Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


28. Flight

My alarm went off and I dreaded getting up. "Niall baby come on time to get up." I said and then kissed his shoulder. Niall groaned and then stretched, "I'm going to go shower and get ready we are leaving here by 3" I told him turning on the light and getting up. "Wait can we just lay here for a little bit longer?" Niall asked pulling on my shirt. I knelt down on the bed and shook my head no, but this morning Niall wasn't taking no for an answer. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me into him and pulled my shirt over my head. Recently Niall had been really flirtatious and I wasn't sure why. "Niall" I said and he looked at me with lust in his eyes "Just lay with me" he said and then sat up so his face was close to mine. I put a leg over his pelvis so I was straddling him. He laid his head back and then moaned a little. What has gotten into him? He kept moving his hips up and down against mine slowly and almost unnoticeably and then he stopped. With a groan he opened his eyes and looked at me. "What has gotten in to you?" I asked him laughing a bit "I don't know but recently I've really wanted you as close to me as possible." he said and then looked away from me I slowly got off of him and then went into the bathroom.


Niall's P.O.V

I wanted her so badly but I didn't want it to be a bad decision or too soon, that's why I wanted to wait until marriage. I was only 19 and I didn't want to get married that fast or too soon. But I had this feeling that Hannah was the one. I laid my head back waiting for the shower to turn off so I could go and shower but I desperately wanted to join her. I heard the shower turn off and sprung up off the bed and then ran into the bathroom and hugged Hannah. "Niall I'm only in a towel" she said and wiggled around "I don't car I want to hold you." I told her and then held her tighter. It was the truth. I let go of her and then she laughed and moved to the bedroom. I took my boxers off and turned the shower on and then jumped in. I heard the door open and close and assumed Hannah was inside of the bathroom getting ready. I turned the shower off and grabbed the towel off of the hanger and wrapped it around my waist. I opened the shower curtain and there stood Hannah looking in the mirror and putting makeup on. "You look good with out it." I stated pulling out the hair dryer. She laughed and continued doing her make up I took a step back to just stare at the beauty that I called my girlfriend, she was wearing pink lace panties and a pink polka dot bra. Hannah turned to me and brought my gaze to her chest and then to her face, "Niall c'mon" she said and walked to me and then put her arms around my neck "Can you at least try to contain yourself babe?" she asked me obviously flirting, I bit my lip and shook my head no. She laughed and walked away into the bedroom, I followed her I walked into to see her put on a blue t-shirt and some jeans and then her pink uggs, that she wore everywhere since she got them. I put on light grey sweats and a t-shirt and a sweat shirt. "Shit we gotta go!" Hannah yelled and grabbed  my hand "Wait the bags" I said and grabbed the suitcase and then her purse and the duffle bag from the bathroom and we left. 

We got to the airport later than Hannah wanted to so she was stressed about missing the flight. We got into the security line and then she really started freaking. "Babe it will be okay" I said rubbing her back "It's not that Niall" she said staring at the security guards, I looked at them and then back to her I continued rubbing her back until we got to the front and I took off my shoes and emptied my pockets and then Hannah did the same. I walked through first and then she did and silently she watched her purse come through and then grabbed her stuff and put it on, I studied her body language and noticed it to be all to familiar, she acted the same way when the was scared. We walked away from security and then to the food court. "Are you hungry?" I ask her "Hell yea when am I not?" she said laughing and then took her purse from my hand she walked towards a McDonald's "I'll pay this time you can pay on the way home." she told me and then kissed my cheek we agreed not to kiss on the lips that much in public so that the paparazzi couldn't make things up. She took my hand and pulled me into the line. She put her arms around my neck as we looked at the big menu thing above the cashier. We ordered and then grabbed our food and made our way to our gate. We sat down together in some seats and that's when people started to recognize me and surprisingly Hannah. 

Hannah and I took pictures with the fans and then some fans just wanted her, oh yea Hannah had become a model and now she was pretty popular now too. I got some pictures and signed some things as did Hannah and then the fans finally left. "Well that was crazy" Hannah said, she was not at all used to being famous or a role model, "You'll get used to it" I said and put my arm around her. "Yea I guess when you are in Victoria's Secrete shows and magazines people know you." I laughed and then realized that she had a show coming up "Hey why don't you invite you're parents to your show?" I suggested "Hell no" she said and glared at me telling me not to protest. I pulled her tighter to me until she couldn't come any closer and then I put her on my lap. "To much affection Niall" she said warning me of the surrounding fans that would be taking pictures, "It's fine we aren't being a disturbance" I said and then our plane was called to board. I got up threw away our trash and then Hannah and I boarded the plane. We sat in our seats and Hannah clenched my hand "I hate flying" she whimpered and then pulled her legs up under her and leaned on me. I ran my fingers through her hair and then the plane started moving.

Hannah tightened her grip on my hand and looked at me "Niall I don't want to go anymore." she said with tears forming in her eyes "Hannah flying isn't that bad I'm right here" I told her kissing her lips softly she pulled away and looked at me "No I don't want to go home" she said looking at me a tear rolled down her cheek and I put her head into my chest "Shhh don't cry Hannah it's okay I'll be here every step of the way." I told her reassuringly, she sniffled back all of her tears and then looked at me "It's not that it's that they didn't understand me all I wanted was to have attention and they were both always busy and forcing me to lie and sneak around just so that I could hang out with my friends." she explained and then laid her head on my shoulder "What if they don't like you and don't want you here?" she paused "What if they make me give you up...that's why I moved." she continued "I'm not leaving" I told her and then she took a deep breath and let it out. She took a finger to my chest and drew circles into it, for some reason whenever she drew on my chest or arms it calmed her down.


