Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


14. MIstakes


Hannah's P.O.V

*Day 13

I woke up on the floor again and Liam was wrapped around me. I smiled, I saw Liam more as a big brother figure than a boyfriend or anything more that a brother. Wait why was Liam wrapped around me and not Niall... Liam opened his eyes and smiled at me, "Morning sleeping beauty." He said jokingly "Where is everyone?" I asked rolling my eyes and his last remark. "They went out it's just you and me and I think Zayn. Niall didn't want to leave you but I told him that I would stay with you." I laughed a little then snuggled up to Liam's chest. "We should really get an air mattress or I'm going to have back problems!" I joked, but truly I was serious. "Let's go get one then shall we?" Liam said jumping up to his feet and pulling me with him. He went to the door and put a sweatshirt on then threw me some sweats because I was only wearing my shorts. I quickly put them on the grabbed my pink juicy jacket and he pulled me into the car. "So this is kind of a spur of the moment thing." Liam said laughing "I laughed and started the car "Yea but I'm going to mess up my back if I sleep on the floor any longer." Liam laughed and I pulled out and started driving to the nearest Target. 

We walked in and over to the outdoor section. Liam took my hand in his as if to protect me from everyone around us. Liam was so protective and always wanted to know where I was when I was in public. "How about this one?" he said pointing to a queen size double mattress. I looked at the price and it was $90. My mouth dropped "Liam that's too expensive" I said looking at him he shook his head "No it's not! We'll get it! Let's go." Liam said grabbing the box and pulling me to the front of the store. I reluctantly allowed Liam pay and then we left. My phone started ringing and I looked at it to see Niall was calling. I looked at Liam and he nodded, I answered the phone

'Hey Niall' I said smiling almost too big, realizing he couldn't actually see it.

'Oh hey there Hannah' He said slurring his words

'Niall are you okay? Are you drunk' When I asked that Liam's face lit up and soon got flustered. "Hannah just Hang up." Liam said I shook my head and shrugged. 'Niall are you drunk?' I asked again

'No babe I just re-....really love you and when I come home.' Niall continued to talk but I let his words trail off. 

'Niall don't bother looking for me until you're sober.' I said and hung up. I looked to Liam and he smiled and patted my shoulder. "I just want his decision to be a sober one and the right one." I said starting the car. "Will you come with me to my house?" I asked not looking at Liam but still staring at the road. "Yea I will." Liam said, I could feel his eyes on me but I still didn't bother looking. I first drove to the boys home to pick up my duffle bag and replace it with new clothes. When I walked through the door there stood Niall holding my duffle bag, he was struggling to stay standing. "Niall what are you doing." I said walking up to him. "Waiting for you." "You're not sober." I sternly said "I'm so-sober enough to make dec-cisions." He said stumbling over his own two feet to get to me. I put my arm out so that he couldn't hug me. "Niall you should go lay down..." I said grabbing his hand then pulling him up to his room. "Hannah?" Liam called "I'm upstairs putting Niall to down in a second." I yelled back. I laid Niall down on the bed and covered him in the blankets. "Stay with me at lea-least until I fall asleep."  He said interlacing our fingers I smiled and crawled under the covers next to him. He laid his head onto my chest and laughed "They make good pillows." He said "Just close your eyes  Niall" I said running my fingers through his hair until his eyes slowly closed. I waited a few minuets to make sure he was asleep, Liam opened the door and was about to yell something but noticed Niall and just waved a hand gesturing for me to go. I slowly and carefully placed Niall's head on the pillow then I leaned in to kiss his forehead but instead decided to kiss his lips, I lightly put my lips to his and then a smile grew on his lips. "Bye babe call me when you are sober. See you later" I whispered and then walked out the door and down the stairs, I found Liam waiting by the door and he took my hand and lead me to the car.

