Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


19. First for everything

*About 2 months later (October 28th)

*Day 57

Hannah's P.O.V 

Niall and I still hadn't gone public with our relationship but the fans had a pretty good idea of us, for the past two months Niall and I had been holding hands and giving each other pecks on the lips and stuff like that and I know that people saw because we were all over the internet and tabloids every once in a while. The boys had an interview coming up and then they were going to L.A and New York for some promotional work and MSG eventually. Alisha had gotten a call back for one of the shows she tried out so she had to go to Miami for a little, Kylah's singing career had really started taking off since she had posted a couple videos of her and singing and Niall playing the guitar. Me on the other hand I was still going no where, my life hadn't changed other that the boys, I was still the same failure that didn't really know her place in the world. The good news was that I was going to go back to college after winter for the last semester so I would have an education. Other than that my only place was with Niall, when he would be gone recording I didn't know what to do Alisha was gone and Kylah was always in the studio. Today was like any other day, I sat on the couch waiting for Kylah to call and ask me for something, I was her assistant. I put on a rerun of X-factor, and waited eventually I got a call from Kylah.


'Hey can you go get me starbucks and don't forget a water I'm getting tired and treat yourself! I will pay'

'Sounds good you want the usu

'Yea we can get lunch after I'm done here.'

'Okay be there in 30' and I hung up. I ran into my room and grabbed some pants and boots then a leather jacket and ran out the door. I got to Starbucks and ordered her usual and a Passion tea lemonade for me. While I was waiting I noticed a very tall sophisticated looking woman ordering, she looked so put together I wanted to be like that. I waited and wondered what was taking so long then I felt a little tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw the woman "Ummm Hi can I help you Miss?" I asked looking at her, "You are perfect what does your day look like tomorrow?" she said very cheerful "Why? I don't know you do I?" I asked confused "Oh sorry allow me to introduce myself, I am Ashley Liner. I work for a modeling agency and you look perfect for the new young position I'm looking for. Do you mind meeting with me tomorrow?" she said removing her sunglasses "Oh yea sure that makes more sense now." I laughed but she didn't she just smiled and handed me a card "Tomorrow at 11am sharp." she said and grabbed her coffee and left. I turned to the counter and still didn't see my drinks, I was still in shock I had just been scouted by a modeling agency what did this mean? "Umm excuse me I still need my drinks." I said to the guy who was making a drink he nodded and apologized then handed me my drinks.

I got to the recording studio and then quickly ran inside. I quietly went into the room Kylah was in and smiled and waved then sat on a couch in the back. She finished her song and came out, "You're late" she said "Sorry I ran into someone and something came up." I responded, even though Kylah was my best friend she was still my boss and when she was in boss mode it kind of scared me a little bit, sometimes being my boss got to her head. "It's fine what happened?" she asked sitting next to me. "OH yea that a modeling scout or someone like that asked me to come in for her tomorrow." I said trying not to make it such a big deal "THAT IS SO AMAZING YAY!!!!" Kylah yelled hugging me I laughed I guess it was pretty good now I felt like I had some what of a place. "let me do one more song then we can go to lunch." she said handing me her coffee and then going into the booth. I nodded and put the drinks on the table in front of me. My phone started ringing and I saw it was Niall, I waved a finger in the air to Kylah and left the room. 

'Hi babe' I said very cheerful

'Hey! You want to go to lunch then I have a surprise for you?" he half asked and half told me I laughed

'I have lunch plans already sorry but we can meet up at the house after I'm done?' he sighed 

'As long as I get you at some point!' he said almost yelling I heard Liam in the background but I couldn't make out what he was saying 'Liam shut up she knows I miss her' Niall said and I laughed

'You can most defiantly have me later. And I miss you too! Can't wait to see you later. Oh and I have a surprise for you too! Love you bye!" I said smiling but he couldn't see it.

'ooo I love you see you later baby' he said and hung up 

I couldn't wait to see him I hadn't seen him in a week because he was always recording for the new album that was coming out soon and then they also had the video for their new single. He was so busy and it was going to be nice seeing him again. I went back into the booth and Kylah was finishing up. She finished and I grabbed our drinks then took her to the car. "Where to?" I asked "You choose" she said laughing I giggled and then started the car. We went to a Chinese place that I always went to so they knew me and gave me discounts. "So how are you and Harry?" I asked she looked away and groaned "Better not as strong as you and Niall." she said looking at me I sighed they had been going through some tough times with both of their busy schedules neither of them had time for each other and keep in mind they have only been dating for a month and a half and Kylah doesn't date so this meant she really liked him. "It will work out promise." I said smiling "You have such a comforting smile." she said tilting her head and joining in on my smile I laughed and our food came. "So your first album will be coming out soon are you excited?" I asked trying to make conversation, "More nervous" "You have millions of followers on twitter and on YouTube they love you! You will be fine calm down! And if you aren't I will buy all the albums I can afford and put you at number one!" I said jokingly She laughed. 

