The Neighbour

Sophie is just a normal girl. She's from Holland but she wants to study in London.
When she finally finishes high school she moves to London.
Little does she know who her neighbour happens to be...


4. One Direction

Harry's point of view

I closed the door behind her, I was leaning against the door thinking. She was just so cute asking me if she could borrow some tea. When I opened the door for me I was just stunned at how beatiful she was. She had long, blonde wavy hair and big blue eyes. Her eyes were like a sea you drowned in everytime you looked in them. Her eyes were framed with long thick lashes, that fluttered everytime she blinked her eyes. And I asked her out! I slowly walked to my bedroom and instantly fell asleep, dreaming about my new neighbour Sophie.


Sophies point of view

I opened my door and leaned against it. What just happened? O yes, Harry Styles is my neighbour and he asked me out. And he was in a famous boy band. I was having lunch with him tomorrow. I completely forgot I came to him to borrow some tea, and I just walked to my bedroom thinking I don't know anything about One Direction. I know they have that song called What Makes You Beautiful since it was constantly on the radio, but to be honest I didn't really like that song. I turned the radio off everytime I heard it because I thought it was really annoying. 

I grabbed my laptop and sat on my bed, searching them. I mean, I had to do some research for our date right? I looked up some of their songs and listened to them. I liked moments, I thought. Then I became really sleepy and put my laptop away and drifted to sleep. I didn't even drank tea. Must've been because the only one I could think about all night was Harry.

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