Years after witnessing their parent's murder two sisters leave their home in Italy and head to America for a fresh start.


2. Issues



I watched as the bright warm rays of the morning sun silently stretched across my room. The melodic sound of blue birds conversing outside my open window was a heavenly sound to my ears. For I moment I just laid there and enjoyed the blissful peace that enveloped me like a warm blanket, reluctant to get up and start the day. If only I could stay here all day.. If only. I thought to myself. I looked over at my clock that rested on the night stand next to my bed, its large red numbers read 8:22. I knew Luca would be coming home soon, if he wasn't already there, and most likely he would have a hang over from the night before. With a sound sigh I climbed out of bed and went to shower. Afterwards I pulled on my favorite pair of gray skinny jeans and lime green muscle shirt, not bothering with socks or shoes.

I tossed my head slightly to the side to nudge my, still wet, sandy brown locks out of my eyes as I ambled into living room of our spacious apartment. Sure enough my roommate, and best friend, Luca lay sprawled out of the couch; a bottle of imported whiskey resting in his hand. I couldn't help the soft chuckle that slipped from my lips as I watched him sleep. After a moment I walked over to him and gently took the whiskey bottle out of his hand then headed into the kitchen. I returned a second later with some saltine crackers and bottle of aspirin, quietly setting them both down on the coffee table in front of him. "There, that ought to do it." I murmured before heading back into the kitchen to make breakfast.

I got out the eggs, the bacon, the sausage; you know, the works and went at it. Soon the intoxicating aroma of the food surrounded me in a deliciously smothering cloud. Luca must have smelt it as well because I heard him stirring on the couch, followed by a pain filled groan. Then I heard the sound of the aspirin bottle being opened and the rattle of the pills inside the small container. Then all was silent.

"Mmm something smells good bro." Luca rumbled in his deep voice. Without turning around I knew he was propped up against the counter closest to the refrigerator, his favorite spot to stand in the kitchen.

"Yup. Just thought I'd fix you something to nurse that little hangover of yours." I chuckled.

"Yeah yeah yeah, laugh all you want man. That party was bangin'. There were chicks and booze as far as the eye could see! It was like I had died and gone to paradise."

"I'm pretty sure there aren't any hookers in paradise Luc." 

"Whatever man." He opened the fridge and took something out, sloshing the liquid around in the container a bit before unscrewing the top.

"Please use a glass Luca. I didn't buy them just so they could collect dust in the cabinets." I heard him grumble something incoherently as he went to get a glass from the cabinet. I shook my head, smiling a bit as I finished cooking and grabbed two plates. The smell of the food was so tantalizing that my stomach had begun to growl. 

"So," Luca started as poured orange juice into two tall glasses, "How are thing between you and Carla?" Damn! 

"Um...were are...okay I guess." I said staring down at the eggs and bacon that sat on my plate, suddenly not hungry anymore.

"Oh really? So when was the last time yall were...ya know, together?" Luca questioned.

"Uh.. the other day."

"Nik, look dude I know your lyin'. So why don't you just come on out and tell me what happened." Double damn!

I turned my head to look out the kitchen window, watching the little kids that played at the park across the street. I hated talking about my sex life with Luca. I mean, yeah he was my best friend, we were practically brothers. But I still didn't like discussing my intement  relationships with him. A couple weeks ago he set me up with one of his girlfriends' friends, Carla. He had told me that she was really nice and she had a great since of humor. But what he failed to inform me was that she was a hooker that worked at the strip club down the road! I shook my head in dismay, who knows what I could have got.

"Nik? What happened?" Luca asked, his voice sounding closer to me.

"She wasn't the one Luca." I sighed.

"Dude, are you still looking for Mrs. Right? Give it up bro, you can't just sit around and wait for her. You gotta get out there. You're 18 and still a virgin for cryin out loud!" I felt my cheeks flush with anger and embarrassment.

"Okay I'm a virgin, so what? We can't all lose our virginity to some slut who didn't care!" I regretted those words as soon as they past my lips. The kitchen grew so quiet that I could hear the kids laughing and playing across the street. I turned to look at him though his eyes were locked on the floor; his expression full of pain. "Luca I...I didn't mean..." I started, reaching out to touch his shoulder.

"Whatever man." He grumbled as he turned to walk away.

"No Luca wait. Please, I don't wanna fight okay? I'm sorry. I had no right to go there." He stood with his back to me for a moment before turning to look at me over his right shoulder. He gave a small smile though his dark blue eyes were cold and uncaring. 

"Nah, its cool bro. I shouldn't have pushed you like that. If you wanna wait for Mrs. Right. You go ahead and wait for her. Me on the other hand, I'm fine with Mrs. Right Now." With that he turned and left the kitchen, heading into his room. I sighed heavily as I watched him go. Maybe I wasn't the only one who wanted Mrs. Right.

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