The Neighbour

Sophie is just a normal girl. She's from Holland but she wants to study in London.
When she finally finishes high school she moves to London.
Little does she know who her neighbour happens to be...


10. Shopping with Eleanor

"This is the best morning I've ever had", I said to Harry. He smiled at me. We were still cuddled up in the bed, and we both didn't want to get up, but we had to because Harry had rehearsels. He stood up and went to get dressed. I stared at him, feeling a thousend butterflies in my stomach. I smiled to myself. I was so happy right now. Then my phone started ringing. It was Eleanor. I stood up and picked up the phone. 

"Hey El!" I said. "Hey Soph! You know, the boys have rehearsels this afternoon so I thought maybe we could meet up and go shopping together? Just us girls?" Eleanor asked. "Sounds great El! Where do we meet?" "I'm at Louis' right now, and he said you're at Harry's right?" "Yes that's right", I chuckled. "Well they live in the same building so let's say we meet downstairs in the hallway in 15 minutes?" "Perfect! I'll go get dressed, see you!" "Bye!". And with that I hung up. "Harry?", I called. "Yes love", he replied walking out of his closet, fully dressed. "I'm going shopping with Eleanor while you'll be rehearsing." "Okay babe, have fun!" He pecked my on the lips and I left his flat and went to my own. In the hallway I saw Niall, grinning at me. "Did you have a good night?" he asked, nodding at Harry's T-shirt I was still wearing. I blushed. "Hmm yeah, I slept really good" I said jokingly. He laughed at this. "Anyway, I have to go! Have fun at rehearsals!" I said to him and opened my door. "Bye Sophie!" Niall called at me while I closed my door behind me. 

I got dressed really quick, it was warm outside so I put on some shorts, a loose jumper and my converse sneakers. I brushed my hair, it was all wild from this morning and put on some make up. Then I picked up my bag and threw my keys and phone in it. I walked downstairs, finding Eleanor already waiting for me. We waved our goodbyes to the boys and Eleanor drove us to the city centre. It wasn't a long ride, but we chatted and sang along to the radio the whole way. We decided to go to topshop first, since we both love that shop.

We tried on loads of outfits, laughing at the really silly clothes we found. We had a lot of fun and we both made some great purchases! We walked out of topshop, content with the clothes we bought, when Eleanor asked me about last night. "So, how was it? Did you end up in Harry's bed?" she asked, grinning. I chuckled. "Yes, I fell asleep on the way home and he carried me to his bed. I was sound asleep though so nothing happened during the night, this morning however..." I said, there was no need to finish my sentece because Eleanor knew perfectly well what I was talking about. She laughed. "Well, that's amazing right? Harry seems really happy around you. You can just see that smile plastered on his face the whole time". I blushed. "Yeah, well he is amazing, and really sweet..." I said shyly. I wasn't comfortable with talking about my feelings, not even towards Eleanor. And we were starting to bond. "You really like him don't you?", she asked. I nodded. "But it's just that, I'm afraid of losing him, I'm afraid of him going away, on tour for example... And I don't know whether I can deal with their fans..." I said. Eleanor nodded, knowing exactly what I was talking about. She had to go through all of this too, since she's Louis' girlfriend. "I know, but trust me, eventually the fans will calm down and except you, it's just a phase that they need to go through in the beginning. It happened to me too, it's horrible". "Yes, I just don't get how those twelve year olds even know such horrible words!" I said, and Eleanor laughed. I'm glad we could just talk and laugh about this. I was really glad I met Eleanor.

We were both hungry so we decided to go to a café to get some food and coffee. In the café some girls regocnised Eleanor and some knew who I was too (Harry's date from yesterday). Eleanor stopped and took some pictures with them, luckily these fans were really nice and they weren't mean to me. We both ordered a cappucino and a sandwich. We just casually chatted about uni and about our lifes before we met the boys. We just had a really good time together.

It was already 6 pm when we got back and the boys arrived shortly after us. Harry and Louis ran towards us giving us both a hug. I smiled at Harry and he lifted me up, "we're going to dinner together tonight", he said. I chuckled. "Is this your way of asking a girl out?" I joked, smiling cheekily at him, crossing my over my chest. He grinned back. "Okay, my dearest Sophie, most beautiful girl I've ever seen, would like going to dinner with me?", he asked, trying to imitate a posh English accent. I laughed at him, and the boys all laughed along too. "Yes, my dearest Harry, with the green eyes and cute dimples", I replied. "Hey, you forgot my wonderful curls!" he pouted. I rolled my eyes, and he leaned in to kiss me. "You're so cute when you roll your eyes", he said, grinning.

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