Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


23. Dinner

*Day 59

Hannah's P.O.V

Niall kept squirming around and mumbling things, "How long have we been married?" he said very clearly this time, Married? He was married? What was going on? "Niall?" I said lightly kissing him, he was very hot and sweaty. All of the sudden he stopped moving, and just laid  there, I laid into his chest listening to his heart beat and feeling the pace of his breaths. "Babe" I said once more, I felt one of his hands move to my back. "Were you saying something?" He said in a sleepy voice "Yea you were saying stuff in your sleep and I want to know what." I moved my face up to his, I looked at his eyes and he looked away, "I don't remember" he lied and still didn't look at me in the eyes. I got up and put on shorts and a sports tank top, then walked into the living room "Hannah come here" Niall called to me, I ignored it and grabbed Liam's arm and woke him up, "Come one we are leaving." I said a bit to loudly because Jake came out of his room and Louis woke up and was staring at me. Liam put his shoes on and When I turned around I saw Niall coming towards me so I grabbed Liam's hand and walked out the door. "What happened? and Where are we going?" Liam asked following me to my car, "Niall can't tell me the truth." I said wiping a tear away from my eye. We got into the car and I speeded away. "I need to go for a quick jog, and I didn't want to go alone." I continued "What was he lying about? Wait how do you know he was lying." Liam asked me. I didn't really want to talk about how my boyfriend of almost 2 months had lied to me, "He just lied and I know he did." I yelled. Liam just patted my leg and didn't speak.

We got to a park and I got out, Liam was still wearing jeans and a sweatshirt which was not running clothes, I sighed and I pulled Liam to a coffee shop and ordered a coffee for the both of us then sat at a table. "Liam, what's wrong with me?" I asked clenching my coffee. "Careful love, you're gonna crush you're coffee." Liam told me taking my coffee from me and putting his hands on top of mine, "There is nothing wrong with you why would you think that?" "Because why would he lie to me, about a dream?" I asked him looking outside the coffee window, "A dream?" Liam asked looking at me confused, "He had a dream and he said How long have we been married? When I asked him what it was about he looked away from me and lied, he lied Liam he couldn't look at me he couldn't look at me in the eyes." I said and tears started falling "We shouldn't be here let's go" Liam said grabbing my arm and pulling me out side and back into the car, "Go to Niall's flat now." I shook my head no but Liam took my hand and looked at me with anger filling his face "GO!" he said I had never seen him like this before and honestly I was scared so I started the car and drove back to Niall's flat.

I walked into the flat and found Niall sitting on the couch watching Nemo and eating popcorn, I turned to Liam and begged him not to make me go in there, Liam smiled and kissed my cheek then left. I closed the door softly and then stood at the door for some time before speaking "Niall, Why would you lie to me?" I said pushing back tears. Niall turned his head and looked at me shocked that I was there, he still didn't speak so I moved closer to the couch and noticed that his eyes were red, my anger soon turned to guilt and I ran to the back of the couch and kissed him. "Can you please tell me why you lied?" I asked him again this time running my thumbs under his eyes rubbing the tears away, "It was just a dream. It wasn't a bad one but I didn't want it to be...true I'm not ready for it." I was so confused, What did we get married or something "Do you not want us to get married?" I asked him, he looked at me shocked and then his lips crashed into mine "I do just not now..." "Is that why you lied to me because you thought I would be upset? I'm not Niall I agree with you completely" he sighed and then pulled me over the couch and into his lap, we both laughed and then I realized that Jake wasn't there, "Where's Jake?!" I said sitting up "Louis took him to the airport and he is on his way home, he told me to tell you that he missed you and you need to come home some time, but that he didn't want to miss Halloween with his girlfriend." I laughed and hugged Niall "Girlfriend" I repeated, he had a girlfriend and never told me "Yea I guess he has a girlfriend" we both laughed and then I laid my head on his lap and looked up at him, "We need to get costumes for Louis Halloween party tomorrow." I said "Yea, do you want to go in 30 minuets?" I smiled and nodded, I got up and changed into some jeans and a t-shirt then put my hair up into a pony tail and grabbed Niall and pulled him out the door.

We got to the costume store and honestly nothing was calling my name. Niall and I had now been in that stupid Halloween store for 2 hours and neither of us even see anything. I walked past this Greek goddess costume 5 times now and that was the only thing that even remotely caught my eye. I went to the changing rooms and tried it on, I looked in the mirror and I liked it but I guess I really wasn't into wearing costumes anymore. It was long and form fitting at the top then flowed away from me at my hips the colors matched perfectly with the dress, white at the top and then faded to pink and the bottom. Really it looked good but I didn't want to dress up, I walked out of the room and Niall's jaw dropped, did I really look that good? "What do you think?" I said breaking the silence "You look amazing!" he said coming and hugging me, "okay then we will get it." I said then walked into the changing room and changed out of it. When I walked out Niall was dressed in a police costume. "That's hot" I said with a bit of sarcasm, "I know I'm getting it!" he said then went into the changing room. He came back out and then we paid and left. "Want to go to dinner?" Niall asked "Where?" I said pulling out of the parking lot "Italian!" Niall shouted I laughed and drove to my favorite Italian restraunt, Little Italy. Niall and I got out of the car and went in, we were seated and of course there were pictures taken. "Niall when are you going to tell them?" I asked him grabbing his hand from across the table, "After my birthday" he said then the waitress came and brought us water and Niall pulled out from my grasp, I sighed and looked at the menu. "Hi I'm Kate and I'll be your server is there anything I can help you with" she said looking at Niall and then she winked at him, "Yea a new waitress thank you." I said "That wont be necessarily" Niall said quickly after me and then gave me a glare. I rolled my eyes as he ordered a drink, "Water is fine" I said with an under tone of anger, she walked away and Niall looked at me "What was that for?" he said "She was obviously flirting with you!" I said raising my voice a tad. "No she wasn't!" he said looking at me "Fine just wait and watch" I said Niall rolled his eyes and shoved his face into his phone. Minuets later I got a notification, it was a tweet that Niall made.

@Niallofficial:  Having just a wonderful time. #notreally

                          I brushed it off and then we ordered, the rest of the dinner was silent. 

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