One Direction Imagines:)

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2. Niall For HayleeReneeBell (;

For HayleeRenneeBell :)



"HAYLEEEEYYY" Your best friend Harry called up the stairs, you had been best friends for years. And now he was in a major pop band named One Direction! He was finally letting you meet the boys today, and you were hoping to gets Nialls number, the blonde one, he was cute..






"OKAAAY. BE DOWN IN LIKE 5 MIINUTESSS." you screamed rushing around.

You quickly threw on your 'Te Amo' t-shirt and some shorts and tied your hair up in a messy bun, you threw on some eye liner mascara and foundation. Checked yourself out in the mirror and then slowly walked downstairs

"You must be Haylee" Niall smiled at you, god those eyeees.

"Uh, uhm yeah.. Thats me, Uhm, Harry could I talk to you.. Please." you grabbed Harry by the arm.


"You never told me Niall was as hot as that!" you screeched making him chuckle from behind you

"Haha thank you Haylee, not too bad yourself" he grinned, andplaced a peice of paper in your hand,

"BYE BOYS, IVE GOT SOMETHING TO DO" he shouted, a chorus of 'okays' and 'see you laters' were heard and he smiled and walked out.

You read the note:

'Park, tonight, 7 o'clock. xo'

You screamed, causing the boys to walk in.

"Told you" Harry winked at you.


Read the blurb thingy if you want one :) Enjoy Haylee :) xo

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