me again." He pleaded, sobbing into my shoulder.

I nodded. "Of course Li, but for now let's go inside. I'm freezing."

Liam nodded and chuckled a bit.

~ Time Jump ~

I walked out of the kitchen, holding two cups of Hot Chocolate. Liam was sitting on the couch was the TV.

"Here you go." I handed him a cup, and snuggled down next to him. "So what film did you pick?" I asked as he wrapped his arms around me.

"See for yourself." He said, holding up the DVD case. I gasped.

"Final Destination?"

"Yep. 17th March 2000. Our first date."

"You held me so tight, when that guy got beheaded." I was welling up at the memories that came flooding back.

"It was the start of our life together. It may have not been the most romantic date, what with our parents being there, them having to sneak us in."

I chuckled at the memory.

"But they let us go to the chip shop by ourselves, and I told you how I felt, how I'd always felt. That was the night we officially became a couple." He stoked some of my hair back from my face. "This film was the beginning of us, and it is going to be the beginning of our new start."

"Your so corny." I giggled.

"Yes but you love me." He smiled, kissing me sweetly, before resuming to locking me securely in his arms.

A/N: I know it has been a really long time since I last updated but here is the long awaited chapter. Just to let you guys know I am starting a new story, and would love to have a co-writer to work with. So if you are interested, leave your name in the comments box so I know that you are interested and I will get back to you with the details.

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