Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


8. Love and other Mishaps


*4 days later

Harry's P.O.V

Niall had been dating Hannah for almost a week or so and all I could think about was her. Hannah was always on my mind. It was horrible, I mean she was my mate's girl and I wasn't going to take her from him. I just wanted to know why? Why couldn't I like someone else? Why couldn't she like me? I looked up from my thoughts and saw Hannah sitting in front of me her outrageously beautiful hair falling over her shoulder and down her back, she pushed the hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear and spoke, "Harry?" she said still looking at her knees "Yea love?" "What's wrong with you lately?" I groaned and turned my head away from her "Harry is it me?" she said looking up to me only for a second. I wanted to tell her no because I knew it would lift her spirits to know I was over her and she didn't have to worry about me. "No." "Yes, I shouldn't have even asked that question" Hannah and I have gotten closer since I had first met her and I guess you could say that we could read each other really well, so she knew I was lying "You're still in love with me." she said looking at me, I still avoided her look until she put one of her soft hands to my cheek and turned my head, forcing me to look into her brown eyes which were now almost black full of fear and worry. I didn't reply only looked at her "You are? Aren't you?" she asked me "yes" I mumbled adverting my eyes. "Harry I still like you, I'll always have a love for you but my passion is Niall and I LOVE NIALL." she yelled the last part and ran into her room. I turned to watch her run but I was stopped my Liam now standing in front of the hallway to the rooms. "You have to let her go" Liam said walking to me "I can't" I simply said looking at him 'It's causing her pain and you don't have a choice anymore" "Fine I'll try but only because I don't want to hurt her." I said slouching into the couch as Liam walked away. Fine it's over I thought.


Hannah's P.O.V

I ran into my room searching for paper to write a burn letter. "You don't love him." I said pulling out a piece of paper. I wrote on the letter that I loved him but those feelings needed to disappear, I wrote all of my feelings towards Harry and lent grabbed my lighter and lit it on fire. I watched it burn and disappear as did my feelings towards Harry I shed a couple of tears as I put the fire out in my bathroom. When I looked at the left over parts of the note. I looked at the note and the only part that didn't burn was the part that said I love you. I quickly threw it in the toilet and flushed it beginning to cry. I turned to walk out of the bathroom and ran into Harry, I tried to push through him but he pulled me into his chest and hugged me. "I'm going to try, for you" he said and I relaxed a little "try what?" I said slowing getting out of his grip. "I'm going to try and stop loving you" he finished "Thanks" I said walking into my room. I grabbed my one shoulder lace purple tight dress and quickly slipped it on the I curled my hair and put some makeup on. I grabbed my shoes and ran into the living space seeing Niall standing there wearing a grey sweater over a white dress shirt and the black jeans and some purple high tops to match my dress. I laughed and gave him a hug "You're so short" he said kissing the top of my head. "Hey, you're not much taller" he laughed and I quickly slipped on my shoes and stood up I was now looking at his nose instead of his neck. "Still short" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the house.

We got into the car and I had yet another surprise date planned for him. It seemed like I was always planning dates and he was just tagging along. "Babe?" he said looking at my hands on the wheel, "You still love Harry." I slammed on the breaks and pulled over. "What was that about?" Niall yelled to me. "I don't." is all I said trying to stay strong and not cry. "You do I heard your conversation with him." Niall said looking out the window as though he was searching for answers. "Not anymore I'm over him. You're my only love" I paused looking at the back of his head "You are my everything." I finished still waiting for a sign of some kind or something. "You're my everything that's why I don't want to loose him or anyone" he turned so he was looking at me and he noticed my tears that I hadn't noticed. He cocked his head and raised an eyebrow and then brought his hand to my face wiping the tears away. "I really do like you" he said finishing wiping the tears. "I have really liked you" I said letting out a small smile and then remembering my fangirl days. "I remember when I thought I had no chance with you and now here I am." I said putting my hand to his face "I'm glad that I get to call you my girlfriend" Niall said the kissed my lips passionately but soft and delicately. I smiled "Can we continue our amazing date now?" I said winking and he nodded and we continued to our destination.

When we go to the amusement park he laughed and jumped out. "You're not dressed for an amusement park" he said opening my door and sticking his arm out like a prince. "Nope but I'm dressed for the next part" I smiled as we walked into the fair. There were some girls there asking for pictures and I just let him do his thing until some girls came up to me and asked who I was and I looked to Niall but he shrugged "A really good friend" I said winking at Niall "Well your lucky that you know Niall!Are you a fan?" they asked "Yea I'm a huge directioner you could say" I giggled as Niall joined me "Wow Niall Horan is friends with a fan...That means we have a chance" they said walking away. I looked to Niall and he laughed "Want to go on the ferris wheel?" he said looking at me with puppy dog eyes. "I don't like heights" "I'll protect you I promise" I nodded and we walked to the ticket booth and got some tickets the got into line for the ferris wheel. My nerves grew greater and greater as we got closer and closer to the front of the line I held on to Niall tighter and tighter.


Niall's P.O.V

She was so scared it was cute she kept holding me tighter as we got closer to the front of the line. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to my chest. I gave the guy our tickets and we got in the seat for the ferris wheel. She kept looking down and then to me. "Hannah calm down" I said kissing her head she looked to me with shock radiating through her eyes."What?" I asked taking her hand into mine. "We aren't together? The press they will take pictures." she said looking at me I could tell she was searching for an answer, but I couldn't because I was searching for one myself. "It's okay...I'm okay with that." I said smiling I leaned into kiss her but she pushed me away "Are you sure?" I kissed her slowly and it was a long lasting and I felt sparks going off in between or lips. I felt a smile grown on her lips and I couldn't help but smile too. We pulled away and her eyes fluttered then we reached the bottom and got off the wheel. At the exit there were thousands of fans and paparazzi and I could feel the fear radiating through Hannah and into my body. "You'll be okay just hold my hand." I whispered into her ear. She smiled to me and then the amusement park staff helped us get through the crowd and into the car. When we started driving away I noticed a tear fall from Hannah's eye then another one before I knew it she was silently crying. "Hannah?" I said putting my hand on her leg. More tears hit the wheel and she sniffled "I'm sorry" she said "Why you have no reason to be sorry." I said looking at her waiting for our eyes to meet. "Looking into that crowd there are so many beautiful girls out there and I'm nothing compared to them." she took her hand and wiped her face. "You're perfect why can't you see that?" I said this time she looked at me and smiled "Thank you for dealing with me and my crap." "It's fine anything to make you see what I see." She smile and continued to focus on the road I checked my twitter and decided to make a tweet

@NiallOffical: Had yet another AMAZING day thanks to the lovely @Kaspar_Offical

I smiled when I made the tweet and scrolled around I saw one tweet that really made me mad because they were talking about Hannah. I looked at the picture and it was me holding Hannah in line for the ferris wheel, when I looked at the caption my heart broke, 'Niall you can do so much better than this tramp' I'm sure that my anger showed on my face because Hannah kept doing double takes. I quickly replied 'She is beautiful in my eyes that's all that matters. So stop.' I took a deep breath and realized we were pulling into Hannah's flat. "Niall what's wrong?" "Just fans being rude" "To who? You?" "No" I didn't want to tell her that people were already being rude to her. "To you but I handled it." I said getting out of the car. She was quickly by my side and looking up to me as we walked up to her floor. When we got into her place she shut the door and hugged me. "If you support me then I can handle the drama." She squeezed me tighter and kissed my chest, that's all she could reach. "I will." I said. I picked her up wrapping my arms around her, she wrapped her legs around me and kissed me. 

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