The Neighbour

Sophie is just a normal girl. She's from Holland but she wants to study in London.
When she finally finishes high school she moves to London.
Little does she know who her neighbour happens to be...


5. Lunch Date


I woke up at 10, I must've been really tired because I still had my clothes on. I went to the bathroom, srtipped down and stepped into the hot shower. I took my time in there, I loved taking a hot shower and washing my hair. My hair gets greasy really fast, I hated it. When I finally stepped out of the shower I went to my closet, pondering on what to wear to my date with Harry. I decided I would just put on some sweats and a jumper for now since my date wasn't until 2. I lazily got to the kitchen, realising again, I didn't have any food. I yawned and got up. Looks like I'll have to get dressed and go to the grocery store first to get myself some breakfast. I chose to wear a simple skinny jeans and my converse, deciding I could just wear the jumper I was already wearing with it. I quickly dried my hair and grabbed my purse and phone and went out. 

I just went to the nearest grocery store I could find, buying some cereals, yoghurt and fruits, just what I needed for a perfect breakfast, and some other things so I could last for a few days. I quickly payed and walked back home, I didn't have a car yet so I had to walk. When I reached my building and got into the elevator, a guy with a mob of blonde hair walked in. "Hey! Are you the new resident here?" he asked. I noticed his thick Irish accent. "Yes, I live on the 2nd floor" I replied, smiling sweetly at him. "O, next to Harry?" he asked. "Yes, I actually met him the other night. We're having lunch together today". "Typically Harry..." he muttered. "Sorry, what did you say?" I asked. "Sorry nevermind. I hope you like it here! I'm Niall by the way", he said, smiling back at me. "Nice to meet you Niall, I'm Sophie." "Nice to meet you too! This is my floor, I'm sure I'll see you around. Bye!" "Sure, bye!". Wait, wasn't that Harry's bandmate? I guess I'll ask him about that later. I reached my floor and opened the door to my appartment. 

I was really hungry now, so I put away the groceries and made myself breakfast. Once I was done, I yawned. I decided to go back to bed for a quick nap, and fell asleep immidiately.


Harry's point of view

It was almost 1, and I was ready to go to lunch with Sophie. I knocked on her door, but she didn't answer. That's weird, I thought. I knocked once more, this time louder, but still no response. I tried the door, it wasn't locked so I just stepped inside and called her name. I looked around, her flat was slightly smaller than mine, but really cosy and nicely decorated. I looked at her pictures on the shelf in her living room. I saw one of them with two little boys, probably her younger brothers. And one with her parents, I thought. She looked really beautiful in all of them. But where was she? I walked to her bedroom, her door was ajar. 

I saw her lying on her bed, sound asleep. I chuckled to myself. I decided to wake her up by singing "It's a beautiful day! The sun is shining! I feel good! And we're supposed to go on a date now!". She shot up, a little too fast I think because she immideately fell back down. "What time is it?" she asked, with a still sleepy voice. Her voice sounded really sweet, I thought. "It's 1 pm sleepyhead!" I replied. "Shit, I'm so sorry Harry!" she said, and she shot up again. "Wait here, I'll just go and change". "Go ahead, I'll be waiting here!" I replied and she went into her closet. I chuckled, she wasn't wearing trousers and she had a really nice body. I couldn't help but to stare at her. I saw her laptop lying on the other side of the bed and got it. "Can I go on your laptop?" I asked her. "Sure!" she shouted from her closet. "I opened it and saw it was still open on youtube, it was still open on a video of our song Moments". I grinned at this. 


