Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


6. Lewis & Millie Reunite


The keys rattled annoyingly in the lock; honestly did her mum not understand how to use the key yet? After a lot of jiggling with the lock the doorbell sounded. Annoyed Millie wondered over to the door and let her mum in,


“Thanks, sweetie.” Her mum muttered planting a large red kiss on her cheek and shuffled into the living room placing the Tesco bags on the island and started unpacking the contents.


“Did you get an invite to the ball?” Her mum asked as she began unpacking the contents of the bag and stuffing them into the cupboard. Millie nodded and helped put some stuff in cupboards. “Who are you going with?” Her mum patronized. Puckering her forhead and squinting she replied


“Some friends.” She didn’t want to tell her mum she was going with Solomon as her mum despised Solomon dearly, Millie never really understood why. Her mum didn’t ask any more questions, Millie assumed it was going in one ear and escaping out the other. She made up an excuse about Science homework and escaped to her bedroom and shut the door. She pulled out a white t-shirt with the channel logo in the middle and found some cut of jeans that she had made and some tights. She found her long knitted red cardigan and some biker boots and pulled her long brown straight hair into a knot on her head and sent a short text to Solomon: park?  Was all she put and soon received a reply


Yep, see you in 10. Bring a helmet. Scrunching up her nose she grinned unlocked her bedroom window and climbed out onto the window sill and clutched the drain pipe and hoisted herself around it and slithered down and jumped the last few feet. Sneaking into the garage she grabbed her dad’s old bike helmet and stuffed it into her bag and made her way to the park.


The old playground was begging to look horrible, the swings where broken and the slide dented and muddy. The round-a-bout covered in graffiti and the floor covered in a blanket of litter. Yet despite all of this it was still her favourite place in the entire world, Millie sat comfortably on the small un-broken swing and smiled blissfully. The gate creaked open and Lewis Jennings’ walked in. Raising her eyebrow she jumped off the swing


“What are you doing here?” She asked, he puckered his brow and licked his lips


“Millie Parker?” he asked, she laughed happily and spun around on the spot. Showing off her new transformed self,


“Of course, who else!” she grinned. He laughed and nodded


“Can you believe it? I haven’t seen you in 4 years. That’s nonsense considering we live in the same town.” He muttered smiling warmly at her, her crush on Lewis was nearly gone considering all the new friends she had made recently.


“Well you left for Wales two years ago and I was still chubby and ugly then.” She implied. He nodded and winked and walked over to the vacant slide and sat down.


“You where never ugly, Millie.” He said, she rolled her eyes and frowned. Of course she was, ugly was her thing. She hoped off the slide and went and sat down beside him. “Do you ever think of that dreadful night?” He asked her, shocked she gasped and bit her lip and then nodded.


“Of course, everything time I’m scared I think about it. Its all of my fears brimmed and amplified to real life.” She whispered scarcely. He looked at her, his deep brown eyes melting into her, something inside her kicked. Maybe her crush hadn’t completely escaped her new body.


“I think about it as well, the way your dress ripped the hem all cut and broken just like her.” He whispered his breath hot on her cheeks. They where inches away from each other.


And then something kicked her, she had heard rumours of Lewis and Lily, “So, how’s Lily?” she said moving sharply away. Lewis let out a small stifled sigh


“She’s fine.” He replied curtly. The gate opened drawing their attention to a police officer that had just entered the park.


“Miss Parker?” he asked, standing up quickly Millie nodded and unknowing what to-do raised her hand “Where you meeting Mr Penel today?” he asked, she nodded confused. He continued his brow burrowed “I am afraid he has been in an accident, he has been taken quickly to hospital. I assure you he’ll be fine, the injuries weren’t to awful but I do not want to give you any false hopes. I suggest you come home and wait for a phone call. Can you escort her, young man?” He asked addressing Lewis. But Millie wasn’t listening, her hands felt numb her mind swelled, what was happening? Her best friend in a crash. Lewis’s hands wrapped warmly around her, he whispered comforting things in her ear but she wasn’t listening. Lewis helped her into his car, she felt numb, she turned to Lewis


“That night, you said. You said to me she was paranoid and she said to you that she wasn’t and you would know, what did she mean?” Millie rushed hysterically. He calmed her


“Nothing. She wasn’t making any sense that night; I think she was referring to my brother who once suffered from Paranoia.” Millie gasped and turned to him but his expression was blank. He pulled into her drive way, heavy drops of rain began to fall. He walked her too the back door,


“I’m sorry about your brother.” She whispered, he shook his head and frowned


“He’s better now. Don’t worry.” He added and kissed her briefly on the cheek and started towards his car, “Don’t leave the house until you’ve had a phone call. Okay?” He instructed. Nodding she unlocked the door and let herself in, her Mum sat on the floor doing yoga, blocked out of Millie’s world.  

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