I dropped her back off at the studio and then headed to Niall's flat. The boys all had their own flats but also had a holiday home to use together that they hadn't been using recently. I got to his flat and used the key he had given me, we weren't living together but we liked to think we were so we gave each other keys. I walked in and there were pink and white rose petals on the floor leading to his room, I closed the door and locked it. "Niall?" I called out "In my room" he said. I started getting nervous and the butterflies in my stomach. Niall and I hadn't really done anything in the bedroom yet we both weren't like that and we decided that we didn't want to have sex until we got engaged or married. I wanted to save that for someone special and I knew Niall was that special guy. I dropped my bag next to the door and followed the roses to his room. I opened the door and then the smell of roses and vanilla filled the room the lights were dimmed and Niall was sitting on the bed with a box in his hands, he put the box down on the bed and walked to me and hugged me "I missed you" I said I looked up to him and kissed him with passion he smiled "I missed you too" he said then started kissing my neck.

*!Warning! +14!

"Niall what is all of this?" I asked while he was still kissing my neck. "The surprise!" he yelled then picked me up I wrapped my legs around him and he carried me to the bed and then laid me down gently. He reached over me and grabbed the box, and handed it to me. "My surprise is nothing compared to this." I said "I don't need a surprise from you" he said then I propped myself up on my elbows and he grabbed my waist and pulled me up and in between his legs. I opened the box and there was a pink sweatshirt, I unfolded it and it said 'Niall's Girl' on the front and on the back it had my name and the number one and in small print under the number it said 'You are my number one' I smiled and hugged him. "I'll wear it all the time" I said smiling like a dork. "Good now for your next surprise" I looked at him confused as he took the sweatshirt and threw it on the ground by the bed. He started kissing my neck and then they kisses slowly moved to the top of my breast. I took my shirt off so I was only in my jeans and bra now, Niall smiled at the sight of my body, this was not the first time he had seen me but I had only ever changed in front of him I was never completely naked in front of him. I let him take over and he pulled my pants off. I laughed some and Niall looked up and smiled at me, I sat up and kissed his forehead he kissed at my hips then moved his hands to my hips and his lips to my lips. I put my tongue into his mouth as he started rubbing my vagina. I started kissing his neck not being able to focus on making out. I bit my lip and threw my head back, I moaned a little and he smiled "Niall" I said with a breathy tone, "You are unbelieveably irresistible" he said and then he pushed a finger inside of me. I moaned his name again and looked at him, he had a half smile on his face but looked as if he was trying to be careful I laughed at his caring nature and how it played over to his sexual side. He started going faster and deeper then started kissing my neck again. "I love you" I said "I love you too." Niall pulled his fingers out and then laid next to me, I rolled on top of him and took off his shirt. "Don't think you get to get away with that" I said smiling he laughed his laugh but this time it was more breathy and loud. I started making out with him and then pulled his trousers off, "You don't have to" Niall said grabbing my shoulders "It's fine I want to" I said pulling his underwear off. I grabbed his penis in my hand and began to rub it.

When Niall finished I crawled under the covers and laid there Niall soon joined me and snuggled up to me. I laughed when he looked down at my body, "You okay?" I asked him and he quickly moved his eyes to mine. "You are beautiful in every way" he said and kissed me. I got out of the bed and put my bra and underwear back on and threw him his boxers. He put them on and grabbed a pair of sweats and put them on I grabbed the sweatshirt from the floor and put it on, it barley covered my bum. Niall came behind me and swooped me up over his shoulder. "AHH Niall come on put me down." I yelled he laughed "If you insist" he said and threw me on the couch. I landed and bounced up and off the couch to the ground. I groaned in pain but tried not to make it noticeable. Niall ran to my side and picked me up into his arm and sat on the couch with me in his lap. "I'm so sorry" he said looking at me up and down for signs of pain or damage. "I'm fine Niall" I told him then hugged him, my hip was the only thing that was really hurting. There was a knock at the door and Niall put my on the couch gently and went to the door. I turned around to see who it was and then low and behold it was Harry. I laid on the couch and Niall invited Harry in. "What were you up to?" Harry asked Niall I guess he hadn't seen me because they went into the kitchen to get drinks. They were talking about something but I couldn't hear what I just waited for them to come into the living room. I waited for like 10 minuets and still they didn't come. I got up with a groan and walked into the kitchen, "I'm here too!" I complained to Niall. I looked at Harry who was clearly undressing me with his eyes, "Harry!" Niall said punching his arm Harry looked up to my face and then to my lower half "I know what was going on here" Harry teased looking at Niall now. "No" Niall said "There is a first for everything" Harry said elbowing him. I rolled my eyes and got a glass of water and joined them at the island.

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