One Direction Imagines:)

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3. Harry for cia_lawley :)

You woke up, curling your toes to the cold air. You smelt pancackes, mm, pancackes.. Your mum was the best cook ever!

You couldnt be bothered to brush your hair just yet, so you chose your favourite pink hair band, and quickly threw your hair in a messy bun. Leaving two strands of hair falling down each side. It was good, for someone who wasnt even fully awake yet! You suddenly got a text from your best friend Harry Styles.


Thats what I said

Harry Styles.

THE Harry Styles. The heart throb from One Direction! You had always wanted to be more than just friends with him, but you never thought he would feel the same way. It was like that with boys, you could never understand them.

You were thinking about this when he texted you:

From: HarryStinkinStyles,

Oi you!Why wont you nswer yo' phone girl?xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You notcied all the 'xx's, but you knew he didnt really mean it, it's just something you did, you were best friends, but you just wanted to be more...

To: HarryStinkinStyles,

Sorry,was in a bit of a daze,sorry boo!xxxxxxxxxxxx

From: HarryStinkinStyles,

Yes,now answer!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Your phone rang again, you smiled at it, picking up:

Well hey girl,

Hey Hazza, why you call?

Cos I am bored


Listen, because its the weekend, you wanna sleep round?

You got a bit side-tracked, because you guys were different genders, Harry didnt wanna make you uncomfortable by having sleepovers.. Why did he want one now?

Oh yeah, of course

Good! Ill come round to pick you up at..6?

Yeah! Bye Hazza

Bye babe

You stopped breathing for a minute there, babe? Babe?


What did that mean?

You were on Facebook and Skype nearly every day with your best friend. Suddenly, our of no where it was about 4:00! You screamed, hanging up and quickly sending a message,

To: Harry Styles,

You could of told me the time!! Bye:)Xo

You quickly logged out, you got into your onesie, you knew Harry and his family so well, Gemma was like your sister and you weren't shy of his parents.

Harry got here, laughing at you in your onesie here his dimples showing,






It was 8:00 and you and him were watching The Notebook, when suddenly he leaned over looking you in the eye.


'I like you' he said softly, before kissing your lips.



So thereeee you are:D And thank you for letting me be a co-writer for your story :)

Read the description for an imagine :D




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