Ellas life

How would you feel if you saw your mum be abused? would you run away with her and your sister? See what happens to Ella.


1. it started

I was walking into my living room. My dad was drunk again. My sister was on the sofa. He was always abusing people. He had something in his hand. 

"Why did you have an afair," said Dad

He put the object near her neck. It was a knife. I raced towards my mum and took the knife of her. She was nearly killed. She couldn't talk back as dad would hurt her. She took me and my sister up stairs.

"I can't take your father any more. He isn't your real dad though. That why he hurt me. He found your real birth certificates. Any way we have to leave. I will leave everything here. We need to start a new life a proper life," said Ella's mum.

"Where are we going? When are we leaving?" asked Jenna , Ella's younger sister.

"Now. I can't stand him any more. He is always drinking and hurting me.I should have left him years ago," said Ella's mum.

Ella's mum gave them one thing each. Some money for a train ticket. She would buy them each one. They had to go some were far away. They lived in cormal. They needed to go to london. Ella's mum grabbed hold of their hands and took them away. They were free at last.

Their mum got them a ticket for the train. They waited 10 minutes for their train. They got on the train. They would be on it for 8 hours so they had a room. It was 4:00 pm.They would be their over night. When they got to their room they ordered some food. They had dinner in the tiny cariages.

"Mum were will we go in london?" asked Ella.

"I will go to my good friend Dian. She will help us," said Ella's mum.

What at first seemed like a dream turned into reality. 



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