Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


8. My Dance


Lily twirled around. Her silk black dress sparkled in her bedroom light, the torso was tight but a waterfall of glittering silk splayed out behind her in a elegant tail. Her long auburn hair in long ringlets down her back and her black mask comfortably on her face, her makeup was neatly applied with perfect accuracy, she grinned happily. The doorbell rang, she grabbed her small higheals and rushed out and carefully opened the door. To her extreme happiness and delight, Matt looked perfect, she blushed suddenly feeling worried, did she look okay?


“You look beautiful.” He said in awe. She clucked her tongue happily and then grinned


“Thanks, friend.” She laughed but suddenly felt uncomfortable, she loved Lewis so much, didn’t she? She would be disloyal suddenly she felt rather embrassassed about attending with Matt.


“Yeah, come on then.” He said and walked her too his truck and helped her in. He climbed in on his side, still awed at how nicely he cleaned up, she added


“You don’t look to bad yourself.” She added politely.  He shrugged


“Your feeling uncomfortable.” He said, she frowned and shook her head, how did he know that? Was she sending of bad vibes? But he caught that one too, “Don’t be anxious; I’m kind of worried too. Worried that Lewis will beat me up for taking the most beautiful girl in the school to his house.” He added, Lily gasped flattered. Nobody had ever said something so wonderful to her, blushing she looked away. They reached the Mayors house and drove up the courtyard, a small man in a waist coat and black hat instructed the direction of the cars. Parking neatly, Matt jumped out and unlocked her door allowing her to climb out as well. He linked his arm through her in a gentleman fashion and steered her throughout the crowd. A rush of relief suddenly washed over her, nothing was going to happen, tonight she was safe.


She entered the huge building looked beautiful, the marble staircases shone, the windows where lined with fairy lights and the photo’s polished and perfect, music on the piano was being played and couples danced, she pulled Matt close


“Can you dance?” she asked, he laughed and shook his head, she slipped her hands into his and towed him towards the dance floor,


“Where do I put my hands?” he asked, she laughed and pulled his hands and pressed on her waist and the other on her back and linked her hands around his neck, his eyes sparkled, he winked “You lead.” He added, she nodded she had practised this dance since she was four with her dad in her living room. The music began once more, they twirled happily around the dance floor, he laughed and grinned hold her tight against his masculine figure she felt safe. The song ended and happily pulling her away from the crowd, with his hand still on her back, Matt smiled.


“That wasn’t so bad,” he said, she laughed and tilted her head to the side


“Admit it, you loved it.” She added happily. He grinned and pulled her close and whispered into her ear


“Because I got to dance with you.” She gasped happily, all of her insides melted.


“Lily?” somebody said and turning around, Lewis stood there watching her confused. Matt withdrew his hand from her waist, not that she cared really. He just frowned and then continued “You’re here.” He said after a few seconds of contemplating,


“Yeah, Matt asked me as a friend so I didn’t want to be rude and accepted.” She said shrugging something inside her switched. She didn’t care any more about what Lewis had to say, she was having a good time with Matt.


“As friends.” He murmured repeating Lily. She puckered her forehead, like she always did when she was thinking,


“Yeah, as friends. Is that okay?” she demanded. He nodded and turned around and left. Matt frowned at her and told her he was going to get some punch and left, something wasn’t quite right.

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