Hannah's P.O.V

I liked drawing on him, I liked drawing on guy's chest that I felt close to. It made me feel safe and comfortable and relaxed, when in Niall's arms I felt safe and relaxed. I looked up and Niall's eyes were closed I took my phone out and put my ear buds in and listened to music. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

"Hannah" I heard Niall say "Come on wake up we are here" he continued. I opened my eyes and noticed that he was looking out the window at the runway and the gates and all the planes. I laughed at how much of a kid he was then we got to our gate and we were allowed to get off. I grabbed my purse and Niall grabbed his backpack. I got out first and then he put his hands on my shoulders as we walked one by one off of the plane. I took Niall's hand in mine and there where security guards standing around everywhere "Niall Horan?" one of them asked "Yea?" Niall asked confused "There is a car outside waiting to take you where you need to go. Follow us." the security guard continued I shrugged and we followed him though back ways and then out into a car, our bags were already in the car. I told the driver my address and he took us to my house. It was the day of Thanksgiving and I knew my relatives would be at the house and surprised to see me everyone would be. 

We got to my house and Niall grabbed the bag out of the back of the car and thanked the driver and paid him, I took Niall's hand in mine and we walked to the front door together. I looked at Niall and he smiled "I'm right here" he told me and squeezed my hand I nodded and knocked on the door. My dad came down and answered, to my disbelief he gave me a huge bear hug. "Hi dad" I said and then he let go of me and glared at Niall and then looked at me in disbelief "Hello sir" Niall said and stuck his hand out to shake my dang vigorously shook his hand and smiled at both of us big. "Niall!" Jake yelled from the computer, "My main mate!" Niall called back "Come in" My dad said and took our suitcase I walked upstairs and saw my aunt, my other aunt and uncle, my grandpa, my mom, and my uncle. "Hannah" My uncle Bill shouted and pulled me in for a hug "Heard you moved to London." My aunt Donna said I smiled and nodded "It's great to see all of you." I said and then realized Niall was standing at the top of the stairs. I did a little jog to him and grabbed his hand "This is Niall" I paused and looked at him "Is he that kid from your poster?" My mom asked, Niall laughed and I blushed "Oh don't be too embarrassed Hannah." My mom teased, she stood up from the couch and looked at Niall "Looks a bit older now" she said "Welcome to our home" she finally said and hugged him "She has been dreaming of datin' you so treat her right" My aunt Robin teased me and Niall but was serious about the last part. "I'm going to show Niall my room" I said dragging him into my room. I shut the door behind us and kissed him.

"Well hello" he said laughing and then he pulled me back in for another deep kiss and then he started pushing me back until my back slammed against my drawers. I ignored the slight pain and slipped my tongue into his mouth, this time gaining dominance. We made out for a good 5 minuets before he noticed the poster of him and one of Harry and the one of the rest of the boys. He pulled his tongue out and then a smile grew on his face and he pulled completely out. "Your mom was right, I am the kid from your posters" he said and crawled onto my bed looking at the wall of posters. I sat behind him and rubbed his back, "Why is Harry here but none of the other boys?" he asked "I was never really obsessed like Alisha but you and Harry were my favorites" He looked at the Harry poster and I went in front of him and nicely took the poster down only leaving Niall's up. "I've always been a Niall girl" I said and winked at him then put my Harry poster in the drawer that was my 1D keep safe drawer. "Do you have a pen? Sharpie is preferable love." he asked me I nodded and went into another drawer and grabbed a sharpie and handed it to him. he started writing on the poster "Hey Niall!" I shouted "Shhhh, I'm writing you a note" he said and put a finger to my lips. After like 5 minuets of him writing he finally looked at me and then nodded I got real close to the picture and read it. He looked at me and then playfully pinned me on the bed "If one day you are to have kids and they aren't with me, I want you to remember that I love you and you have a special place in my heart, forever." he said and then leaned in and pressed his forehead to mine. "Forever and always" he whispered. I smiled and closed my eyes and then I felt his soft lips touch mine, I kissed him back and then he pulled away. "Forever?" I asked him he nodded and kissed me again. "We should get back out there before they get suspicious." I said and he smiled and climbed off the bed and opened the door. "I like your room by the way." he said and walked out of the door, I laughed and fixed myself in the mirror and followed him.

I found him sitting on the couch talking with my Aunt Robin. I went and leaned against the couch he was on and wedged myself in between his knees and then his legs. "Dumplings" my dad called out "Do I get to help?" I asked and Robin looked at me in shock "Of course! Oh bring your boyfriend" she added I got up and pulled Niall up to his feet. "Come on you're going to help make dumplings" I said and then pulled him into the kitchen. We washed our hands and Niall stood back and watched for a little and then he came and I showed him how. "Done" he said after finishing his first one, We all looked at it all broken and lopsided. "Niall you have to make sure it's a ball before rolling it in flour." My dad said and fixed it. I laughed and grabbed a bit of flour and put it on his face, "Hell no" he said and I froze and so did the rest of my family. I looked at him with worry and then drew a line across my neck saying he was gonna get it. He looked at me and searched for answers, my dad patted him on the back and then said "Welcome to the family" I looked at my dad shocked "You're 19, you can swear a little now." My dad said and laughed. We finished the dumplings and then Niall got his revenge by putting flour on my cheeks. "You arse!" I called to him "How long have you been in London?" My uncle Steve called "Almost 2 years now!" I yelled back. 'How long have you two been dating?" My dad asked "4 months on the 24th" Niall responded washing the dough off of his hands. 4 months with this amazing person. Forever he would be in my heart.

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