Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


29. Family

We all sat at the table, Niall next to me, I was next to Jake, Jake was next to My uncle Bill and my Uncle Bill was next to my grandpa. On the other side there was my Aunt Robin, My aunt Donna and her husband Steve and then my mom and Dad. "What do you normally do for Thanksgiving Niall?" my dad asked putting a shit load of food on Niall's plate, "Umm this is my first" Niall said practically drooling over the food. They all looked at him in shock "He lives in Ireland guys." I said they all laughed and Niall shrugged at me and then we all started eating. "How long do you want to be with her?" Donna asked, she was always protective of me when I started dating someone "Forever" he said and he put a hand on my leg under the table. "That's nice" My mother said "Are you staying here?" my dad asked I looked at Niall and then nodded "For 3 more days" I responded. I yawned and realized how tired I was "Jet lag?" Bill asked I nodded and looked at Niall who was eating but nodding off. I looked at the time and it said 8:45pm damn I was so tired. "We are going to go to sleep early tonight...Jet lag" I told them and then I shoved Niall and he sprung to life "Night" Niall said and got up "Food was amazing" he added I went around the table saying my good nights and then Niall followed me into my room and I closed the door.

I undressed and then I put on a big shirt and then saw Niall laying in bed already asleep. I walked over and took his pants off gently and then his shirt I grabbed a pair of his sweats and then put them on him. He moved a bit but not that much I put him under the blanket and then joined him under the blankets. "I love how you just undress me." he said very tiredly "It's the nice thing to do" I said "So you would do it for anyone?" he asked me propping himself up on his elbows "No only with people I love and trust." I said with a smile but he couldn't see because of how dark it was. He laid back down and then hugged me, pulling me down into his chest. "Goodnight" I said and he kissed my head "Love you goodnight" he said and then his grip on me loosened as he fell asleep. I stared at the ceiling waiting for sleep to make it's way to me, but it didn't. "Harry stop" Niall said holding me really tight, "Niall?" I said looking up at him, nothing he just held me tight. I closed my eyes and started to dose off "No please I love her and them." he said again "Niall" I said this time shaking him a bit. He shook and moved around and then I felt his bare chest and then he was in a sweat and squeezed me "Good you're safe." he said and kissed my head "From what?" I asked confused "The guy that keeps coming for you and the kids." he said and when I looked at him his eyes were still closed, he had been talking to me in his sleep. "Niall I'm always safe with you and I bet those kids are too." I told him "Those kids are our kids" he said "Our kids?" I asked "Yea now go back to sleep" he said and then with that he stopped talking to me and loosened his grip. "Uhhh goodnight Niall" I said and closed my eyes and fell asleep.


I woke up the next day and looked at my clock 10am I heard voices and then there was my Irish boy, I laid in bed and listened to his thick accent as he talked then his voice got louder and louder. Until my door opened he turned the light up a little so it was dim and then he noticed I was awake "Oh good morning darling" he said and rummaged through our suitcase "Found them" he shouted and then pulled out some black high-tops. "What are those for?" I asked him and swung my legs over the side of my bed, "Jake, Your dad said he needed new shoes so I'm going to give him one of my old ones." he explained and then got up "Do you have a silver sharpie?" he asked me looking through my drawers "Yea I do" I said and got up then bent over to the drawer "Here it is" I said and I turned around and saw Niall holding my old bra, "Niall!" I yelled and grabbed it from his hand "How long were you that size?" he asked I rolled my eyes and looked at the bra "They didn't grow until the end of my senior year." I said I was only a B36 right now so I was not much bigger than I was. He walked over to me and hugged me "The smaller your chest is the closer I can get to your heart" he said and then kissed my temple. I smiled that was cute of him and it made me feel better about my body. "Thanks" I said, he smiled and then took the sharpie from my hand and wrote a note on the shoes and signed them then left the room. I closed the door and changed into jeans and a hot pink top that was tight around my boobs and flowed away. I put on my fuzzy socks that conveniently enough said I love Niall on them. I walked out of my room and sat on the couch and consumed myself in my phone on twitter.


Niall's P.O.V

I handed Jake the shoes and then watched him play his game, minecraft I think it was called. I turned and realized that Hannah was sitting on the couch, I glumly made my way to the couch and sat next to her. I saw that she was scrolling through twitter, I watched over her shoulder and she followed people who had said nice things about her and then blocked others who were mean. She looked at me and sweetly smiled at me "People can me so mean" she simply stated and then went back to scrolling, she was a girl of few words when it came to people being mean to her. I drew circles in her thigh and looked at her eyes so brown and sparkly. My stomach growled and then Hannah looked at me "Are you hungry too?" she asked looking at me completely serious, "Yea a bit" I responded lying i was really hungry. "Dad can we have a family breakfast at Family Pancake house?" she yelled and then locked her eyes with mine, "Yea sure give us an hour." he responded and then Hannah smiled and looked back at her phone. I took my phone out and tweeted.

