Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


21. Fame

Hannah's P.O.V

I smiled and then checked twitter, all I saw was pictures of me and Niall until I came across a picture of Harry holding my hand walking through a crowd in L.A the caption said 'Boy hopper she has Niall and Harry wrapped around her finger who's next Liam?' Really the fans an gone to that level. I slid my back down the door frame and sat still looking at twitter. Niall and I decided to become public when we hit 3 months that way we would be too strong for them to break us down. I scrolled trough and there were a lot of hate tweets to me but some of my friends from home had tweeted me saying stuff like 'Yay finally her dream comes true' or 'He is all she ever talked about' and 'I always envied how you were so determined to get what you wanted...and then got it' I smiled but I knew they all just wanted to be my friends because of the fame. I pulled up my camera and took a picture of the two boys playing video games, 

@Hannah_ Official: This is what happens when you put my brother and @Niallofficial in the same room with video games.

I laughed and then joined Niall on the ground, I curled up in a ball and laid down putting my head in his lap. He didn't take his eyes off of the t.v just patted my head then went back to gaming. I didn't care just being in his grasp made me happy enough. I took my phone out of my pocket and set an alarm for 7:30am so I could shower and get ready, I closed my eyes and waited for sweet sleep to come my way and when it did it felt good.

*Day 58

I woke up to the sound of my alarm and the hard ground, I groaned then sat up straight looking around. I looked on the bed and there Jake was all cuddled up to Niall. I silently laughed and took a picture, I got up and walked into Niall's room and grabbed a towel and went into the shower. It took me about 30 minuets to finish and I got out and wrapped myself in the towel and started drying my hair. I wondered why they would want me, I was short and not very big sized in anyway. I turned the straightener on and unplugged the hairdryer, I walked out of the bathroom and went to the dresser that I had at Niall's flat for me. I picked out a pair of baby pink jeans and a black v-neck, I picked out my beige uggs and then a light baby pink scarf to match my pants. I put on my clothing and then retreated back to the bathroom, I straightened my hair and then put on the normal amount of makeup not changing anything really. I looked to the time and it said 9:30am I rushed into Jake's room and shook both of them trying to wake them. They only swatted me away, "GET UP! YOU HAVE 30 MINUETS!" I yelled at them both, finally the boys eyes opened and they both started waking up. "Thank you" I said kissing Jake on the forehead, "I don't get one." Niall complained "No you don't once you get up and are ready then you get one." Niall very quickly jumped up and out of the bed and ran out the door. I laughed "Louis is going to be here soon so get up and get ready." I said to Jake then left the room. I walked to the kitchen and made toast and waffles for the boys and set them on the counter, "Breakfast...NOW!" I yelled and soon Jake was out and grabbed the plate and began eating "Where is your shirt?" I asked him "I'm not done changing I'm hungry" Jake said before shoving his face full of food. Niall came out wearing skinny khaki pants and light blue v-neck with white high tops, he looked so hot and put together. He came up to me and kissed my cheek "I got ready" he said into my ear and I turned and kissed his lips "Eww guys come on really?" Jake said Niall chuckled and grabbed his plate and sat next to Jake at the counter.

I walked over to the coat closet and grabbed Niall and I coats and laid them on the end of the couch. There was a knock at the door "Go get a shirt on!" I yelled to Jake and then I answered the door, "Hi Louis" I said hugging him. Then I saw Liam behind him and hugged Liam. "Thank you guys for taking him" I said inviting them in "It's really no problem love" Louis said "Where is the little guy?" Liam added Niall laughed because Jake really was not that tiny. Jake came out from around the corner and Liam's mouth dropped open, Niall's laugh grew and then Louis looked at me "He is 14?" Louis asked shocked "Yea, I know" Jake laughed "It's just a growth spurt I'm only 5'5'' ish" We all a laughed "You could be mistaken for a 18 year old that's for sure." Liam said "Okay okay guys get out I have to leave too let's go" I said urging them out the door. They all left and I grabbed my bag and our jackets and then finally Niall's hand and rushed out of the flat and down to the car. I looked at the time and it was 10:15am Now I was stressing I needed to get there ASAP. I started stressing a little bit "Calm down it will be fine." Niall said rubbing my leg, that helped a little but what also helped was the fact that we were there the agency was only 10 minuets away from Niall's flat, Thank god!

I got out of the car and rushed inside. "I'm here for a Miss. Liner." I said to the front desk girl, she smiled at me and then looked at the computer "Yes, here you are I'll let her know that you're here" she said and got up then left Niall and I there. I walked over to the chairs and sat down. I looked around and there were pictures of victorias secret models, Abricombie, Seventeen and anything popular you could imagine. Then the assistant came back, "She can see you now." I got up and Niall followed me but the girl stopped him, "Only her" she said and Niall smiled at me and I gave him an uneasy smile then turned and walked into the office. "Hi" I said smiling "Hello please take a seat." Ashley said I nodded and sat down, "So one of my  very close friends needs a model for a up coming victorias secret and pink fashion show, they were looking for someone small and young. You fit perfectly from the looks of it." Ashley told me and I giggled a little then smiled "So today we are going to take some pictures and videos and then I will send them to him and I'll get back to you" she added I nodded "Sounds good" I said "You're very quirky but shy I think that he will like that" She told me "Thanks" "I never got your name" "Hannah" I added with a half smile. "Okay come with me and I'll have Kathy show you to hair and makeup then wardrobe and I will meet you upstairs." I nodded and she showed me out, she looked pretty young herself. 

