Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


20. Problems

Hannah's P.O.V

We all have our problems and Harry was one of mine and Niall's. Harry always came to us about his problems, which was okay until he was over everyday and was no longer staying at his own flat or the holiday home. I moved from my individual seat alone to Niall's lap and we listened to Harry talk about the same old thing, Kylah. "Why don't you just surprise her?" Niall suggested, that reminded me I still hadn't told Niall about the mo- I looked at the time it was 4pm, I should go to bed early tonight so I can be up for that tomorrow. "I can't surprise her because I don't know her schedule." "I do" I said softly hoping they wouldn't hear. "You do! Hannah that would be amazing if you could help me out!" he was glowing with happiness and I couldn't crush that so I agreed to help. "I'll cancel her interview tomorrow and tell her she is coming to support me at my meeting tomorrow." I told Harry "What meeting?" Niall asked I jumped up and looked at them both "Get this! I was in Starbucks and this modeling agency lady saw me and she offered me a job tomorrow! So I'm going to a meeting in the morning at 11" I was almost jumping because I was so excited then Harry and Niall got up and started mocking me, they jumped up and down and hugged each other and yelled. I folded my arms and frowned, Harry laughed as Niall came and put his arms around me. "C'mon baby you can't be mad we are still happy for you." he said hugging me Harry came up from behind me and hugged me from behind, then both of them started jumping again with me still in their grasp, I couldn't help but smile. "Okay guys can you at least not jump while sandwiching me!" I said laughing they let go and instead Harry threw me over his shoulder I screamed and then there was a knock at the door. Harry carefully put me down and the put an arm around me holding me tight. "Were you expecting anyone?" Harry asked Niall and me, I shook my head no and Niall shrugged and shook his head with me. Niall walked over to the door while Harry's grip on me tightened. What was wrong with these boys why was Harry so scared about this? Niall opened the door "Hi can I help you?" Niall asked said, "Yea I'm looking for Hannah I was told she might be here." the person said their voice sounded unusually familiar. "Why do you need her? How do you know her?" Niall asked, Harry took me into Niall's bedroom and threw me my pants I quickly put them on and then Harry and I rejoined Niall. "Who was that?" I asked coming out of the room, not thinking but there was Niall sitting on the couch with a man. 

The guy turned around and it was my brother. "Jake you're only 14 how the hell did you get here?!" I said running over and hitting him on the head not too hard. "Ow, Dad and Mom sent me they couldn't afford to get us all over here but I was cheaper than one of them coming over here." I sighed and sat next to Niall on the couch. "I see you're dreams are coming true." he said noticing Niall's arm around my waist. "Shut up I'm 18 and I can date who ever the hell I want to!" I said smiling "Why are you even here?" I asked "We saw you in the magazines back at home and got really worried some of them were saying nasty things about you Hannah." he said I looked away and knew that he knew my past and was threatening to bring it up, "I know, I'm past that." I assured him. "Well I'm here to make sure of it! And hey if I get 2 weeks off school to come and see my sister in London then why the hell wouldn't I take that opportunity." Jake said. I remembered that I hadn't really left my home on a good note but more on a you guys piss me off bye note and Jake was the only one I still kept in touch with. "So is this Niall? I assume so since you have posters of him in your room and I have to lo-" I punched his arm "Shut up!" I yelled Jake had a way of getting under my skin and pissing me off really easily. "Oh and is this Mr. Styles don't tell me he is dating Kylah?" Jake said sarcastically, Jake had always had a crush on Kylah and when ever she got a boyfriend he always got really protective. "Yes I am dating her actually" Harry said from behind me. Niall still hadn't spoken or taken his eyes off of me since I sat down next to him, I got up and gestured to Jake for a hug. "It's good to see you even if this is going to be a hard two weeks." I said hugging my brother. "He can use my spare bed tonight if you want?" Niall said Harry glared at him but Niall kept his eyes fixed on Jake. "Sounds good!" Jake said getting up 

I hadn't seen my brother in almost a year since I turned 18 and ran out. He had grown and was taller than me and almost as tall as Niall. "I'll show you to your room" Harry said taking Jake's bags and showing him down the hallway to the spare room. I sat on the couch and sank into it, Niall came and sat next to me, "I have the day off tomorrow I can go with you tomorrow and Louis can take Jake?" he said I smiled and kissed his cheek "That would be great!" I said laying into his chest, I was so tired and could barley keep my eyes open. "Let's do something!" Jake said coming and jumping on the couch. "Be careful this isn't my house." I scolded him "It's fine really, I'm Niall your sister's boyfriend" Niall said, Jake laughed and shook his hand "Where do you want to go?" Niall asked looking at Jake "I wanted to stay in and watch movies I could invite Kylah over?" I said trying to appeal to half of us. "Sounds great!" Harry said jumping on the couch next to Jake. "Really is this the exciting life of a superstar?" Jake asked sarcastically "Just wait...You get to go hang out with Louis and Liam tomorrow." Niall told Jake "If I was there it would be so much more fun" Harry said a little annoyed. I laughed and got up leaving the boys to converse. I dialed the phone for Kylah.

