The Neighbour

Sophie is just a normal girl. She's from Holland but she wants to study in London.
When she finally finishes high school she moves to London.
Little does she know who her neighbour happens to be...


1. Hey London!

Today was finally the day, I was moving to London! Since I was 16 (I am now 18) I've dreamed about this. Studying in London! A dream coming true. 

My mum drove me to the airport, although I was really thrilled I could see she was sad. Se didn't like me moving out and especially not to another country. I hope she won't start crying, I can't exactly handle emotional situations. 

Once we arrived to the airport I checked in my luggage and went to say goodbye to my mum. She was crying. I couldn't help it, I started crying to. "Please don't cry", I said to my mum. "I'm going to miss you so bad honey", she said. "Now I'll be the only girl in the house!". I laughed at this. I had two younger brothers, I told them to be good for my mother. I loved her, she could be really annoying at some times, but she was my mum. "I'm going to miss you too mum, I love you", I said pulling her into a hug. "I love you too honey, please be careful out there", she said. We let go, I had to go board my plane. "Bye mum!", I said while waving her goodbye and blowing one last kiss at her. She waved at me, still crying and wiping her tears. I turned around and started walking to my gate when I couldn't see her anymore. 

When I got into the airplane my sadness was now replaced with utter excitement. I can't wait until we land!

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