Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


2. The Night: Part 2 - Millie Parker & the death


Millie Parker examined the red dress that clung to her dumpy figure and frowned, her brown hair was in curls and rested on her broad shoulders. Feeling tears well up in her eyes she frowned, her mum had left her some food. She slouched into the kitchen, her dress clinging too tightly it made her want to be sick. On the side was a tray of biscuits, her eyes widened greedily and she lunged for the plate and began scoffing down the biscuits. The doorbell rang and she pushed the plate down and straightened out her dress and walked over to the door and her date, the geeky James Wilkes stood there in a navy suit a corsage in his hand. Frowning she grabbed her bag


“You look nice, Millie.” He said scrunching up his nose. Her cheeks felt puffy and bloated and she felt dizzy.


“Thanks.” But Mille knew he was lying just to be polite. He opened the door to his small car, was she going to arrive in this? Millie tried to look satisfied but didn’t really care enough, so she slunk into the passenger seat.


They arrived four minutes past eight, the ballroom was packed,


“Shall we dance?” Millie asked hopefully, trying to push the disastrous welcoming before them. He shrugged his shoulders and Mille frowned


“Just forget it, thanks for the lift. I can get back on my own, bye.” She said rudely and slumped off. Grabbing a glass filled to the brim with punch and rested against the wall. Everybody else was laughing and enjoying herself, she felt her eyes brimming with tears, frowning she turned away and started down the corridor. She smiled, they where at the Mayor’s house, she rembered when they where little and used to play hide-and-seek in every corner of the house.  She walked carefully up the staircase until she was on the first floor and walked over to the window and pulled the window open. Pulling herself into the window sill and slipped through until she was amongst the plants on the small hidden balcony that was invisible to the guests gathering: it had always been her favourite hiding place. She relaxed against the cold wall and then she heard voices, pricking her eyes up she listened closely


“What do you mean he’s missing?” a grumpy ignorant voice sneered. She heard somebody cough in the background and the music being played. A sharp voice replied,


“I didn’t know anything until Lewis told me earlier. Don’t try and accuse me, James.” It was Mrs Lest the schools local teacher and her husband Mr Lest, “Anyway where have you been? You told me you where at work. I called you as soon as I heard and Mr Rogerson said you hadn’t signed in this morning.” She scolded annoyed. Mille thought of when her and April running around the Lest’s house and they sneaked into Mr Lest’s officed and looked at his e-mails he and been exchanging e-mails with a foreign woman. April looked him up the following day and sent Millie the details. Millie assumed that by now Mrs Lest had seen straight through his petty games. Clearly she hadn’t and Mille felt slightly sorry for her.

“I was busy with some other jobs,” Millie rolled her eyes, James Lest did seem awful sleazy “Okay, well I am going to get hold of the police.” He said and their voices drifted off into the silence.

“Eavesdropping are we?” A familiar voice said popping their head out of the window. Millie blushed, Lewis Jennings stood their smiling at her.


“Oh my gosh, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Millie said rushed, he rolled his eyes and frowned at her


“Its my house, Millie. Remember.” He reminded her, blushing with embarrassment. Of course she remembered, her massive crush on Lewis hadn’t completely swelled down. In fact it was very much brimming to the edge as she spoke to him. “So who’s your date?” he asked, Millie laughed


“James, but he ditched me. I was too ugly for him.” She said shakily. Lewis frowned but didn’t reply, part of her wanted him to tell her she wasn’t ugly but she knew he’d only be lying. She climbed out of her squashed comfortable spot bundled beneath the flowerpots and settled down on the window sill next to him awkwardly. They sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes and then a patronizing scream, Millie jumped up as did Lewis and they followed the scream. They reached the balcony and April Lest stood there her hands over her ears,


“April, what’s wrong?” Lewis asked. Millie looked at her quizzically, April just kept shaking her head and her teeth chattered,


“Look your freezing, come inside.” Millie said walking out to reach her. As she moved towards her in April’s hand a knife appeared so quickly Millie hadn’t noticed it. Gasping she hesitated,


“They’re following me.” April whispered, Millie shook her head and looked around


“There’s nobody following you.” Millie replied in the same concerned whisper as Lewis had used moments before.


“They said if I don’t kill you, they’ll murder me. I can’t die, I cannot die.” She whispered her voice shaking, Lewis buckled his hand around Millie’s chubby arm


“She’s paranoid.” He muttered cautiously,


“I’m not, Lewis. And you know that better than anyone.” Lewis looked shocked as the word spilled out of April’s pink lips. Millie exchanged a scared look with both of them.  April dropped the knife and rushed to the edge climbing over the small railing, Millie ran towards her, her long silk dress ripping.


“Why must you kill me?” Millie asked confused, she turned around and Lily Crook and joined them. April just sighed and shook her head as in tow Lucinda Grey appeared. April just shrugged,


“I don’t know.” she whispered and released her hands from the balcony as her body plummeted to the ground below. 

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