The Neighbour

Sophie is just a normal girl. She's from Holland but she wants to study in London.
When she finally finishes high school she moves to London.
Little does she know who her neighbour happens to be...


8. Clubbing with the boys

Sophies point of view

I was standing in my closet. What should I wear? I pulled out some dresses and laid them on my bed. I finally opted for a little black dress with glitters all over it. It was tight so it made my figure come out really well. I paired a nice pair of really high black heels with it. Perfect, I thought smiling at myself at the mirror. I brushed my hair, so that it felt really soft. I put on some eyeliner and more mascara and my favourite perfume. Just I was ready, I heard someone knock on my door. I went to open it, seeing a really handsome looking Harry before me. I smiled at him, happy to see him and he smiled back at me. "Wow, you look wonderful tonight" he said. I blushed. "Thanks", I replied, looking at my feet. "Don't look at your feet, I mean it you're beautiful", he said pulling my head up so he could look me in the eyes, telling me he really meant what he said. I melted in side, making my knees go weak. "Wait a minute, I'm almost ready" I said as I went into my room to grab a little purse where I put in my phone and keys. "Ready!" I said, walking over to where he was still standing again and we walked out of my flat.

He grabbed my hand led me to the elevator to the parking lot, of course opening the door of his car for me again. "I'm actually really looking forward to this", I said, smiling at him. He held my hand during the whole way and I caught him glancing up at me every once in a while. It made me blush again. 

The drive didn't take long, we where there in merely 15 minutes. He stepped out of the car to open the door for me, grabbing my hand again to help me out. He pulled me close to him, kissing me. I smiled at him. "Sorry, you're just so kissable" he breathed at my cheek. I smiled, again. My smile was just plastered on my face when Harry was near me. We walked into the VIP section of the club. "This is the only place where we can go without people bothering us with pictures and autographs", he said explaining to me. We got to a booth where the other boys and Eleanor were already sitting. "Hey guys!" Harry said, "this is Sophie", introducing me to them. They all stood up and introduced themselves to me, giving me all a hug. I saw Niall again, and Zayn, Louis and Liam and finally Eleanor. "Hey sweety!" she said, "Nice to meet you, I'm Louis' girlfriend". "Nice to meet you too!" I already liked her. And wow, she was really beautiful. Harry and I sat next to Louis and Eleanor and Eleanor and I chatted about casual things. I found out that she was a student too, and we were going to the same uni! She was just two classes above me as she was 2 years older than me. 

Harry went to get us all drinks, beers for the boys and apple Martinis for Eleanor and I. I loved that drink. Soon we ordered more drinks and Eleanor and I stood up to dance, I  already felt a little tipsy but I loved that feeling.

Eleanor and I were dancing together, having so much fun. The boys soon joined us, laughing as we were dirty dancing together. Then I spotted Tom Daley, glancing at me. I smiled and he walked towards me. We introduced ourselves and he began to dance with me. He bought me another drink and I was quite drunk now, but I was really having a lot of fun. I was laughing and dirty dacing with Tom when I saw Harry staring at me, clearly jelaous. I excused myself to Tom as I saw him walking over to me. He pulled my body to his, whispering: "Please don't do that to me, it's too sexy". He brushed his lips against mine and kissed my jaw. I turned away. "Hold it Harry, I'm not having sex with you on the dancefloor" I said chuckling and walked towards the boys. I didn't see Eleanor anymore, she must've left with Louis. I danced with the boys as they stood around me in a cirkle spinning me around. I was having so much fun, everything seemed funny. When it was around 4 am we decided to go home and Harry grabbed my waist, holding me up as I couldn't walk straight anymore on my high heels. I just took them off and Harry carried me bridal style to the car. "Such a gentleman", I said cheekily to him. He smirked at me.

I fell asleep on the car and I didn't wake up until the next morning, in Harry's warm embrace.

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