The night watcher with wings

Meredith Coop is a fairy. She watches over childeren at night and keeps the bad dreams away. But when something tragic happens. the darkness of night has a whole new meaning..


2. Tallulah

I can't sleep. Sleep is not an  option. Sleep is for the weak (lol, if ur reading this sleepisfortheweak) I can't, or I will see it again. That one nightmare that haunts me. I see it evrytime I close my eyes. A dark figure looming; a sharp blade glinting in the moonlight. Reaching higher and higher until it is thrown down.....

I wake up.

When I wake up I am breathless and full of fear, I scream. And then my mum comes running. The same routine every night. Until my mum couldn't take it and prescribed me for sleeping pills. I took one a night ago. Never again. It simply prolonged the experience I wanted so hard to forget. Eventually, I pulled myself through the dream and into reality. I simply hide them in a little box I can lock. Mum will never suspect. This is the first time I have decided to stay awake. And by the gates of heaven it is hard. My eyelids are drooping and the thought of sleep is so welcomiing. Maybe just one wink....

"I'm pulling through the thick forest, he's coming after me. He is the demon. The one who will kill me, I must run for my life. He is coming I can hear him. What am I wearing!? A long black shift; torn and tattered, determined to cling to every branch that crosses my path. No!! He is closer. I trip. The hard impact of earth too hard for the fact it's a dream. I turn to face my end. I can't see his face. The night is too dark and shadowy. But there's no mistaking the sharp glint of the knife in the moonlight. Climbing hihger and higher until it is brought down.

I wake up to my own screaming. My mum runs in. Her eyes were bleary and slightly annoyed. But her expression immediately changed when she saw my tear stained face.

"Oh, darling; what on earth is the matter with you?" she asked tenderely. I said nothing. All she got was the gasps of my sobbing. She rocked me silently as I made her pyjamas damp on the shoulder.

"I think we need to get you some help" I pull away from her instantly. What is she thinking!? Does she want me to go and talk to a load of 'specialists' and phycatriasts' becuase she can't handle me herself? Just hand me over to a load of sytrangers to do something she can't. Mum carries on talking; I tune her out. How could she? She goes to pat my shoulder and I jerk away. She sighs.

"Honestly, I don't know what you're so upset about. This is a disorder a bad ha-" I shut my hands over my ears so I don't have to hear her anymore.

Betrayal and fear are two of the many conflicting emotions in my stomach. I wait until she's gone before I start crying; making a damp patch on my pillow. I cry until there are no tears left. Somehow, I keep awake. I even see the sun rise. Before I have to trudge through monday.... Oh, why can't the night-mares just stop?!

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