Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


10. Cross Heart


Millie’s mobile buzzed, her t-shirt and cardigan lay strewn across the floor. She fumbled around in her bag to get it whilst Solomon was asleep. It was nearly nine o’clock, it was a text from Lewis, and clicked un-read: need a friend, fancy a dance?  Feeling slightly uncomfortable she looked at Solomon. She pulled on his shirt and climbed out of bed, she found a packet of cigarettes in his pocket and shoved it in mine and wondered over to the open window and leaned out lighting one of cigarettes. Inhailing the smoke sharply she began coughing, maybe smoking wasn’t a very good idea. She ticked that off her mental bucket list and chucked the packet down on the side.  She clicked reply and answered sharply: no sorry, couldn’t make it. Wish we could dance though. She typed carelessly forgetting that Solomon was in the room, but she did kind of want to dance with Lewis, didn’t she?


Lewis’s heart sank, Lily dancing with Matt, had he missed something? Skirting across the dance floor he expected to see Millie dancing or laughing with Solomon but he couldn’t see either of them, pulling out his phone he texted. He wanted to see her happy care-free laughing face, he wanted her to be wrapped in his arms dancing happily. But he couldn’t because she wasn’t here and Lily was. His beautiful girlfriend but she was here with a different boy. He grabbed his jacket and car keys off the side, catching a glimpse of Lily, she caught his eye and smiled, her smile transformed into a frown when she noticed he was leaving.



What on earth was he playing at? Her phone bleeped beside her, she unlocked the screen and answered the message: you looked like you & matt where having great fun, I didn’t want to stand their and watch. Frowning her eyes welled up with tears, resisting the urge to text back the words that had been lingering on her mind she didn’t. Matt returned with some beer, he explained that the adults where receiving beer and was able to pinch a few off the side. Lily smiled, he was so sweet and he treated her perfectly. April had always teased her that Matt had always crushed on her and now she felt herself crushing back, how had her and Lewis began dating? They went to a sophomore party and got drunk and then kissed and being loyal to each other they went out, but that wasn’t what was happening with Matt. He was charming her, for once she felt loved.


“You okay, you’re quiet.” Matt asked, slipping his hand onto her waist. She flushed, she was here with Matt. He was her date.


“No, its just Lewis. He’s not being the boyfriend I expected.” She blabbed, blushing she frowned, “I didn’t mean it like that.” She said quickly, Matt moved up against her their glasses clinking against one another.


“I understand don’t worry.” He whispered, she nodded and he slipped his hand into hers and led her out of the cluttered clammy ballroom into the small quiet library in the back of the house. It was deserted and quiet, she felt finally comfortable as she settled down on the comfy sofa. He poured her a glass and passed it to her. Smiling happily she slurped down the liquid and grinned at him


“That dance, my dad used to hold me on his lap and spin me around the living room until we where exhausted and then we’d collapse in front of the fire and wake up wrapped in blankets.” She whispered, he pulled her too her feet and spun her around


“Teach me it.” He whispered pulling her close, his breath warm on her ear.


She wrapped her arm around his neck and they rocked back and forth and then they began to dance, there feet touching and knee’s knocking. He twirled her around, the wind swept under her hair and she gasped and then pressed her lips firmly against his. His hands manovered down to her waist and held her against him. They held each other as they kissed, there hands running wildly through each others hair as they pressed their bodies together and allowed there kisses to escape them. She pulled away and grinned


“Don’t get me drunk.” She whispered happily and emptied her glass and curtseyed and walked gracefully out of the library, her mouth still stretched in a smile from there beautiful kiss. 

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