Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


15. Planes

Hannah's P.O.V

I woke up and looked to Harry who was looking out the window. "Hey love" he said looking to me his outrageous eyes staring into mine, I bit my lip letting my bad side take over for a second. I shook my head and then thought of Niall, but he didn't love me so what did it matter. "Hi, how much more time do we have?" I asked wanting to get off the stupid plane. "We have about an hour let." Harry said putting one of his hands on my leg, shivers went up my spine and I smiled "Good" I said looking out the window "I hate planes" Harry put an arm around me and pulled me to him. "Don't worry I'm here for you." he said looking out the window with me. "I'ts so pretty outside" I said looking at the sun set. Harry nodded and then laid his head on top of mine then kissed my head "Thank you for coming with me." I said removing my head from under his so I could look at him "Anytime." he said "No really you are amazing, no one ever just runs away with me they always say I'm stupid." "You're not I avoid confrontation so I understand I always want to run." He smiled I kissed his cheek and then laid into his chest. And I slowly drifted back to sleep. 

I awoke to Harry kissing my head "We landed come on we have to get off soon." He said I stretched out as much as I could and then rubbed my eyes. "Did you sleep at all?" I asked him getting my phone from my purse. "Yea I slept a total of about 2 hours." I laughed and the plane pulled up to the gate. I turned my phone on and Harry did the same. "They are probably wondering where we are." I said dreading all the messages and missed calls that I would have. "Let them wonder/" Harry said very calmly in a raspy voice. I laughed and we unbuckled then exited the plane. We didn't have anything than the clothes on our back and anything we had on us. We got off the plane and there was security waiting for us. "How did they know we were going to be here?" I asked looking up to Harry. "I called before we took off and told them." He responded then grabbed my hand tight and security lead us out and into a cab. Harry said the name of some hotel and then the cab started and drove us away from the airport. I look through my texts and there was at least 5 messages from each boy and the girls. I just sent a group message:

To: Liam ; Nialler <3 ; Kylah ;) ; Louis Tomo ; Lisha ; Zayn~    Hey Harry and I are a okay we just arrived at our destination and are about to have a cool off week so just though I should let you know we are okay and together. Harry will keep me safe and I will keep him safe! Promise! See you guys in 4 days:)) LOVE YOU! xXx

"Don't tell them where we are kay Harry?" I told him tilting my head and looking to him. He winked and nodded I smiled and then the taxi driver stopped at a hotel. We paid him then went into the hotel. Harry already had a room and we quickly went up into the room. We stayed at a cheap hotel so it wouldn't be that obvious that we were in L.A we wanted to stay off the radar. I laid on the bed and Harry laid next to me we stared at the ceiling for a little then I rolled to face Harry. "It's only 8pm and I'm so tired" I said as I let out a groan, Harry laughed "Jet lag" It was about 12am in London then and DAMN was I tired even though I slept for most of the plane trip. "Can't we just sleep?" I asked Harry laughed and picked me up and pulled me higher on the bed "Of course we can sleep" Harry said taking his shirt off I laughed and took my shoes and pants off then got up and grabbed his shirt "Mind if I wear" I said winking "Not at all" He said taking his pants off I laughed and took my sweatshirt off then my tee. I buttoned up his plaid shirt and crawled into the bed "Comfortable?" he asked turning off his lamp I smiled and nodded "Very" I  responded then turned off my lamp Harry tried to pull me to him but I pushed him away. I wasn't ready to be that close to him, I still loved Niall and I was still dating him. What was I going to do about me and Niall? I sighed and closed my eyes then slowly fell asleep.

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