Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


24. Fights

The waitress came over to check on us but she didn't even notice me or ask me if there was anything I needed, "Excuse me" I said getting up and leaving the table. I went into the bathroom, I saw the refection of myself but all I could see was someone who was less and never good enough. I turned to walk back out of the bathroom but was stopped by a little girl, "Are you Hannah?" she asked looking at me "Yea I am" "Can I have a picture with you?" she said smiling "Yes of course" I said she grabbed my hand and pulled me to a table where there was 3 older girls and what looked to be a mother. The girls faces all lit up "Are you Hannah?" one said "The one that is dating Niall" another one said "No she isn't dating him it isn't confirmed" the other one said. "Girls stop" the mom said, all the girls stopped talking "Mommy I want a picture" the little girl said "Is that okay with her?" the mum said looking at me I nodded and smiled then she got out her phone and then we took a picture then the other girls came by and we took more pictures. "What's your names?" I asked them "Carly" "Kelsey" "Kimmy" they all said I smiled and then the little girl hugged me and said thank you "Bethany Come on let her go" her mom said "Don't worry if you guys ever need anything I can try and talk." I said and gave their mom my number and then they got up and started leaving. The mom stopped me "Thank you, these girls really need a female role model." she gave me a hug and then left but Kelsey came up to me and looked at me "Are you dating Niall?" she asked and I looked at my table and Niall who was completely oblivious to where I was and what I was doing, he was too consumed in the waitress' conversation. I looked back at Kelsey and shook my head "No, not anymore" I said "Well you two make a much better couple than anyone else that I could imagine!" she said and walked away.

I walked back over to the table and my good mood was immediately ruined. I sat back down and the waitress looked at me in disgust then back to Niall "Call me anytime" she said slipping him her number, I sat then and held back my tears and my fists. Then she walked away but the mom came and stopped her "You leave this couple alone and any other couples can't you see that you're just ruining their relationships? Oh and you're boss will be hearing about this." she said and then smiled at me and left. Niall looked at me shocked and then I got up and out of the booth, "Let's go." I said and started walking Niall came and took my hand in his and I couldn't help but smile...You're still mad at him Hannah stop. Bethany came up to Niall and pulled at the end of his shirt, Niall knelt down and then took Bethany's hand in his "Hi sweetheart" he said very softly "Don't hurt her Niall Horan, she is very nice" Bethany said looking at Niall. Niall looked up to me "I won't" he said and stood up to my level and then their mom came and took them away waving bye to me. I walked to the door and saw all the paps, I looked at Niall "What do you want to do?" I asked him "Well I'm still single to them." he said I pulled my hand out of his and started to walk out until he grabbed my arm "I'll tell them eventually" he said "Well for now you're still single so come tell me when you aren't so I can actually treat you like my boyfriend." I said and then walked out and pushed through the paps and into the car and slammed the car door staring the car, Niall slowly climbed in the car and softly closed his door. I drove to Niall's flat as fast as I could I just wanted to get rid of him. I didn't want to do something stupid and ruin everything.

I pulled up to the front of his building and put the car in park, "Please get out" I said through my tears "Hannah come with me we can fix this" he pleaded "No Niall just get out" I said "I love you" he said leaning in to kiss me, I pushed him away and unlocked the car doors, Niall looked at me with tears forming in his eyes and I looked away and starred at the wheel. He opened the door and began to climb out "I love you too Niall, I will see you tomorrow at 2 to pick you up" I said he looked at me and smiled "I love you" I said again and he got out and closed the door, I quickly drove away. I drove to my flat and got out of the car and walked up into my flat. I walked through the door and threw my jacket on the couch and then walked to Kylah's room "Kylah I need to talk to you!" I yelled and knocked on her door. "Busy" she yelled I rolled my eyes and walked into the room "Not busy en-" Oh my god! "Kylah!" I yelled, she rolled off of the guy that she was on top of and then looked at me angry "Why the hell....would you....come in" she yelled stumbling over her words, she was obviously drunk "You are disgusting!" I yelled and slammed the door and then grabbed my purse and my costume for tomorrow.