Sophies point of view

I woke up hearing Harry sing something to me. I shot up, and immediately regretted this because everything was now blurry before my eyes. I quickly laid down again and slowly my vision recovered. I sat up again looking at a smirking Harry. "What time is it?" I asked. "It's 1 pm sleepyhead!" he replied. Shit, we were supposed to go on a date now and I just woke up! "Shit, I'm so sorry Harry!" I said, standing up. "Wait here, I'll just go and change". "Go ahead, I'll be waiting here!" he replied. I walked in my closet. Panicking because I couldn't decide what to wear and I had to be quick because Harry was waiting for me. I finally decided on what to wear when Harry asked "Can I go on your laptop?" "Sure!" I shouted to him. I opted for a pair of skinny jeans and my favourite anke boots with a basic loose white tee and a cute grey cardigan. Then I went to the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth and applied some make-up. I never wore much make up, just some mascara and sometimes eyeliner when I went to a party. I brushed my hair and looked in the mirror. I didn't look that bad, I thought. I walked out, seeing Harry still sitting on my bed with my laptop. He looked up, "you look lovely", he said. I felt myself blush. "Thank you", I said, while Harry gave me a sweet smile. "Do you like our songs?" he asked out of nowhere. I gave him a confused look. "Because I saw on your laptop you were listening to Moments", he said explaining himself. "O, that. Well I actually only knew What Makes You Beautiful so I thought I should listen to some other songs as well", I said, my cheeks now flaming red. He just chuckled. "What's so funny?" "Nothing", he replied, although it was clear he was laughing at me. "Hey, don't make fun of me!" I said, pretending to be angry. "I'm sorry love I just couldn't help it" he said, still smirking. I hit his face with a pillow. "O it's on!" he shouted and threw the pillow back at me, but I avoided it and dived behind the bed. I picked up another pillow to throw at him, but when I did so he threw one at me. I threw the other pillow back at him and dived on the bed. He dived on top of me. We were both laughing really hard. He pressed my hands against the bed, hanging over me. We couldn't stop laughing, I don't know why because it wasn't even that funny but Harry was just so easy to be around. "Got ya", he said, with a cheeky smile on his face. "O you wish!" I said and rolled over and jumped on top of him. "Ow okay you win", he said, breathing under me. I let go of him, immediately regretting this because he picked me by my waist and lifted me over his shoulder. "Ha, got you back now" and he threw me on the bed tickling me. "Stop it Harry!" I shouted, both laughing really hard. He leaned over me and we stopped laughing, smirking at each other. He leaned in closer. I froze, what was he doing? "Are you hungry? Because I'm still taking you out for lunch" he said, I felt his warm breath on my nose while he said this. "Yes" I muttered, the only thing coming out of my mouth. Shivers ran down my spine and my stomach twisted and turned. Harry smirked at me and helped me up. He was so cheeky. "Lets go!" he said and he took my hand. I quickly grabbed my bag, my phone and keys and we walked out of my flat, still holding hands. Harry led me to his car and opened the door to me before going to the drivers seet. He was such a gentleman. We drove to a small lunch room. It was really nice. "Wow this is nice" I said to him, smiling. He smiled back at me "I know, I come here very often", he said while walking to a table. We both ordered and we talked about casual things. He asked me where I lived before I became is neighbour and I explained to him that I was actually from Holland and that I moved here to study in London. He listened closely to everything what I had to say, keeping the conversation going. At one point I just stopped. "Harry, I'm only talking about myself!" I said, and he laughed. "What about you? Your life must be way more interesting". "Well, actually it's not. I'm just a normal lad doing extraordinary things." I chuckled. "Okay if you want to look at it that way. But tell me, I don't know anything about your band actually. O wait, I met Niall this morning, he is in One Direction too isn't he?" I asked. "Yes he is!", he answerred and he told me all about him and his bandmates. But also about his life before he auditioned for the X Factor and his family. I could tell he really loved his mum and that he misses her. He looked so caring and loving when he talked about his family. It made me melt inside.

When we finally finished eating he drove me back home, where it got a little uncomfortable because people were taking photographs of us. "I'm sorry", said Harry trying to apologise. "Harry it's not your fault, please don't apologise for them", I replied smiling at him. He sighed and smiled back. At the time we reached our building we were just casually chatting and laughing again. I really had a good time. Harry walked me to my door and watched as I opened my door. He leaned against my doorframe, saying: "I had a really good time with you Sophie! Can we do this again sometime?" I smirked at him and replied: "Me too Harry! And sure, anytime! Just call me". "Wait, I don't have your number! Give me your phone". I handed him my iPhone, unlocking it and he put himself in my contacts while I did the same on his iPhone. "Thank you!" he said, still smiling at me. "Call me if you need anything". "Sure, thank you! Bye Harry" I said and went inside. I was about to close the door when Harry put is foot between the doorframe and the door.


Harry's point of view

Damn Harry why didn't you kiss her? I really liked Sophie. She was so sweet and beautiful and we had a really good time just talking to each other. When se was about to close the door I put my foot between the doorframe and it. She opened the door again. "What?" she asked, smiling shyly. "I forgot something", I said while I leanded closer to her. I lifted her chin up with my fingers and kissed her. It was a really sweet kiss, and after a while she let me enter her mouth and now our tongues were dancing with each other. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her closer, while she put her hands around my neck. She slowly pulled back, we were both out of breath. "Wow", she said.


Sophies point of view

I opened the door again and asked shyly "What?". What was he doing? "I forgot something", he said while he leanded closer to me. I could feel his warm breath while he lifted up my chin with his fingers and kissed me, causing a thousend butterflies flying around in my stomach. It was a really sweet kiss, and after a while Harry asked for entrance with his tongue. I granted him this and now our tongues were dancing with each other. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I could feel the warmth of his body. I put my arms around his neck. Then I slowly pulled back, because I was out of breath. "Wow", I said. He smiled a huge grin at me. "Thank you for not forgetting that", I said grinning back at him. "That was amazing", he said. "Goodbye Sophie, I'll call you tomorrow!" "Bye Harry", I said, closing the door behind him. 

I crashed down on my sofa thinking what just happened?


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