Falling In Love

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken.

Falling in love is never easy, but when the death of April soon becomes slightly more confusing Falling in Love is about to come more dangerous.


4. 4 Years Later - Lily Crook & Matt West


4 years later:


“Miss Crook, are you even listening?” Judy asked her, Lily nodded wearily. She had received a sleepless night last night as her boyfriend, Lewis Jenning’s announced that he was moving to Canada and offered her the opportunity to be his companion.  


“Of course, Judy.” She replied and flicked through the pages of the book and answered the question in her neat curt handwriting and then relaxed against the plastic back of the chair. The bell sounded, signifying the end of the day. Gathering her belongings together she stood up. Judy frowned at her


“Are you doing okay?” he asked, she puckered her forehead and nodded. She thought she was, was she not? He sighed and the nodded excusing her from the classroom. Her former friend Isabel waited outside, her long blonde hair in a ponytail and her skinny jeans clung tightly to her thighs. She blabbered on about James as we walked to lunch. Waving goodbye to her, Lily escaped to the Fresh, their on campus coffee shop. She waltzed in and brought herself a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and settled down on the small window seat and sat up her laptop and logged onto her e-mail account:


Username: LilyCrook_LC

Password: simba98


One unread e-mail:


Dear Everybody,


Your are invited to the Mayor’s ball. The theme is a masquerade, you are all welcome to invite friends and family, please send them the following attachment (which you’ll have to present to gain access to the party)


We hope you can all attend,


Many thanks




Rolling her blue eyes, Lily sighed. She doubted that she wanted to attend the ball, which she hadn’t been to since the night April died. She opened a new e-mail and sent her mum a snippy, chirpy e-mail informing her that she had received the e-mail from RFH, whoever that was! Somebody slinked into the booth opposite her,

“Is it okay if I sit here?” a familiar male voice asked. Nodding she glanced up from her computer and noticed it was Matt West, the schools leader of the boys football club.


“Of course.” She said and slammed her computer shut and rummaged around in her bag for her Calc book, she needed to run over notes before fifth period.


“So, how are you?” Matt asked surprising Lily who had hoped they wouldn’t have spoken. Pushing a strand of hair behind her ear she smiled at him


“Not bad really. My mum got a new job out of town as a police officer.” She said, he nodded approvingly she felt a rush of satisfaction rush over her, “You?” she asked, he nodded and grinned kindly at her


“I’m okay, are you going to the masquerade on Friday?” he asked, she bit her lip and looked away from her Calc notes and then nodded. Lewis said he wasn’t going to make it he had visit his future university, but deciding on the spot, she needed to go.


“Yeah, I am. Lewis isn’t going, odd considering its his home. But yeah,” she rushed quickly. A cast of disappointment loomed his face,


“Oh you guys are like an item then?” he asked. She nibbled the inside of her cheek, where they? I mean they had kissed a few times but did that make them an item?


“I don’t know.” she replied rather embarrassed, he smiled warmly at her.  


“Well, would I be allowed to escort you, not as a date though.” He added quickly, she blushed flattered.


“I’d be delighted to attend with you, but not as a date.” She said firmly, Lewis wouldn’t mind that and he’d be pleased with Lily for bonding with his friends! Matt grinned and climbed out of the stool and left the Fresh. Smiling happily to herself she ordered the bacon sandwich and got to work on her Calc notes. 

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