I walked down the street and it started to rain, "SHIT REALLY?!" I yelled and started running towards Harry's building. I ran up the stairs and to Harry's flat door, I knocked and Harry answered the door quickly. "Hey Ba-" he said but stopped realizing I wasn't Kylah, I looked at the floor and my cold wet hair fell in front of my face. Harry put a hand to my face and then pulled my head up so I was looking at him. "Come inside" he said I nodded and he pulled me into his flat and then took my jacket off and threw it in the dryer. "Do you want to shower?" he asked me "If that's okay?" I said looking away embarrassed at how I looked, he picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bathroom, he nicely put me down in the bathroom, "I'll be later to take you're clothes and put them in the dryer you can use mine for now." he said and left. Harry was so nice, it hurt me to know that he was going to have his heart broken, I turned to the shower and turned it on the stripped out of my clothes and then folded them in a pile for Harry and hopped in the shower.

Harry's P.O.V

I waited a couple of minuets before going into the shower to grab her clothes. When I went in she was singing Moments, she was actually really good. I grabbed her clothes and quickly rushed out and threw them into the dryer. Then someone knocked on the door, I forgot I had a date with Kylah tonight, I ran and answered the door and hugged Kylah she reeked of alcohol "Have you been drinking?" I asked her "Just a couple drinks with some friends" she responded giving me a sloppy kiss. I took her inside and sat her at the table "Just sit her" I told her and walked into the kitchen and made up food dishes, when I walked back out she was sitting there with a glass of wine and an empty shot glass. I put the plate in front of her and sat next to her, she quickly put her arms around me and sat in my lap then started kissing my neck "Can we skip dinner" she said kissing my neck. I looked away from her and saw Hannah standing in the front of the dinning room wearing only a towel with her arms crossed "I see you couldn't settle for one" she said I looked at her confused but she was clearly talking to Kylah "Shut up this isn't your business." Kylah said looking at her and pointing her finger and almost falling off of my lap. "Harry does not deserve your lies Kylah." she said stepping closer to us "Why is she even here?" Kylah yelled at me I got up and put her on the chair next to me "Because she is a good friend and needed my help" I said stepping back "Do I need to tell him?" Hannah asked stepping behind me and grabbing my hand "NO! He doesn't even need to know" Kylah yelled standing up and stumbling over to me. Hannah went onto her tip toes and pulled my head to her's, "She cheated on you" Hannah whispered into my ear she let go of my shoulder but help my hand squeezing it. "You can get out." I said to Kylah pointing to the door, "Fine but you'll miss me!" she yelled flipping both me and Hannah off then slamming the door.

I turned and looked at Hannah and hugged her "thank you" is all I could say and then we both pulled away and her towel dropped to the floor. "Shit!" she screamed and dropped to the floor and picked it up "You're lucky we are so close or this could've been bad!" she said running into my room. I laughed and all I could see was her body, her amazing body. Hannah came back out wearing my dark blue v-neck and a pair of black sweats, she looked so...pretty. No Harry you can't fall in love with this girl again. She came and sat next to me and then put her arm around me "So babe what are we going to do with the rest of our night?" she asked me, I wrapped her up in my arms tight and picked her up and carried her into my room and threw her on the bed. "Harry!" she yelled as she bounced on the bed I jumped on the bed and landed next to her. "You never told me why you showed up here in the first place." I asked her, "Niall and I are fighting." she said and then rolled on her belly and shoved a pillow to her face I pulled her into my side and put an arm around her "What are you two fighting about?" I asked she sighed and then rolled on her side and looked at me "He wont tell the fans that we are together and I'm getting tired of waiting for him, I told some fans today that we weren't together! Some waitress gave him her number! Harry how long am I supposed to wait for him, I'm getting tired of it Harry." she told me and then started crying. How could Niall wait this long to tell the fans? Hannah was amazing and the world should know that she was his. I pulled her into my arms. "Harry I'm tired of waiting" she said and fell into my chest. I wanted to tell her that I would tell the world that she was mine and I would show it every second I got the chance but I couldn't. I looked at her and she put one of her soft hands to my cheek and put her face really close to mine. "Harry would you wait to tell everyone" she said softly her sweet breath mixing with mine and making me want to kiss her even more. "I would" is all I could say before I pushed my lips into hers, to my surprise she kissed me back but her warm tears started falling faster and hitting my cheek. I pushed her away and she looked at me and then just hugged me. "Can we just cuddle please?" she asked me still hugging me. "Yea of course." I said not comprehending what had just happened. We both crawled under the covers and I took my shirt off, she cuddled up under my arm and drew circles in my chest. "Harry you're amazing I'm glad I have you as a friend." she said and then stopped drawing circles "Goodnight Hannah, I'm glad I have you in my life." I told her and then she started drawing on my chest again and I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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