The girl lays on the street, no home.
The little boy crys near the window, no mum.
The broken girl sits with tears down her cheek, no love.
The children who whimper alone, no hope.


1. One in millions.

My silence is just another word for my pain.



Toby is one in millions of children lost in a world of darkness. He was abandond by his mum when he was 3 and now lives a cold life wondering the streets of london. He works hard to get food which is cruel for anyone but especilly someone at the age of 5. Many people see what a terrible life he lives but are too scared to do anything about it.


A few times he would be asked where his perents were.

"She will be back soon,"He would answer."Shes just in the shop."he would say finishing his one and only wish. He never knew his dad but keeps a warm memory of his mum safe in his heart.


Toby lives under a small shelter outside the underground, down a small tight ally. It is manic by the underground so he is rely noticed.

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