'Hello, I'm on a break right now can you pick me up and we can have a movie night?!' Kylah asked 

'Yea I was just about to ask that! Oh and tomorrow you have nothing going on because you're coming with me to the job offer.' I told her 

'Sounds fun be here in 20?'

'Yea see you soon' I hung up and grabbed my purse "I'll be back!" I shouted closing the door behind me I made my way to my car and then drove to the studio. When I arrived at the studio Kylah was outside waiting for me signing some pictures and things for her fans. She jumped into my car and then asked for a blanket. "You think I carry around blankets?" I asked "Yea you get cold easily" she knew my so well I sighed and pointed to the back seat with a blanket folded up on the seat. "I feel like Nandos or chicken tonight." I said turning into the Nandos. "Good deal I'm game for some chicken." she said I told her to just wait in the car and I would take care of it. I came back out with like 4 bags of Nandos. "Are you okay?" she asked eyeing the bags of food "Yea I'm having cravings" I lied trying not to send any signs that Niall and Harry would be with us. "Niall is coming isn't he?" how the hell did she know? "Yea" i said starting the car, she sighed and looked out the window "I miss him, I never see him" she said "Don't worry you will see him soon I bet" I reassured her knowing that she would. 

I walked into Niall's flat and put the bags on the island while Kylah followed my footsteps "I'm home boys with food" I yelled waiting for them to come running "Boys?" Kylah repeated confused "Yea boys" I said winking at her. Then around the corner came Niall and Harry "Harry!" Kylah said hugging him "No love for me?" Niall complained Kylah ignored him and just kept hugging Harry, I hadn't seen Niall in a week but she hadn't seen Harry in 4 weeks. "Hey I want a hug." Jake said running through the hallway "Jake?" Kylah said confused and let go of Harry "Ky Ky" Jake said hugging her he was almost as tall as her too. "Damn it you are catching up" Kylah said releasing him from her Jake made an angry face and glared at Harry when Kylah went and kissed him. "Calm down small fry" I said pulling him into my grasp and scruffling his hair. "You can't call me small fry anymore" Jake said messing up my hair. I swatted his hands away and then ran to Niall, Niall put an arm around me and then slowly and slyly moved it down to my hip. Jake was so busy glaring at Harry and Kylah that he didn't even notice. "What's this?" he asked pointing at the Nandos bags on the counter, "Holy shit only the best thing known to mankind" Niall said letting go of me and grabbing a bag of food. I laughed and retreated to the couch turning the t.v on and looking through Netflix for a movie. "Babe do you want any?" Niall asked he refused to share with me but insisted on giving me a small plate instead of just adding to his. "I'll just share with you" I teased "Sounds good" he replied Sounds good? Was he actually going to share with me? I laughed and then Harry came and sat of the love seat with Kylah, Jake came and sat on the very side of the couch getting as far away from me but as close to Kylah, Niall came out with a plate full of food and sat next to me not wasting anytime to eat it. I reached for a piece of food and Niall smiled at me and let me take a piece. I smiled and Harry laughed at us. "How about a scary movie?" Harry suggested 

I smiled and put on Paranormal Activity 3 and cuddled up to Niall. I hated scary movies unless I had someone there. Niall finished eating then he put an arm around me, "This is boring" Jake said getting up and then leaving. "I should probably go get him." I said but Kylah stood up "No I'm going to go talk to him." she said and left the room. "He's my brother" I mumbled, Niall rubbed my arm and then kissed my neck "More for me" he whispered "Guys still in the room" Harry said glaring at us and then rolled his eyes. Kylah came back out with a upset look on her face, "I think I'm going to go...I'll see you tomorrow when you pick me up. Call me to make sure I'm awake?" she said then grabbed Harry's arm and dragged him out of the door. "Well that went well" I said looking at Niall, he half smiled and then went into the spare room leaving me alone on the couch. I just sat curled up in a blanket watching the movie, I texted Louis and asked him to be at my house by 10 tomorrow to pick Jake up, then waited 20 minuets had passed and Niall still hadn't come out, I got up and went into the spare room and found the two boys sitting on the bead playing Halo 4. "He got it early!" Jake yelled when I opened the door, "Nice" I said leaning against the door frame and grunting. I pulled out my phone and looked at the screen

From: Louis~ Okay Liam and I have the whole day planned. 

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