Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


30. Venice Part 2


Diamond’s P.O.V

After riding the gondolas, Luke took us to Nandos at the St. Mark’s Square as Niall’s request for lunch. I sat between Summer and Eleanor. While we’re having our lunch, I’ve noticed that Ciara was sad and very quiet. Same like Perrie. Danielle too (sometimes). What’s wrong with them? I needed to know. They’re like hiding something from me. “Uhm, guys”, Anna called while she’s clapping her hands for attention. The boys seemed like didn’t pay more attention, they busy-ing eating their lunch. “I have an announcement to make”, she said, smiling then she gave me a death glanced. Then, Ruby started to whispered something to her and she shooked her head, like begging something for her not to tell. Zayn sighed, “What is it? Can’t you atleast wait until we’re finished our lunch?”, he asked sarcastically. “No, I can’t because this announcement is important. Especial for you, Diamond”, she said, her smiled became more big. I frowned. What was it about? “Oh, you Anna. I think you better just shut your mouth up and eat your food!”, Niall spoke with fulled mouth. Anna laughed, “Diamond, listen here. You have to stay away from my Harry because he will become a father to our baby”, she announced then rubbed her stomach. I was stunned and shocked and dropped the fork. Everyone staring at me with worriedly. Summer and Eleanor were shocked too. Ciara, Perrie and Danielle were being more sad after that, that’s mean they were all sad because they already knew about this. “Diamond-”, Niall began to speak but I put my hand up to stop him. Suddenly, tears streaming down on my face. Harry was shocked so did the others. Ruby sighed and put her face into her hands. Anna smiled happily. “Miss Diamond, are you okay?”, Luke asked as he came in to join us and was shocked to see me cried. I quickly nodded, “Well, I need to go to toilet now”, I said and quickly stood up. After I left, I could heard Zayn started to yell when I’m on my way to the toilet. There were some people in there staring at me and them. I don’t know why I have to cry after she told me about that. I felt like I had lost Harry, forever. I cried my eyes out in the toilet. Edward came across my mind. I felt so sad. Why must I cried for Harry? Did I already fallen for him? Well, I think NO! Maybe because Harry and I were closed nowadays and we’re being like best friends so maybe that’s the reason why I am sad, it’s like I lost my best friend, I thought.


Ruby’s P.O.V

I couldn’t stand anymore to see Diamond was really really sad about the news. I felt bad for her after ten minutes later she came back. Her beautiful eyes were red. Zayn, Summer, Eleanor, Niall and Harry who were in the squabble with Anna stopped when Diamond walked towards us back. She sat back on her seat. Everyone was staring at her as she wiped her tears with tissue on her hands. Summer and Eleanor tried their best to calm her down. Summer rubbed her back gently. I couldn’t stand anymore with Anna’s attitude. She have so many bad plans for the girls on this vacation, especially to Diamond. Well, for the first time I saw her on the telly news and some of the magazines about the rumours of her dating Harry, I felt like annoyed and hate her so much because well Harry was my idol so I felt hurt to see my idol with someone else. I thought she’s like a bitch, slut and etc. But it changed after the really first time I saw her by my eyes at the airport. I mean, after seeing her front to front, she’s beautiful, perfect and being so nice to me. At the hotel, we’re sharing a room together. I starting to adore her. The boys and the others were true, Diamond’s perfect, I thought. I have to plan for make things up back. They have to know the truth that all of this was not Harry’s fault. Anna slept with Mike a few months ago and she’s pregnant his baby but Mike didn’t want it. So, she decided to plan that to Harry. Plus, she wanted the fame!


Harry’s P.O.V

I feel like want to die right now. Seeing Diamond hurt, tearing me apart. After finished our lunch, Luke told us that we will heading back to the hotel and will be going out again tonight for dinner. In the van,  Niall exchange his place with Diamond which is Niall went to sit next to me and Diamond sat with Ciara. She looked so so sad. I felt bad for her. “Is it my fault? I felt really really bad for her”, I whispered to Niall. He then shooked his head and sighed, “Well, at least she needed to know the truth however”, he said. I turned to look at her, she was sleeping on Ciara’s shoulder and I mouthed Ciara to comfort her. I was stunned when she gave me a death glanced before she wrapped her hands around Diamond. I knew that she must be angry with me because hurting her cousin. When we reached the hotel, I decided to pick Diamond up to the suite since she was asleep but Ciara stopped me, “No! I don’t think you should do that!”, she said seriously. “Andrew will pick her”, Summer said and that when Andrew gently picked Diamond up then they slowly hopped out the van and went to the suite. I felt so bad. Ciara and Diamond were being so mean towards me after they know about Anna’s pregnancy. This shouldn’t happened at our vacation. Then, I felt a tapped on my shoulders, it was Liam and Louis. “Come one, mate. let’s go. She needed the time. Give her some. Atleast she already know the truth”, Louis said. Liam nodded, agreed with him.



