Moments (completed)

Hannah is just a normal girl that has normal friends, aside from the fact that they all like One Direction. All she knows now is that her dreams have changed, then she meets a beautiful blonde boy with the amazingest eyes. Where will her life go from there and is she falling for two of the boys? All she knows that her life has been one moment to the next.

*Read at own risk there is some +13 moments and some foul language. :)


12. Coming back

Hannah's P.O.V

When I woke up I saw Niall was still sleeping and someone was in the kitchen. I slowly crawled out from under the blanket and then covered Niall back up and kissed his cheek. "I love you" I whispered while standing up. I walked into the kitchen and saw Harry, "Morning" I sang cheerfully he smiled and pulled me in for a hug. I laughed and hugged him back, "What's for breakfast?" I asked he shrugged so I walked over to the fruit bowl and grabbed a apple, "Wasn't that hungry anyways." I said smiling then sitting on top of the counter watching him rummage around looking for food. "You remember anything yet?" He asked his head still in a cupboard. I laughed and nodded he peaked around the cupboard "What was that?" he asked "Yea a little bit." I repeated, A smile grew on his face and he rushed over and moved his way in between my legs. I awkwardly looked at him and his smile faded. "So you remember Niall" he said with a frown "Only a little bit." I said jumping off the counter, when I hit the ground I heard and felt my hip pop...weird that's never happened it only hurt a little. I groaned a little at the pain and then walked to Harry. "I wan't to remember you, I feel really close to you" I said hugging him from behind and laying my head on his back. "I really want to remember." I whispered, hugging him tighter. I let go and sighed then turned to walk away but Harry grabbed my wrist. I flipped around and my lips smashed into his...I realized nearly two seconds too late what was happening and pulled away. "Harry" I softly said and looked down and away avoiding his eyes. 'I'm sorry." He said letting go of my hand "It's okay" I said smiling then going on my tip toes and kissing his lower cheek, I then turned away and saw Niall standing in the middle of the door frame. My heart dropped and then I remembered more about Niall, he was my boyfriend and I loved him a lot actually and I never would've done that if I had remembered before.

"Niall I-" "Save it." he said glaring at me and Harry. I let my knees give out and my head drop, I started to cry and when I looked up I saw Niall struggling to stay mad at me and not come and comfort me. I looked at Harry who was just sulking, I got up and pushed past Niall and walked out the front door. I walked and laid in the little front yard part of the boys home. I watched the clouds pass over my head and thought, who was Harry and why was I so drawn to him. I remembered the past couple of weeks and soon every memory came trickling back tears streamed down my face both happy and sad but more so sad because of what had just happened and what I had just done to Niall. "Niall" I said through my tears. "Yea." a voice said sounding like Niall I flipped onto my stomach and looked at the stairs of the house and saw Niall sitting there. I got to my hands and knees and crawled to him and laid my head on his knees and cried "I'm sorry really" "I'ts okay you didn't remember Harry took advantage of you." he said running his fingers through my hair "But I remember now." I said looking up at him, his sad face changed to confusion. "I remember everything it just all came suddenly and I'm sorry I would've never done that." I continued I stood up and looked at him he stood up and hugged me. "I know" he said kissing the top of my head.


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