A One Direction fan fiction a school year they spent at bay house

Niall,Harry,Louis,Zayn and liam meet five young girls in year 10 who go to Bayhouse school in Gosport in England all aged between 13-15 Paige who is the funny and loves Niall the cute Irish one, Beth who loves Harry the flirt, Agata loves the cheeky Louis and of corse there friends Louise and Zaina.


1. the first week we found out

Beths pov.

It  was the first monday back at school  i was sat out side the maths block next to Agata along with Louise and  Zaina, talking when paige came oaver all exited "hi guys i was talking to mr potter and gess what five supper hot, boys are coming to stay with us at school for the rest of the samester and are with are yer to?"Paige said " know way one direction are coming to our school and staying with us" we all said "yes" (all ) "OMG OMG OMG"  "know way when are they coming Paige" Agata said, "wensday and gess who piswadid Mr.Potter to show them round and make shure the y stay out of trobble" all "who us" i couldnt beleve we were going to be spending a hole school year with One Direction this is going to be the best year of life and school ever.

Wensday night after school.

paiges pov.

Omg we cant wait they were waiting in recepcion waiting for me to give them the heads up from the frount gate i was so exited we came in early so we could show them round with out any one mobbing, them then i suddenly i saw there tore van and i waved at Paull who was driving and then i whisled  at the girls so they knew they were coming so they ran downto me we were so exited as they got to me there tour van puled in to the school so we raced them back to recepcion we made it look like we we were running after them as they got out laughing at us being stupid we intriduced our selfs to them  they all said helo to us and Mr.Potter came out and talked to Paull and we went to show them round school and where our lesons were and then, i had an idea "Hey why dont they dress up as if they come to school here and see if the teachers can reconise them" i said "Paige thats a great idea" beth said "we will do that if you want" Liam said "ok lets do it" they all said so we all went home.



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