Flying Love

Lindsay was enjoying her 17 hour flight form NY City to Doncaster London. When all the sudden she ran into teen singing sensation Niall Horan. There relationship isn't what you would say healthy it's more what you would call brother and sister. They get along fine but not in love they don't even have feelings for each other. Niall watches out for Lindsey like she is his sister, he's there when her mother dies in a car crash, he leaves the band to be with her, he even moves out of Ireland to live permanently in Doncaster London with Lindsay.


1. The Airport

-Lindsay's POV-


I was running through the airport trying to find my gate. A56 I kept telling myself A56. Yes! Here it is I waved goodbye to my cousins, aunts, and uncles and grabbed my moms arm. We were going to our hometown Doncaster London. We spent summer here in New York City with the rest of my family. "GATE A56 HAS A SLIGHT 7 HOUR DELAY AGAIN GATE A56 FLIGHT TO DONCASTER LONDO HAS A SLIGHT 7 HOUR DELAY" Are you kidding me 7 hour delay I'm gonna be leaving in 7 hours when I'm supposed to get there at 6:59 instead I'll get there at 4:59am! Great.-Niall's POV- Are you serious 7 hour delay wow just wow, I mumbled to myself. *yawn* Next thing i know I'm asleep.-Linday's POV- 3 hours went by now I was officially bored. I put my headphones in and started singing softly. 



--------------ATTENTION------------sorry this chapter was short I'm really tired and sick so I'll right more later.

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