@NiallOfficial: Having such a wonderful time with m girlfriend and her family! @KasparHannah such a lovely girl, glad I found you.

I scrolled through twitter and saw tweets that Had pictures of me and Hannah and then I saw one of us this morning that was taken through her front window, I am thoroughly creeped out now. I nudged Hannah and showed her the picture she shivered and then laughed "They follow you everywhere!" she said and then laughed "They kind of scare me sometimes" I told her and went back to my phone. I saw another tweet that said 'Hannah Horan sounds legit' I laughed and Hannah looked at me "What?" she asked I showed her the tweet and she took my phone and retweeted it "Hannah?" I yelled at her she gave it back and shrugged "Hey sounds legit" she responded and put her hand on my chest to shove me but stopped and then looked at her hand and pulled it away and then looked out the window. I looked at her very confused she was my girlfriend she could touch me so why did she pull away, "Uh didn't realize you were that muscly" she said embarrassed, I slept next to her practically every night without a shirt she should know. I pulled her to me and then put my phone up and took a picture of me kissing her cheek, I looked at it in awe of how cute she looked and then she snatched my phone from me "Ew Niall delete it." she said and then handed me my phone "No you look cute" I said and set it as my wallpaper she groaned and then leaned over me and pulled something on the couch. All of the sudden the footrest sprung up and I jumped a tad in shock, Hannah laughed at me and then pushed it back so we were lying down and then she put her head to my shoulder and a hand on my chest. I reached my arm around her and then her dad came out and glared at us both I pulled my arm out and she sat up in a rush and her face turned red. "You ready?" her mom said from the bottom of the stairs "Yea" she said and got up and pulled me up with her and then we all piled into her mom's car. 

We were seated at a table and girls kept asking for my autograph and I could tell her family was getting annoyed. "Sorry" I said as a girl walked away "It's fine Niall" Hannah said and then glared at her family to nod and smile, they did so but I could tell it was fake. Then a fan came by and Hannah's mom glared at her "We are trying to have a family meal, he is just a boy."  she said and then the girl nodded and walked away. I looked at Hannah who was red of embarrassment I put my hand on her upper thigh and rubbed it smiling at her, her redness faded and she smiled back at me. "So tomorrow is 4 months for you two?" he dad asked looking at the menu "Yea it is sir." I responded "No need for sir, just Jeff" he said Hannah put her hand on top of mine and played with my fingers looking at me. "Well Jeff what do you think of Niall?" her mom asked glaring at him he looked up from his menu and smiled "Good kid, treat her right...boys don't usually treat her right because she treats them too well" he said and then stared at me until I nodded "That's no problem, he is a sweetheart to me" Hannah said and clenched my hand I smiled at her and then we all started talking.

After we ate and got home again Hannah was sitting on the floor bedazzling is what she called it, to me it just looked like she was gluing sparkles to things. I sat behind her in a straddle position so that she fit perfectly in between my legs. I just watched her and watched as her project progressed into something quite amazing. "You will have to make me something sometime love" I told her and she turned her head and smiled then nodded. She got up and then came back with a shirt and then sat in between my legs again and started working again. I put my arms around her waist and laid my head on her back and then ended up falling asleep. 

"Niall" I heard her sweet voice call and I opened my eyes and let go of her. She turned to me and showed me the shirt, she had wrote in green writing 'I love my girlfriend' and then she added a picture of us at the zoo we went to for one of our dates. "It looks amazing" I said "Wait there is more" she said excitedly and flipped the shirt over and there was a puff painted Irish flag on the back and above it said 'TAKEN' in big letters, I laughed and she smiled and tilted her head "You like it?" she asked "Yea of course Thanks" I said and then hugged her. I looked behind us and her dad was asleep and her mom was on her laptop, she leaned into me and put her lips to my cheek "My family is boring" she whispered "No it's fine" I said with a smile she scooted out of my grasp and then hung the shirt up on the wall. "Stay here" she said and grabbed their land-line phone and ran into her room.

She came back out her face was shinning with happiness and then she grabbed my arm and pulled me up. "Go put something nice on" she said and pointed to her room down the hall. I shrugged and went into her room and put a white button up on and then a grey sweater over that and then some black jeans and white high-tops on and walked out. I saw Hannah and she had her hair curled and then her makeup all done up. "Why are we getting so dressy?" I asked she smiled and then gave me a small peck on the lips and then winked and ran into her room. I sat on the couch and nervously rubbed my legs "Calm down she is just taking you to dinner" Jake said from the computer "Jacob Edward!" her mom yelled "Sorry he is like freaking out over nothing" Jake responded was it that noticeable? 

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