Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


1. The Night: Part 1 - Lily Crook


Tiffany blue sky held the perfect canvas for a sterling shining sun that rayed down on the glistening grass which had sprouted the occasional daisy. Tables opened and thumped down squashing the grass, ribbons and banners slung from tree to tree and drinks being poured and dates being celebrated. Lily Crook stood clipboard clung to her chest, her green dress dancing around her knee’s, her leather sandals comfortably on her size 5 feet, her long auburn hair curling down her back, freckles sprouting on her cheeks and her blue eyes glistening happily, long black lashes battered occasionally, her white denim jacket slung over her skinny shoulders.


“Lil, where did this banner go?” a small plumb girl with red hair demanded, Lily frowned puckering her forehead.

“What does that say?” Lily demanded, squinting as the banner read ‘Celebrating Ayr’ shuddering in disgust, where was the date? The girl frowned and gestured to the tall boy next to her irritably.


Great, Lily thought exasperated, how dare her mum dump all this nonsense on her? Wasn’t she the one asked to hold this event? Collecting the leaflets on the table next to her and shifted through and pushed them to the boy nearest to her,


“Hand out two in every shop, thanks.” She muttered annoyed and ran her hand through her hair and shifted through the next pile of papers, pushed under the bottom was a small piece of folded paper. Frowning she chucked it into the dustbin beside her frowning exasperated and checked her watch she had two hours until guests arrived. She was in-charge of holding the towns local country celebration at the mayor’s house, the mayor had given up their garden and courtyard to host the party and had put Lily’s mum in-charge but like normal Lily ended up doing all of it, well most of it.


“Lily, where does this go?” April asked her long black hair in plait down her back, she wore chequered top and skinny jeans with a polka-dot belt her studded boots shone in the sun. Relief washed over Lily’s face as she noticed her former best friend, April Lest. Grinning she walked over to her and relieved smile spread across her face as she hugged her. Laughing they embraced each other,


“How have you been? You’ve missed like eight weeks of school!” Lily asked confused, April ducked her head. Jumping to immediate conclusion Lily asked “So you and Daniel hit things off?” she gasped excited. April’s green eyes shieled over


“I guess you could say that.” She muttered, puckering her forehead once more in confusion


“What do you mean?” Lily said distracted from the hubbub that Matt Lukins was causing and focuased on her friend.


“He just left, and then the next thing I knew he was dead.” She whispered. Frowning, sympathy clouding over Lily’s face.

“So, he just died.” She mused, April nodded. It felt wrong nobody just died, April explained there where no followed reports, well none they’d show me, she concluded. But truthfully the thought made Lily confused, how could her best friend escaped a whole semester of they’re senior year for a mystery death of a boyfriend and turn up and just blurt it out like that? It wasn’t right. But despite the terrible news, Lily had work to do. Matt was using the balloons and transforming them into water balloons, her own brother for that matter stood awed by the brilliance of water-balloons. 


“Matt,” Lily yelled, like a guilty puppy his head snapped up and grinned at her.


“Have you never seen a water balloon, Lil!” He teased and tossed a plump blue balloon in her direction; April’s head snapped up and shoved Lily out of the way and avoiding the balloon herself as it exploded onto the table with all the plans on it. Gasping and swearing, Lily pulled herself up and pushed a strand of curly golden-brown strand of hair out of eyes and stared towards the table. The boys where frowning annoyed


“What was that for, April?” Her brother, Jake, yelled. Spotting a rather stressed April out of the corner of her eyes clutching her bag: what the hell was wrong with her?


“Matt!” Lily demanded. He laughed and dumped the balloon and jogged over to her laughing, “I need to do something, would you mind sorting out the mess you made?” she demanded, he grinned and then nodded. Putting her clipboard on the side she sprinted off towards the house, mud over her hands. She pushed open the grand, unlocked door to the mayors house. She entered the beautiful house and gasped, a silver chandelier shone elegantly above her head, wooden banisters furnished and spotless. She felt like a princess, laughing at her stupidity she took a left. Remembering from her childhood when they had come here and had ‘gathering’ whilst the mayor was out, the mayors son was the same age as Lily and all her friends.


“Lily?” a familiar deep voice asked, turning around sharply, Lily noticed the mayors son, Lewis. His brown hair fell over his face and his brown eyes smiled. Grinning Lily tilted her head, of course, Lewis looked perfect. Her heart fluttered and she gasped,


“Lewis!” she finally replied. Grinning he nodded and then frowned


“Are you okay?” he asked, she laughed and then nodded.


“Yeah, fine. Just some mud that’s all, is it okay if I clean my hands?” Lily asked feeling slightly stupid blushing. He nodded and lead her through the building, despite that she knew the house back to front.


“Is your brother here?” He asked, Lily’s heart fell and her eyes diverted in slight embarrassment.


“Yeah, I guess. He’s downstairs helping out.” She said quietly he nodded and pushed open the door. She grinned but he had already yelped goodbye. Slightly annoyed she stumbled in and soaked her hands in the sink. Annoyed and slightly disappointed she dried her hands and glanced at her reflection and smiled, everything was okay. This was going to be perfect.


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