Years after witnessing their parent's murder two sisters leave their home in Italy and head to America for a fresh start.


3. Sweet Memories



I had never been on a plane before, mostly it was because I didn't like heights. They absolutely terrified me! As soon as we were no longer on the ground I gripped Rachelle's arm with so much force it started to lose a bit of circulation.

"Um, Mel? Could you please ease up on my arm...its starting to get a little numb." Rachelle winced.

"Oops!" I forced my hand to let go and gasped at the red lines that were left from my fingers, "Sorry Ray-Ray but you know I hate heights. And  why do I have to have the window seat?!" I resisted the urge to look out the window for the fear of fainting.

"You have the window seat so I can protect you better. I don't trust these Americans." She spoke soft enough so that only I would hear. I rolled my eyes.

"You don't trust anyone." I mumbled looking down at my hands, which were griping the armrest with much more force than necessary.

"That's not true. I trust you with my life and you know that Mel." She turned and looked at me. I watched as her expression went from caring to worried in a split second. 

"What?" I asked, feeling suddenly alarmed. She said nothing as she gently brushed my hair away from my face and leaned forward, looking intensely into my eyes. 

"You haven't fed." It was more of a statement then a question. I looked away, cowering a bit underneath her intense gaze.

"I forgot." 

"Melody how do you forget to feed?" Rachelle said through clenched teeth.

"Well I was so excited about moving that I forgot okay!" I crossed my arms over my chest and stared angrily at my feet. I hated it when she called me Melody. I hated my name, hated it. It was the name my father had given me. It was so plain and simple, the complete opposite of Rachelle's. Her's was exotic and exciting. Mother always knew I hated my name, so she called me Angel. I smiled slightly as a memory danced in the back of my mind.

It was Christmas eve and mother was getting us ready to go to our Aunt Krystal and Uncle Dmitri's annual Christmas ball. Rachelle and I were both 7 at the time and mother had dressed Rachelle in a scarlet red dress that complemented her misty gray eyes. It had frilled black laces, a large black bow in the back, and red lace sleeves. It was rather elaborate but it had looked stunning on her. And when mother curled her hair it really set it off. Me on the other hand, I  was stuck wearing a simple pastel blue dress that had a large white bow in the back and with white finger-less gloves that reached my elbows. Mother had given us both small diamond studded tiaras and I remembered scowling at my reflection in her full length mirror. 

"Well look at my two winter princesses, don't you both look lovely." Our mother cooed as she gently pinched both our cheeks.

"I'm not a princess and I look horrible!" I whined, moving my cheek away from her ice cold fingers.

"Melody? What has gotten into you?" She asked, concern coating her delicate features.

"Don't call me that I hate that name!" I growled as I snatched the tiara off of my head and threw it across the room, shattering it against the wall. Mother gasped and went to pick up the pieces. 

"What's your problem?" Rachelle yelled grabbing my shoulder and spinning me around to look at her.

"Problem? I don't have a problem Rachelle!" I sneered getting in her face "Your the one with the problem! You love making me look bad don't you? Everyone know's you're the prettiest twin and you constantly rub my face in it! 'Oh Rachelle is so beautiful! She'd make a winter rose look like a wilting flower. Surely there is no beauty that compares to her's' Goddess I am so sick of hearing it! Even father likes you better! I'm done being your shadow, you hear me? Done!" I hadn't realized that father had walked into the room to see what all the yelling was about, nor did I realize that tears of anger were streaming down my cheeks. 

The room had gone so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Rachelle's expression was a mixture of anger and hurt and I saw that her eyes were full of unshed tears. I knew she had a temper, everyone did, and I waited for her to explode. I waited and waited for what seemed like hours but she never did. She raised her hand to my face and I flinched, as if she were going to hit me. Instead, she gently wiped away the tears that continued to spill from my eyes. "Why didn't you tell me?" She whispered. I didn't know why I didn't tell her, she always seemed to enjoy the attention and I wanted her to be happy. I merely shrugged at her, feel as though if I opened my mouth I would begin to sob.

"I'm sorry sis. I'm so so so sorry." Rachelle whimpered and she drew me into a tight hug "From now on you can have all the spotlight you want okay? You can even wear my dress to the party tonight if you want. You will never be my shadow, I promise." I hugged her back tightly and nodded. I suddenly felt bad about what I said, perhaps I had gone too far. Before I knew it we both were sobbing hysterically.

"There there girls, it's alright." Our father spoke for the first time since entering the room. He walked over to us and hugged us tightly. "Now Melody, I love you both equally okay? And that will never change. You girls are my world, I could never choose one over the other. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes f-father." I sniffled.

"Good." He smiled and kissed both of us on the forehead. He looked up at mother and gave her a slight nod before taking Rachelle's hand. "Come now love, your mother wants to speak with your sister." Rachelle nodded and started out the room with him.

"Oh! Hold on father, I almost forgot." She ran back to where I stood and took her tiara off, placing it on my head. "The prettiest twin should get to wear the tiara. Merry Christmas sis." I beamed at her feeling like I was going to cry again. She kissed my cheek before hurrying out the door behind father, leaving me alone with mother. 

I turned around to find her standing directly behind me. Her expression was unreadable and I looked away, unable to meet her gaze. "Mother I-" Before I had a chance to get the words out she knelt down and hugged me tightly.

"You don't have to apologize my dear. You spoke your mind and I cannot be angry with you for that. And besides, it is good that you let it all out. A family cannot thrive on secrets and lies. Promise me you will always remember that  my little Angel." For a moment I couldn't say anything. She had called me Angel instead of the name so despised. I hugged her even tighter.

"I promise. Merry Christmas mother. I love you."

"I love you too Angel." She whispered into my ear as she gently stroked my hair. 

Suddenly the sound fight attendant speaking snapped me out of the memory and back into reality.  "Can I get you anything from the cart?" She chirped in her Irtish brogue .

"No thank you, we're just fine." Rachelle said with a forced smile. As soon as the she was gone, Rachelle turned to me. "That was a good memory. Of them I meant."

"Yeah. It was the last good memory I have of them." I gently bit my bottom lip to keep it from quivering. Sensing my distress, Rachelle grabbed my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Almost instantly I felt better.

"Its okay, I miss the too. But you need to feed Mel, I know you wont be able to make it to New Orleans. And the last thing we need right now is you losing it on the plane. Understand?" After a moment I nodded and leaned forward as she swooped her hair to one side. I shook my hair out slightly so it covered my face and part of her neck. My mouth watered at the tantalizing smell of her blood just beneath her skin and I couldn't help my self when I sank my fang deep into the soft skin of her neck. I felt her tense up but after a moment she relaxed. 

I nearly moaned in bliss as the deliciously warm substance slide over my tongue and coated the burning walls of my throat. Though whenever I was getting a bit loud, Rachelle would gently squeeze my hand and I would quiet down. When I felt like I had enough, I let go of her neck and ran the tip of my tongue over the small wounds I had left behind; watching as they healed before my eyes. I gave a small satisfied sigh and rested my head against her shoulder. 

"Better?" She asked, her voice sounding a bit strained.

"Much, thanks. Did I take to much?" I asked feeling a bit guilty. Instead of answering my question she reached up to gently stroke my hair, just like mother use to. She began to hum a soft tune and after a moment I realized that it was the same tune that played when you opened mother's music box. It was a comforting tune and before I knew it my eyes began to droop close. I struggled to keep them open until I heard Rachelle whisper in my ear.

"It's okay sis, you're tired. Rest your eyes, we wont be landing for a while." I nodded and closed my eyes, allowing the wave of unconsciousness to wash over me and pull me under. 


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