The night watcher with wings

Meredith Coop is a fairy. She watches over childeren at night and keeps the bad dreams away. But when something tragic happens. the darkness of night has a whole new meaning..


1. Meredith

My name is Meredith and I'm a fairy. Don't laugh. I'm telling the truth. Ok, ok. Perhaps you need to hear the full story. At birth, I was born a mortal; magic-less and normal. Until my 1st birthday, when I was switched with another- a fairy. I am a changeling. A human being turned magic when switched with a fairy. I live in the realm of arcadia where magic runs freely and is cherished and flourished. I work for the queen Amantha, she is the most powerful fairy with magic and beauty, she runs arcadia; fairly, kindly, yet firmly. I am the night watcher. A fairy bound to the night. A gurdian. I watch over humnas as they sleep. (not in a stalker kind of way) I keep away bad dreams and bless children who are afraid. I roam the night and flit in the stars. I am the shadow that crosses the moon. The little glimmer in the night..


I am the night watcher with wings..

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