Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


27. Healing

****Okay guys thanks for the support and I hope you're liking it! You may have noticed that I stopped with counting the days because it got confusing for me so occasionally I will remind you of the time span :)! THANKS FOR READING!

*1 month later

Hannah's P.O.V

It was almost the end of November and I would finally have my boot taken off today. The rest of me was healed and all back to normal no more stitches or bruised ribs I was all healed! Niall was coming with me to the doctor to get it off. We walked into the hospital hand in hand and of course pictures were taken. Niall and I have been together for almost 4 months now and he still hadn't told the fans that we were together. I still had no idea why this girl did this to me. I walked into the back room where they were going to take of the brace. When they did I still was having trouble walking on it because I had no range of motion so I had a week to improve and then I would be put in physical therapy. Niall and I left the hospital and went back to the flat, oh we moved in together, and I sat on the couch and started rolling my ankle and then winced in pain with every roll. Niall came and started rubbing my shoulders, and then he leaned down and started kissing my neck. "You don't need to do that now" he said into my ear I stopped rolling my ankle and then turned on my knees so that I was facing him. I looked into his wonderful eyes and then bit my lip. Niall looked down and then I realized I was wearing a v-neck I put my hands on his face and pulled his face up. "Niall thank you" I spoke softly "What?" he said searching my eyes for answers, "Thank you for standing by me..." I paused and looked at him and then the thoughts crept back into my mind that he still hadn't told the fans and still hadn't claimed me as his, he was still single in the fans mind. "Thank you for staying with me even though you are still single" I said winking at him. He pulled out of my grasp and ran into his room and then came out with his computer.

He sat down next to me and logged on to twitter. "What are you doing?" I asked him "Confirming us" he told me and then tweeted that he was going to do a twitcam. He looked at me and then kissed my lips hard and slipped his tongue through my lips and into my mouth. Our tongues were fighting for dominance and finally I gave up and let him win and take over. We both pulled away and then he gave me a soft peck and then smiled. "I love you" Niall said and then turned the camera on and the viewers started escalating. "woah" I whispered Niall looked at me and smirked and then started talking about plans and everything that has been happening and how everyone needed to calm down and stop freaking out. Then people started tweeting are you two dating, tell us and Just confirm it already. I laughed and laid my head on Niall's shoulder. Then the tweets started saying awwww and OMG wish I had that. "Well guys I'm actually on here to tell you all something that is pretty damn cool." Niall said and then took my hand in his, I took a deep breath and then squeezed his hand, "This is my girlfriend, Hannah" he said and looked at me. He looked at the tweets and only saw the negative "If you guys want to be mean about it then I can just get off all together." he said and then the negative stopped mostly. "Hannah they want you to talk" Niall said and then touched his lips to my forehead. I laughed and then they started saying that I had a cute laugh and asking me questions. "Yes, I am 18" I paused and looked at the comments "4 months almost" I responded to one "Of course food is the best." I said and looked at Niall he smiled and then a comment came I read it aloud "He never smiles like that...You don't?" I looked at Niall confused he shook his head no "You make me happy" he responded and then looked at the camera "We are going to be releasing our album soon so pre-order it now! Thanks guys love you" he said and then ended the twitcam. "I remember when I used to be on the other side of those." Niall laughed his adorable laugh.

It was almost 6 pm and I looked at Niall and he was focused on twitter. I started kissing his neck and sucking at it trying to distract him. I pulled at his shirt trying to tell him that I wanted him, he looked at me and then kissed my forehead "Not right now" he said and I let go of his shirt and stopped kissing him. I got up a little annoyed and went into the kitchen, I got out sandwich materials and made both of us each a sandwich, I cleaned up the mess I made and brought him the sandwich. "Thanks" He said and kissed my cheek and went back to twitter. I sat next to him and watched him scroll through twitter, "Wait Wait" I said and saw a tweet from Maddie "Glad the bitch got her way again. Good luck Niall" I read aloud..."Glad I kicked you out when I did" I snarled Niall wrapped an arm around me and then kissed my head. "Glad you moved in when you did." he said and winked at me. I laughed and then poked Niall's side causing him to laugh and jerk away "You know I'm ticklish there!" he yelled at me I laughed and then tickled his sides. I stopped and I laid on top of him and we caught our breath. "I want to meet your family." he said looking at me "Ummm no" I said standing up "Why not" he asked hugging me from behind "I don't exactly like my parents. That's why I moved and everywhere I go down there people know me and talk... usually not nice things, Niall." I said, he tightened his grip on my waist and then kissed my ear. "I still need to meet them." he said "Fine let's go" I said pulling him into the bedroom. 

I pulled a suitcase out of our closet and then started packing for the both of us. Niall just stood there shocked "We will go for Thanksgiving. So we are leaving tomorrow morning." I said a tad bit angry. Niall came and hugged me I tried to push away but he just held tighter and then eventually I gave up and just cried. "You don't understand they don't want me. I'm a disappointment..We have good times and then they go to bad" I said crying "I don't care I love you and I plan to have a future with you someday." he said and then he flipped me around and kissed me hard. "Then you have to meet them we will go for 4 days not too much and not too little." I smiled and then he did as well. He stayed and packed and then I went to book us a flight in the morning. "Okay We are all booked and ready to go!" I yelled "Okay I packed" Niall yelled back and then came and joined me on the couch. "We should go to sleep our flight is at 5am so we should be there at 3:30ish." I told Niall he nodded and smiled and then we went into the bedroom. I took my shirt and pants off then changed into a large shirt. Niall took his shirt off and his pants and then climbed into bed. I put my hair in a high ponytail and then set an alarm for 2 so that we would have enough time to get ready. I cuddled up to Niall under the covers and then kissed him goodnight and fell asleep.

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