Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


7. An Introduction to Lucinda Grey


Lucinda Grey stood in her older sister’s kitchen cooking a steaming pot of mushrooms and adding the occasional herb to had a flavour because she was dreading the food. It looked disgusting!  Her older sisters husband, Roderick, came in and helped chop the garlic bread. Dianne, her other sister entered the kitchen wearing a shocking dress with green flowers and lace around the hem, she wore a small bouquet on her head and little stockings and green plimsolls on her small feet.


“So, what do you think? Jerald brought me it from Spain.” She explained doing a small twirl, her older sister, Jennet, bit her lip.


“Its hideous.” Lucinda blurted. Roderick stifled a laugh and a small smug grin crept across Jennet’s mouth, “Er, I think the hats to much.” She added briefly, blushing. Feeling slightly bad for falling over her own words and embarrassing her sister in front of Roderick. Dianne did blush but then nodded


“I guess, but its just so cute.” Dianne whined, Lucinda rolled her eyes and frowned at Roderick to prompt her


“The socks are sweet.” He added and Dianne blushed happily. Lucinda mouthed ‘thanks’ and added so pasta to the mushrooms. Resting on her bag her phone bleeped, passing over the reasonability of the mushrooms to Roderick and collected her phone off the resting bag. The ball’s tomorrow evening, be my date? It was from James Wilkes, blushing she replied curtly, yeah sounds like fun.  But her stomach rolled it had been four years since she had watched April plummet to her death when she had received a message on the bottom of her wine glass saying ‘I need your help, its urgent’ with April’s name and the date. But when the police asked to see the note she couldn’t find it anywhere. They searched the ballroom and all the glasses but it wasn’t found, feeling slightly uncomfortable she stuck the phone in her back pocket and said she needed some air and escaped to their courtyard. The cool air batted against her soft velvet skin, the wind swept her golden locks, ruffling them so it escaped from its plait. Her blue eyes scanned the dark garden as she went at sat on the small bench overlooking the dug in pond her and her sisters had built when they where younger. Lucinda was dressed in skinny black jeans and a dark tank top with a small white cardigan and pearl earrings. A small skinny belt around her waist similar to the one April had worn. Lucinda’s ears pricked she heard a ruffling sound in the bushes, quickly jumping to her feet she called out, nobody replied. Her teeth chattered as the blustery cold air whipped around her taunting her. Grabbing her phone she sprinted back towards the house secured by the brick walls inside the comfort of her home. 

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