One Direction Imagines:)

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1. Niall Horan Imagine!

You sat on your bed singing to Kiss You, By One Direction. You were looking through your picture book, kissing each and every boy in each picture. Yeah, it sounds sad, but you idolise them.

Suddenly your mother calls you from downstairs to come and meet the new neighbours. You had been waiting to meet them, as it was your friends cousin. You ran downstairs and came face to face with the most gorgeous face you had ever seen in your life.

"H-Hi" you stutter out, looking into those wonderful eyes he had

"Hi, you must be Y/N. I'm Niall" he said, holding out his hand to you. You recognized him from somewhere... Then you realised!

"One Direction" you managed to mumble out, causing him to look straight up

"Yeah" he answered, smiling at you, his smile shining.

"Well, I got to go ... Here's my number .. Call me maybe?" he said, walking off slowly. You shut the door. Oh my god.

Later that night you were just getting dressed when your phone beeped, you clicked it and saw it was from a random number.

'Um, Y/N.. Will u go out with me 2morrow? Say, 8? xo Niall' you re-read the text about 10 times before you text back simply 'Sounds good, see you then x'.


Wow, these neighbours will be intresting...



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Sophie, xox

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