Well, actually before we left Nando’s, I tried to talk to her, but the she stopped me and said, “You’re going to have a baby. Like Anna said, please stay away from me too. I lost you just now and you lost me now. Our friendship is over, stay away from me”, she said. Tears filled up in my eyes. Did she just said our friendship was over? I lost her. it shouldn’t happened!


Diamond’s P.O.V

I was walking through an entire field of pretty tiger lilies; the wind was blowing gently, causing the silky petals to tickle the tips of my fingers as I pushed through long strands of bright green grass. The ground was soft and bouncy beneath me bare feet and my body felt so light I was almost floating just above the spongy earth. All around me, birds whistled their happy tune as they went about their business. The sun was so bright in the cloudless sky I had to shield my eyes, and with each brush of the tiger lilies filled my nostrils. I felt so… happy, so free. Suddenly the sky darkened as the Caribbean sun disappeared behind a looming grey cloud. The wind picked up and the air chilled. Around me all the petals  of the tiger lilies were racing through the air wildly, bluring my vision. The once spongy ground was replaced with sharp stones that cut and scraped my feet with every step. The birds had stopped singing and instead perched on their branches and stared. Something was wrong, and I felt afraid. Ahead of me in the distance a grey stone was visible amidst the tall grass. I wanted to run back to my pretty flowers, but I needed to find out what was ahead. As I crept closer I heard BANG! BANG! BANG! I quickened my pace and raced over the sharp stones and jagged-edged grass that tore at my arms and legs. I collapsed to my knees in front of the grey slab and let out a scream of pain as I realized what it was. Edward’s grave. BANG! BANG! BANG! He was trying to get out. He was calling my name; I could hear him! I jumped from my sleep to a loud banging on the front door. “Christ! Are you okay?”, Summer asked. I confused and half asleep, I looked to a frantic-looking Summer. She sat next to me on the bed. Ciara and Eleanor were there too. “I was worried about you”, Ciara said. “Yeah, you’re screaming in your sleep”, Eleanor continued. She frowned. What? I sreamed in my sleep? I looked around the room, still not fully alert. It was dark and the lamp bed at the night stand were opened. Must be night. “Well, we’re going out for dinner. Are you coming?”, Summer asked. I quickly shooked my head, “No. I’m not hungry”, I said. They sighed. “Are you sure you’re not coming?”, Ciara asked. I nodded and smiled weakly to them. They three sighed. “Alright, give us a call if you needed anything”, Summer said and went to give me a hug followed by Ciara and Eleanor. “Just be strong, babe. I know you are”, Eleanor mananged to whispered that into my ears when we both hugged. I nodded and they walked out of the room. I sighed and when to lay on my bed again.


Liam’s P.O.V

We went to a pizza restaurant for dinner. After Eleanor, Summer and Ciara walked out from the room, they said that Diamond couldn’t join us dinner. I felt worried about her. So, I decided to buy some for her. When we got back at the hotel, Ruby asked us to stay at the living room and said that she has something to announce. I wonder what is it. Anna looked uncomfortable when Ruby asked her too. I told them to call Diamond so I walked into the room and saw Diamond was lying on the bed but she wasn’t asleep. So I walked towards her, she sat up when she noticed me. “What’s up, Leeyum?”, she asked. I laughed, “Well, I bought you some pizza. You have to eat, they were really delicious”, I said softly. She shooked, “I’m not in mood to eat anything”, she said weakly. I smiled, “But atleast you need to eat. You haven’t eat since lunch. Okay, how about only a slice?”, I assured her. She then slowly nodded. I helped her to get out from the bed. We walked out to the living room. Everyone was there watching movie but then they started to stare at me and Diamond as we reached there. Diamond felt uncomfortable. Perrie patted on the couch and asked Diamond to sit next to her. Diamond ordered. I went to the kitchen grabbed a plate and a glass for her. I put a slice of pizza on the place and pour some orang juice in to the glass and holded them to the living room. “Here you go”, I said and handed Diamond the plate and the glass of orange juice. “Thanks, Liam”, she said. I then told Ruby if she wanted to make announcement, she just have to wait for Diamond until she finished her dinner. I don’t want to ruin her appetite. It makes her became more thinner. Ruby agreed.


Diamond’s P.O.V

After I finished my pizza, I gulped the orange juice. Now I realized how hungry I was. I wanted to get up and bring the dishes to the kitchen but then Eleanor stopped me and she took them from me and headed to the kitchen. I felt guilty. A few minutes later, El came back. And suddenly Ruby asked us to sit peacefully. I frowned. “Well, everyone I have something to let you know. You guys have the right to know the truth…”, she began. We all stared at each other. Anna then stood, “Oh, just shut your mouth Ruby. You can’t tell them!”, she yelled. “What the hell is going on?”, Zayn asked, agrily. Its more to Anna, I thought. “Well, there’s nothing Ruby wanted to say-”, Anna was about to said something but then Ruby quickly cut her off. We all were stunned and really really shocked. What the heck? I thought when she said, “The baby is not yours, Harry” I looked up to see Harry, his face was cherry red, full of anger. Zayn’s eyes widened, so did Niall and Liam too. The girls too. “What?! What are you saying?”, Perrie asked. “The baby isn’t Harry. It’s Mike, Anna’s ex-boyfriend. He doesn’t want this baby. So, she create a lie to Harry and you guys about the baby is Harry’s but the truth is, it’s not”, Ruby explained. Anna raised her hand and was about to slap Ruby on the cheek but then I quickly stood and went to stop her but I was late. I didn’t know what happened after that.