Niall was allowed to come with me this time and Kathy took us upstairs to a studio where I was sat down in a chair and they started on my make up and hair, Niall was seated in the back on a couch behind us. After about an hour I looked in the mirror and holy shit I looked like a model, My hair was in soft beach waves and my make up was soft pink but natural looking with a little smokey eye effect my lips were hot pink and glossy. I got up and they rushed me to change before I could have a look at Niall. They changed me into a bra and then some hip huger underwear and then gave me a robe to put on over the underwear. I was then rushed up another level to a white back drop where Ashley was waiting talking to Niall. I was put in front of the camera and told to have fun, so I smiled and jumped around a little I twirled and spun and laughed. "Throw him in there for a couple shots" Ashley said pushing Niall in, Niall and I looked at each other and shrugged "Pretend like it's only you and me" he said I laughed and he picked me up bridal style and kissed my cheek. "Always play to the camera though" He whispered, and put me down. I turned to him and then flicked my head around looking to the camera. We shot for a little longer then she took Niall out and told me to change from fun to sexy, I sat on the ground and then bent my back some and bit my finger playfully. I changed positions sometimes and my face and basically I pretended like I was flirting with Niall. After about a total of an hour of pictures I was moved to a room where they videoed me walking on a small runway. After that I changed and they let me keep the bra and underwear, when I went downstairs to the bottom floor Ashley was waiting "You did amazing, if he doesn't want you I do." I smiled and thanked her as did Niall then we left. I got in the car and let out a deep breath, "How do you think it went?" I asked "Good, she liked you!" Niall said reassuringly I smiled and started driving home. 

When I got inside I checked my email looking for something from Ashley but there was nothing. I sighed and sank into the couch. Niall came and leaned behind the couch and started rubbing my shoulders, "Thanks" I said relaxing a little bit, "You just need to relax everything is going to be fine." Niall told me and then joined me on the couch, I curled up and a ball and laid into him he put a hand around me to my back and sang to me. He sang a song that I hadn't heard before and it slowly put me to sleep.


Niall's P.O.V 

I sang her an old song that my mom would sing to me to get me to relax and sleep. I looked down to her and saw her eyes were closed. I watched her body move up and down to her breaths and I felt her heart beat in my hand, I felt like I was holding my whole world and letting go of her would mean I was dropping it. I reached for the remote trying to disturb her sleep and finally reached it, she moved a little but stayed cuddled up to me. I turned the t.v on to Tosh.0 and watched that for a while. About an hour later a very tired Jake came through the door and then and Louis and Liam followed him close behind, "Shhh" I shushed them as they walked through the door laughing and then Louis came and sat on the couch and Liam and Jake plopped down onto the love seat. "What did you guys do today" I asked quietly "Had the time of my life" Jake said almost yelling I glared at him then gestured to Hannah who was still asleep on my chest. "We took him go-carting and then to the after hours amusement park and finally to a teen's club." Louis said quietly this time "Yea all the ladies wanted him" Liam joked "But I didn't want them" he said winking at Louis and Liam, we all laughed quietly and then they all shut up "How did Hannah's thing go today?" Liam asked "Good, they really liked her and she did really well I don't want to get her hopes up but I think she probably got a job." I said smiling then looking at Hannah and softly kissed her head. I looked over and saw Jake had crashed and so had Louis, "How are you and Alisha?" I asked looking to Liam who was still awake, "We've been better" he depressingly told me "What about Dani?" I added "I miss her too but I just don't know if I actually love Dani or Alisha, I see Alisha more of a friend." Liam said a little happier, I think he was trying to convince himself of those things too. "It will all get better lad." I assured him "For now just go with the flow and do what your heart tells you." I smiled and relaxed a little bit moving my hand to Hannah's hair and playing with it. "Do you mind if we use your couch tonight I don't think Lou will be moving from it all that much?" Liam asked I nodded and smiled "Yea of course." When I checked the time it had gotten late like 8:30pm late Hannah and I had spent all day at that modeling company and I was tired, that and Jake and I stayed up till 3am playing video games. I scooped Hannah into my arms and picked her up so I was cradling her I carried her into my bed and gently laid her down, her eyes slowly opened revealing her big brown sleepy eyes, "Thank you" she said and then took her scarf off and wiggled out of her pants. She closed her eyes again and I turned to leave the room "Niall! Are you not sleeping with me?" she asked I turned to her and she had herself propped up on her elbows. "No I am I'm just going to take your brother to bed he crashed on the couch." I told her  she smiled and nodded then laid back down. I walked into the living room and picked Jake up and carried him into his room, I put him under the covers. I went back into the living room and grabbed 2 blankets, I laid Liam down so he could stretch out on the love seat and then I covered him with the blanket, I moved to Louis and put the recliner up and covered him. I went to the couch to close the computer but saw Hannah's email open I sat down and checked her email, then an email from Ashley Liner popped up.

From: Ashley Liner~ Your pictures are attached my friend wants to meet you in person but he signed you so you're in for the show! Congrats, I set up and meeting to get you an assistant and you are scheduled to see my friend, Mr. Cache on the 2nd of November at a bistro on the corner email me for more information I just wanted to let you know of the good news. Glad to have you on my team, Hannah.

I smiled so big you couldn't believe that it was one person's smile, I forwarded the email to myself and then looked through the pictures I found a really cute on of me and Hannah, she was on my back smiling and laughing while I was looking up to her, or trying to, I set it as the background to my computer and closed the computer. I dragged myself to my room and took my pants off and replaced them with sweats then took my shirt off and threw it near the laundry basket, I crawled into bed with Hannah and pulled her into my chest, she was facing away from me so I molded my body to the shape of her's and then glued myself to her body. "Goodnight, I love you" I said not expecting a reply "Goodnight Nialler, Love you" she said and then placed her and on my arm that was wrapped under her breast. I smiled and closed my eyes and couldn't wait to tell her the news in the morning. 

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