Ellas life

How would you feel if you saw your mum be abused? would you run away with her and your sister? See what happens to Ella.


2. london

They got to london at midnight. Ella's mum took Ella and her sister along the dark roads. She had a torch in her hand. She could only see small house numbers. They had finally reached Ella's mums friends house. Ella's mum rang the door bell. Her friend came up. She looked really tiered.

"It is 12:00 who is their. Wait it's you Annie come in I will get you a cup of coffee and some hot chocolate for the girls," said Annie's friend.

So Annie told her every thing about her husband and the knife. She told her about the affair. Everything that had happened the last 10 years.

"I can't  believe he has done this to you. I knew he was always hurting you when he was drunk but this is different he nearly killed you. I will let you stay at my house for the night and I will help you get things sorted out tommorow. I won't let anything happen to you or  your children. They are like my family so I should help them," said Annie's friend.

Ella went to the spare room and put her 1 top , shoes and skirt .She had her phone in her pocket. It was ringing. Her step dad had phoned her. She denied the phone call. Then she put on some pj's she found and went to bed.

Her sister , Jenna, was in her room for the night. She had been struggling to make out what her step dad had said. Her mum tried to explain it. How when they were dating when she was 13 she had an afair with the guy at her school who was the football player. She fell pregant with his child. She told who they thought was her dad it was his. She continued having the afair for years and was still having it. When she was 15 she fell pregant again. Jenna was still a bit confused. She found a note book with no writing in it. She got a pen and wrote about her day. Then  she went into bed.

Her mum was in her room for the night with a computer. She went onto her chat page. She looked for her children's dad. She wrote a message:

Annie: Hey I have left my husband so I could start A new life. I think we should have a proper try at this relation ship. Meet me at costa oxford street 9:30 am were you will meet your children.

She hit send. She turned the computer of and went to sleep. 


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