The Neighbour

Sophie is just a normal girl. She's from Holland but she wants to study in London.
When she finally finishes high school she moves to London.
Little does she know who her neighbour happens to be...


3. Harry Styles

Harry's flat was a lot more spacious than mine, and I thought mine was big! He showed me around when he saw the astonished look on my face. He had an entertainment room, and a cinema room. It was incredible. Especially his bedroom. He had a kingsize bed, and a walk in closet like mine, only slightly bigger, and he was a boy! It was quite messy around his flat though. "Sorry for the mess, if I would've known a girl was coming over I would've cleaned up", he said with an apologetic smile. He put his hand behind his neck to scratch, he looked almost insecure. "It's okay, I'm not that neat either", I said grinning at him. He grinned back. "But well you came here for tea!" he said while walking towards the kitchen. I followed him, still thinking how hot he was. Stop that Sophie. He turned around to look at me. "Are you okay love? You look kind of confused..."he said, with a genuine concerned look on his face. "Yes, sorry I was just lost in my thoughts", I replied. He grinned at my answer. "Anyway, what kind of tea do you like?" "Yorkshire tea, it's my favourite!". "Really? It's my best friend Louis' favourite too", he said. I just stood there smiling at him. I just couldn't stop smiling for some reason. He grinned back at me, handing me the tea. "Thank you! You're a live safer!" "Anytime, that's what neighbours are for right?" he said. "Yes, definitely. Can I make it up to you?" I asked. "You don't have to love!" he replied. "Well, I have to go now, it's getting late and I'm really tired from unpacking all day", I said and turned around. He walked me to the door, when I was about to leave, he stopped me. "Sophie? There is one thing you could do for me to make it up to me", he said smirking. "And what's that?", I asked. "Well, would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow?" he asked. Wow he surely was brave asking me out just like that. "Sure, why not!" I replied, smiling at him. "Perfect, I'll pick you up at 1. Good night love!" "Good night Harry, and thank you!" I turned around, walking to my own door and he closed his. 

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