When we arrived at my flat there was no one there so I quickly texted Alisha and Kylah and told them I wanted the flat to myself tonight. Not mentioning that Liam was staying with me. I sat on the couch next to Liam and cuddled into his chest. "Do you think Niall will make a mistake tonight?" I said quietly not really wanting to know the answer, Liam took my hand in his then kissed my head "Niall is a different person when he is drunk but you're always on his mind." He said that last part to reassure me, but it didn't work. I had a gut feeling that When Niall goes out with Harry tonight it wont end well. I looked up to Liam and for some reason my worries of Niall slipped away and all I was thinking about was Liam. "Liam, do you like Alisha?" I asked him looking from his lips to his eyes. "No." He said looking away "I did at first...Well I though I did but I'm not sure anymore, she just clings to me too much." he said still looking away. I tracked his jaw line with my index finger then he turned to me and his lips mouthed my name but no sound came out. All of the sudden I had these feelings for Liam they weren't anything like what I had for Niall but I wanted his lips on mine and to stay in his arms. I looked away pushing these feelings back into the back of my mind "Liam can we go out tonight I just need to get everything off of my mind all of the stress and stuff." I smiled and looked up allowing our eyes to meet. "Sure sounds good" Liam said pulling me into his chest. I looked over to the clock 4pm, wow the day flew by! "If I fall asleep wake me up at 7, okay?" I said "Yea I will" I grabbed the t.v remote and put on Nemo. "I love this movie" I exclaimed looking at Liam. Next thing I knew Liam's lips crashed into mine, What was happening how did it happen. I pushed him away "LIAM!" I yelled scooting away. "I'm sorry Hannah I don't know what happened. I just felt like I had to... It felt right." I felt hot tears fall down my cheeks "Not to me." I said getting up...All these feelings that I had just found of Liam disappeared and now the turned into fear and confusion, I didn't like Liam like that not even close how could I have ever thought like that? I grabbed my purse and my keys and ran out the door and into my car. Liam came running up to my car and started banging on the window I rolled it down "Hannah I'm sorry come back inside it wont happen again." "No Liam go away please. It wasn't just you I wanted to kiss you too but I knew that I didn't like you." "I know it was just an experiment to see if we actually like each other and now we know we don't" Liam said flashing a small smile. "Please go" I said rolling the window up and starting the car. He stepped away from the car and tears started falling from his eyes. I drove away so that I didn't have to look and the boy that I had so badly.

I pulled up to the airport parking lot and parked, What am I doing, Where do I think I'm going to go? I though, just then my phone started going off and when I looked at it I saw Harry was calling. I answered and before he got a chance to talk I quickly yelled 

'Harry meet me at the airport now! But only you!'

'okay I'll be there soon.' he said and hung up the phone


Harry's P.O.V

I ran out to my car not listening to the other boys yelling at me. I drove as fast as I could to the airport and then called Hannah. 

'Where are you?' she said I could hear the nerves in her voice

'I'm here where are you?'

'I'm on the third level in the parking garage look for my black jeep' she said then hing up the phone. I parked my car on the third floor and when up and down the rows of cars looking for her. When I finally found her she was crying in her car her head was resting on her arms on top of the steering wheel. I lightly tapped on the passenger window and she unlocked the car. I sat in the passenger side and she looked at me with red eyes I hated seeing the pain in her face, but she made it so obvious. "What's wrong?" I asked "Liam and I kissed." she said tilting her head a little to the right and then leaned into the seat. What? They kissed, this was not good. "Come with me Harry." She said her eyes fluttering "Where?" I said not knowing if this was going to be a good decision or not. "California, just for 4 days, please I'll pay." I debated the offer for a while then I decided that I would go, I didn't know if I liked her anymore. "Okay" her face lit up and she smiled big, that was the smile I liked to see. "I have a tecedencey to run away from my problems but I can't face Niall, I love him too much to see him hurt and especially see Liam I do-" "Niall is was with someone when I left, Hannah" I told her. When I came home Niall smelled like alcohol and he was obviously drunk because he was kissing some girl on the couch. I looked to Hannah and her eyes were filled with tears "I'm sorry" I said "Let's go" she said grabbing her bag and getting out of the car. I quickly got out and we paid for our spots then went and bought the next tickets to California. We got on the plane and Hannah laid her head on my shoulder and I rubbed her head for a little. "Thanks" she said "Anytime.' I said running my fingers through he brown wavy hair then kissing the top of her head.

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