A One Direction fan fiction a school year they spent at bay house

Niall,Harry,Louis,Zayn and liam meet five young girls in year 10 who go to Bayhouse school in Gosport in England all aged between 13-15 Paige who is the funny and loves Niall the cute Irish one, Beth who loves Harry the flirt, Agata loves the cheeky Louis and of corse there friends Louise and Zaina.


2. the first day

paiges pov.

ok so its the 1st day at school with them so exited we waiting in resepction for them with Beth and Agata there tourvan just puled up omg we were all, so exited when they came up to us (us) "hi" you guys redy to go lets do this Niall said  i love that cute Irish acent the first thing was Toutor Niall and Liam went with me and louise Harry and Louis went with Beth and Agata and Zayn went with Zaina to toutor whilst were in toutor,the girls all started to fan girl oaver them ugh they had so many quesions to ask and soi offerd to take theregister down to the year office the boys cane with me " thanks for that Paige i thaught we would never get out of there" Liam said.


Nialls pov.

we went to there year office there were three ladies in there the head Miss Martin Miss Talor,watermon and miss snow they were lovly they wellcomed us to the school then the bell rang for the first  lesson, we all said goodbye to them, our first lesson was Drama all five of us and the girls  we were told to go in groups we went with the girls on it the task was to pretend to be a famlie we disided to be brothers and they were our sisters and we start fighting with each other, Paige played my girlfriend Liam and louise was playing mum and dad there were 4 sets of twins me and Paige,Zayn and Zaina,harry and Beth and Louis and Agata and we were pretending to fight Liam was trying to brake it up.

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