Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


5. 4 Years Later - The Fabulous Millie


Millie Parker studied her reflection in the bathrooms, her skin was healthy and her long brown locks where straight down her back and shaped her face nicely, her long black eyelashes and her petite figure that was now perfect. Her phone bleeped, unlocking the screen she scanned the text message, it was from her friend, Solomon.


the masquerade is tomorrow, want to go? – S  


She bit her lip worriedly, the last time she’d been at the Mayor’s ball April Lest had killed herself right in front of Millie’s eyes, leaving her to rush to the edge and see her dead frail body in a heap on the ground. She had also been horribly chubby, no, worse than chubby she had been fat. But that had all changed and she wanted to avoid that memory completely. So her hand hovered over the screen on a impulse to reply: no. the door swung open and a huddle of chattering girls rushed in all dressed in skimpy dresses and wearing too much make-up, the smell of perfume was repulsing. But Millie couldn’t help listening into their converstation


“So apparently, Michael is going!” One of the girls squealed, Millie crumbled her nose, Michael Jennings’? But that made her heart leap, she had always had a small crush on the Jenning boys!


“And, I heard that he dumped his girlfriend two months ago!” Another one of the pathetic girls squealed. Rolling her eyes Millie grabbed her back off of the sink and left the bathroom, but her heart did a small sommersault as she replied: yeah sounds like fun and hit send. 

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