Zayn’s P.O.V

So the baby isn’t Harry? So that’s mean Harry was innocent. I’m so happy for it but I was really really mad at Anna who create this fucking news that told it was Harry’s. I was shocked when Diamond was being slapped so hard by Anna until she fell down on the floor.


Harry’s P.O.V

“Well, everyone I have something to let you know. You guys have the right to know the truth…”, Ruby began. We all stared at each other. My heart started beating like crazy. I wonder what is it about until Anna then stood, “Oh, just shut your mouth Ruby. You can’t tell them!”, she yelled. “What the hell is going on?”, Zayn asked, agrily. Its more to Anna, I thought. “Well, there’s nothing Ruby wanted to say-”, Anna was about to said something but then Ruby quickly cut her off. We all were stunned and really really shocked. What the heck? Is it really the truth when she said, “The baby is not yours, Harry” I felt so mad, my anger filled, my face turned to cherry red, full of anger. Zayn’s eyes widened, so did Niall and Liam too. The girls too. “What?! What are you saying?”, Perrie asked. I stared at Diamond. She looked hurt but then I can see that she was relieved after heard that from Ruby. “The baby isn’t Harry. It’s Mike, Anna’s ex-boyfriend. He doesn’t want this baby. So, she create a lie to Harry and you guys about the baby is Harry’s but the truth is, it’s not”, Ruby explained. Then, I saw Anna was about to slap her. But I froze when she slapped Diamond until she fell down.



“Harry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it”, Anna begging. Liam carried Diamond to the room with Danielle. Diamond was fainted. “Sorry? What the hell you, bitch? I’m almost nearly lost the girl I loved, then you easily say sorry to me after all this fucking things happened?! Who do you think you are?!”, I started to yell. My anger rising seconds by seconds. I couldn’t stand anymore. “So you side that bitch from me? She’s a slut you know that! She-”, Anna stopped when I slapped her right on her cheek. I slapped so hard until I saw blood on her mouth. “She’s not a slut. You’re the real slut”, Ruby said. She was stunned. “That’s what you deserves, real slut and bitch”, Zayn said sarcastically and crossed his arms on his chest, smiling. “Yeah. Want some more? I can give it. Free, babe”, Louis spoke. Anna looked hurt. Haha she deserves that thing. Then she turned to face Ruby, “How dare you do this to me? You chose her over me! You’re back stabber! You ruin my life! You-”, Summer slapped her, twice. One on the right, and another one on the left cheeks. I was shocked. Everyone did too. Summer looked really angry towards her. Anna started to cry, her cheeks turned red. “I will give you another triple if my best friend inside there didn’t wake up in this two hours away. I’m not playing with that stuff”, she said as gave her a death glanced. She then walked into the room where’s Diamond was in it with Liam and Danielle. Eleanor, Perrie, and Andrew followed her. “Yes, I might back stab you, but they need to know the truth, Anna! I felt bad to ruin their friendship. Diamond deserve to be happy. I can see Harry was happy everytime he was with Diamond. Can’t you noticed the way he looked into her eyes at the airport? Can’t you noticed how happy he was when he went riding a gondola with her? You just couldn’t see that because your heart is not open!”, she explained. There was silence. “Yeah for the first time I may be hate Diamond when there were plenty rumours about her dating Harry Styles, my idol but that’s the past. I couldn’t help when I saw her for the first time by my eyes at the airport. She’s different. She’s perfect, Anna. And no wonder there were many boys falling for her. She’s a good friend. And I felt horibble when Summer and Ciara told me about her lost. She already lost her fiancé and their baby. Now you’ve planned many things to break her. She already hurt, Anna. You’re such a cruel human!”, she continued, but the last sentence, she yelled. And then ran into the room. Anna was silence while she cried. “You almost ruin our friendship, you know what. You ruin my friendship with Harry. I barely talked to him because of you! Now go and get a life, bitch”, Niall yelled at the same time. “Anna, you can pack your things and get out from here. We don’t need you”, Louis said softly. Anna gave us a death glanced before she went to her room. I tried to smile when Niall, Louis and Zayn stared at me. “Well, I’m sorry mate”, Niall said and went to give me a huge brotherly hug. Zayn and Louis did too and we have already settled down. And now I was worried about Diamond.

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