Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


3. April Lest, what happened?


Nobody really understood what happened, not Millie nor Lily or least of all Lucinda, as Lewis and the other witnessed April Lest’s death. How she had fallen from the balcony of the Mayor’s house to her death. But something about April’s death had been peculiar, Lily insisted. Nobody listened to her attempts to achieve the mystery of her death. People gathered that night, sick people asking repulsed questions as the girls where pulled away. The party had been destroyed and the house checked but everything was normal. The three separate girls who, aside from Lily, really knew April felt tense and guilty. What had she been on about? Doctors experimented on her corpse, they announced she had been on drugs and was pregnant. Her family fled quickly of shame and announced that an aunt of theirs in Wales and become sick. The mystery of April’s death was buried in the grave with her. 

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